'Blame us': Nintendo laments lacklustre Wii U marketing

Ninemsn games writes: You're forgiven for forgetting the Wii U is actually a thing. Nintendo's successor to the Wii — the console that went on to break all kinds of records before selling in excess of 100 million units — has failed to make an impression on gamers since launching eight months ago.

Nintendo even missed a prime opportunity at last week's E3 to showcase the console's potential, instead opting for an online presentation unveiling a number of solid — but hardly blockbuster — new games.

The problem has been marketing: no one knows exactly what the Wii U does, or what makes it so special, and people expect Nintendo products to innovate, just as the Wii did. There's nothing, at least that we know of, that sets the Wii U apart from what came before it.

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Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II1883d ago

Ironically its far better than the wii and no one wants it.. but everyone bought the terrible wii.. console business is funny alright.

Triforce0791883d ago

It's true when Nintendo market the hell out of WiiU it will sell bucket loads.

NewMonday1883d ago (Edited 1883d ago )

they made the same mistake MS are making with Kinect, the tablet controller is a gimmick that is rising the cost, a little more power would have made the WiiU the first of the new generation.

dedicatedtogamers1883d ago

No, what's funny is that Nintendo blames marketing (a.k.a "we didn't explain it enough to you" ) every time their stuff doesn't sell. They made the same excuse of "bad marketing" when the 3DS was in the tubes, and then suddenly they did a price drop and people bought it. Oh! So perhaps it was never a problem of marketing at all.

guitarded771883d ago

Yep. Nintendo's problems are self inflicted. Overpriced, under powered, needs games, needs 3rd party support.

Sony and MS went to the devs and asked "What do you guys need", while Nintendo just built whatever the hell they wanted. That has killed 3rd party support.

People have askes for trophy/achievement support, and social app (Facebook/Twitter/Miiverse) integration, and Nintendo almost literally said "SCREW YOU" to gamers. Every device now days is connected for a social experience, but Nintendo only wants to use their social tool (Miiverse).

Price - Nintendo's strategy is to make their profit off the platform instead of making it up on software. They are going to have to crop the price when PS4 launches, because any savvy consumer is going to buy the PS4 for $50 more when they see what it offers in comparison.

IMO the Wii U can still be successful, but with Nintendo's attitude toward the public, and not listening to what gamers want, they will continue to claw through this generation, ultimately making a profit, but not the money they could have made.

MNGamer-N1883d ago

Hardly blockbuster? All I saw were blockbusters from Nintendo's E3. Most of the games shown will sell millions of copies.

Anyway, why would they put a massive marketing effort into a console that doesn't have any of it's top selling franchises available for it? They need these games to be released, and then start marketing more heavily.

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Triforce0791883d ago (Edited 1883d ago )

Solid but hardly blockbuster games who is this fool,but Sony and Microsoft showed many blockbusters ??? what ever MK8 was the biggest game at the show if u like it or not.

34 million units on wii,plus in the uk it's more popular or equal too COD.

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