E3 2013: The Division Preview – An Amazing Mix of MMORPG and Third Person Shooter | C.O.G.

COG checks out a demo of Ubisoft’s new IP The Division and things look promising.

Imagine this scenario: New York City, three weeks after the outbreak of a deadly virus, chaotic, devastated and on the brink of a total collapse. This virus has been spread by money, on the busiest shopping day of the year, infecting millions before Patient Zero even feels a slightly sore throat. As the days progress, hospitals reach capacity, world trade will cease, there will be numerous causalities, and everyone becomes a threat. Absolutely terrifying, as this pandemic scenario could one day be a reality. The perfect premise to bring in a group of elite classified agents, called in as a last resort in extreme catastrophe. Their mission: To stop the spread of the virus, regain control of essential services, and work to save what remains.

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