Microsoft May Not Be Smart, but It's Wise

Microsoft wasn't being very smart when it told gamers that the new Xbox One would have to connect to the Internet every 24 hours. The company also acted unintelligently when it said that disc games could only be sold once. And it further lacked insight when it said there would be restrictions on lending and sharing games with friends.

But yesterday, the company proved that making a few dumb decisions doesn't mean you still can't make wise moves – and it's reversed the previous Xbox One restrictions.

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BABYLEG1974d ago

Only people who are mad are ps fanboys. The one is $100 more.. It also doesn't look like a cheap imitation ripoff. I love how Sony has the same color scheme.. They even introduced the design creator of the system and said "I think you should bow now". Sony is not the same company. Even jack Trenton when someone finish talking about the ps4.. Trenton walked on stage and said "I guess that all/ I thought there was more" something along those Lines. Sony has lost its step.

lets put it like this for you simple folks.

Microsoft can switch between cloud and no cloud through an update. 3 OS for ya. While Sony has to wait for the company they purchased to develop their cloud programs. That's how backwards Sony is at the moment.

they changed it all with an update people. That alone shows how advanced Ms is. Sony didnt talk about cloud because they cant. All the can say is "we can do cloud too"

WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN. MS shows the OS and people call it a lie because their brain isn't as advanced as they think they are.. Sony shows almost no OS that's functioning and working and people are cool with it.

lol dont listen to this troll though. Just wait and see

VonBraunschweigg1974d ago

Bravo! Final chapters and still full health, ready to make a stand and, fight! Go get-em tiger, those stupid fanboys.

Clarence1974d ago

Sony has lost a step! M$ has copied or bought everything they have. Windows was stolen from apple. Hell the Betamax 1 is just now getting bluray, it cost more and it's 50% less powerful than the PS4.

Windows 8 os is garbage.

Sony talked a lot about cloud.
M$ said a lot of B$ about cloud service.

ThatsGaming1973d ago

Xerox invented the UI for MacOS and Windows. Speaking of copying, Sony copied Xbox Live and Sony had to come up with a trophy system because of achievements. Betamax was a brutal failure by Sony. Sony used to be a premium brand, but now it has to sell $100 cheaper to keep pace! LOL!

If X1 is 50% less powerful than PS4 then why have games looked just as stunning on X1 as PS4? Please cite the articles where qualified hardware engineers actually say this is true or shut up.

Windows 8 will be appreciated later. Live tiles, the new start, advanced gestures, cross platform support, and support for previous Windows apps will win the war.

Sony talks a lot, but MS actually does something. Sony announced a ton of games but only a few will ship at launch. MS will "exclusive for exclusive" Sony over the next three years guaranteed.

MS' cloud service has been running for years (Microsoft Azure). All X1 is doing is using the Azure service. Sony was so far behind that they had to buy Gaika to get back in the game.

Oh, how confused Sony fanboys like you are...

Hicken1974d ago

Yeah, I'm not following this, either. In order to be wise, you have to know things and use that knowledge appropriately. You also have to actually be in possession of the relevant knowledge. Which means you've got to be smart enough to recognize WHEN and HOW to use that knowledge.

Can't be wise without being smart. On the other hand, even a stupid person can still correct a mistake if it's rubbed in their faces long enough for them to figure it out.

This seriously seems more like them being stupid, but changing because they'd have to be braindead to not see the opposition, than them being wise enough to know when enough was enough.

VonBraunschweigg1974d ago

The opposition now should introduce all the positive things they scrapped like family sharing and people are going to get fired.

Automatic791974d ago

Making mistakes is human nature. Not learning from them is human nature also. Repeating them is when you are plain out stupid. MS changing there policy now before Xbox One is out shows they really did not want to make a long term mistake. Adjusting your strategy if the public is not ready is how you handle a mistake.

Now lets get to gaming talk. Enough with politics and stupid articles that have nothing to do with the way the year is going to play out.

Clarence1973d ago (Edited 1973d ago )

live copied the playstation online service
socom was online in Aug 2002
live started up in Nov 2002

xbox one looks like the PSX

Sony has proven that they delivery the games.
M$ falls off every time. Just like they did with the DRM, just like they did with the 360 no new franchise games, and just like they did with the Xbox.

As far as games looking better, its the first wave of titles. Don't act stupid. You know as soon as developers start figuring out how to get more from the PS4 the games will get better and better. Just like how the PS3 exclusive games are looking better. Uncharted 3 looks better than 1. Last of us looks better than that gears spin off. You should be use to that by now.