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Submitted by nrvalleytime 960d ago | article

The Last of Fuss – having and avoiding PSN pre-order woes

"Even after all the recent hubub over DRM and game resales revealing the commitment issues of gamers world-wide, I bought The Last of Us as a distinctly "non-Gamestoppable" digital copy off Sony's redesigned and devilishly handsome PlayStation Store. That's just how I roll. In this case it's how I roll over a somewhat bumpy road. The digital future – as performed by Sony, at least – is not without its share of caveats, it turns out. I felt compelled to share my experience and explain how to avoid the same pitfalls." (PlayStation Network, PS3, The Last Of Us)

slazer101  +   960d ago
That sucks.. I did digital pre-order about a week in advance and it deducted the funds instantly. Had no problems, I'm in the US. But what I find mor intriguing is the $ per minute phone call for customer support. That's a bunch of crap.
Transporter47  +   960d ago
I never heard of such a thing until now. That's just weird...
GamerzElite  +   960d ago
Why u are waisting ur money on phone calls? use chat function and this is awesome.
WeMilk   960d ago | Spam
MonChiChi  +   960d ago
<3 Physical Copy :)
Soldierone  +   960d ago
Sounds like a user error for the most part. Just add the funds, and then turn auto funding on and it probably would have been fine. Otherwise it simply waited 24 hours to charge you again, or it would have failed.

I've called customer support, and unless they recently changed it, they didn't charge to talk to them?

Also the customer support over there sounds terrible. In NA sometimes they send an "auto made" message at first, but if you reply to it, they respond more quickly and it will be an actual person helping you out.
Transporter47  +   960d ago
Have all the money in your wallet... that's what caused the problem and you only don't need to download the full game to play. Next time know that online transactions for digital copies will, and WILL ALWAYS charge the FULL Amount.
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GamerzElite  +   960d ago
Why this article? Same thing happened to me, On june 13 I found there is some problem in TLOU installer, and found same email on my account. I checked my CC statement no amount deducted so i pre order again and got the game.
nick309  +   959d ago
The eu psn always had problems with pre orders. The us psn didn't as far as i know. Always pre ordered with us store

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