Steam Box Could Beat PS4 and Xbox One

While everyone has been focused on the Xbox One and Playstation 4 tug of war. Another player could still enter the game and really shake up the scene for both Sony and Microsoft. One device that hasn't been in the spotlight a lot is the Steam Box which will be coming to living rooms at some point in the future. And it looks as if the Steam Box may be having some features and ideas that excited a lot of Xbox One fans.

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ashade1636d ago

it can co-op, it can be competitor BUT it cannot beat

we are in the age where 1st party exclusive doesn't be killer-app much, and 3rd party exclusive literaly don't exist anymore

and 3rd party technique will want to be release thier game in asmuch console as posible to gain massive benefit, so as long as the game still release on other console, ppl still stick with thier favor

Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II1636d ago

Unfortunatley we know nothing about the steam box so this article is pointless.

NameRemoved00171636d ago

"gain massive benefit"

PC games generate more revenue than all the consoles combined. The devs that stick around with them get stacks of cash thrown at them by Microsoft/Sony.

Caffo011636d ago

that's BS.
PC is last in terms of revenue, it's first in another category: piracy.

ashade1636d ago

you don't need to destroy his dream, that's too cruel

papashango1636d ago (Edited 1636d ago )

EA's own financial results already stated that the PC makes them more money than the ps3...

how's that foot taste?

Caffo011636d ago (Edited 1636d ago )

that's only EA, where are other publishers? and the difference is small and certainly based on BF3 that's a lot of their revenue and a different game on PC.

hdshatter said that PC games generate more revenue than all the consoles COMBINED.

So is that true based on your link ?

JsonHenry1636d ago

@Caffoo01- you are dead wrong. The PC dwarfs the consoles in sales and revenue. Even with the piracy. Here are some articles for proof -

Testfire1636d ago

Pc revenue is high, but that also includes Facebook games, sites like Pogo, and the like.

Somebody1636d ago

Why don't you guys look up on other articles, outside N4G, from other sources before tearing apart papashango's link? They show a much bigger picture than that one link.

PC fans showed links to support their claims. Console fans brutally refute their claims with...NO links of their own to counter those claims.

Caffo011636d ago

PC delivered $276 million, the Xbox 360 $292 million and the PS3 $267 million.


The_KELRaTH1635d ago

It's not just EA, Activision's profits are only 30% from consoles with the bulk from PC's (of that a fair chunk is from WoW).

I'm looking forward to the new space epic "Star Citizen" by Chris Roberts (Wing Commander/Privateer).

Somebody1635d ago

that's only EA, where are other publishers?

What about Blizzard and WoW? What about Valve and it's elusive revenue estimates. They don't even make tons of game every year and yet they are making their own console.

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3-4-51635d ago

They weren't at E3....they aren't being talked about in gaming sites really, or in the MSM......they aren't outselling PS4 & XB1 & Wii U..

This article/opinion is ignorant.

I love steam but we need to be realistic here.

Upbeat1636d ago

The steam box wont even compete. Sony and Microsoft have alot more fans and consumer base than steam.

YourSavior1636d ago

I don't see that ever happening.

Ghost_of_Tsushima1636d ago

I've seen this exact headline a few times on N4G. First of all they'd have to show the Steam Box if they ever do. Also Steam Box want have ND, SSM, Sucker Punch, Evolution Studios, or Polyphony Digital games on their system and the same goes for Xbox One no 343 or Turn 10 games.
Aside from all that they'd have to take a hit to get the price right with comparable specs. I just don't see it happening. Does the Steam Box even exist anymore?

NameRemoved00171636d ago (Edited 1636d ago )

You can go take your tiny list of console exclusives and cry in the corner. If you toke the ps4, xbone, wii u, 3d and ps vita the PC still gets more exclusives than all those combined.

Also want an idea of games that will probably be on the Xbox? The ones that say Games for windows at the top will either be on 360/xbone also 99% of the time.

Caffo011636d ago (Edited 1636d ago )

yep, tons of exclusives on pc, none AAA, lot of crappy indie games.

DarkBlood1636d ago

Can someone help, my steam wont open all of the sudden and its driving me nuts lol

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