Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 Still Sucks…Your Free Time Away | IGN

IGN: "My hands-on session opens with Dracula sitting atop his throne, displaying a no-nonsense swagger. Swigging from an ornate goblet and sporting a cod-piece that makes Batman’s crotch-covering attire look like a skimpy Speedo, the former Brotherhood of Light knight (spoiler alert: Castlevania: Lords of Shadow concluded with Gabriel Belmont becoming Dracula) casually waits as his former sibling soldiers bust down his castle doors."

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Ezz20131676d ago

am I the only one who got trolled by the first half of the headline ?!lol

KwietStorm1676d ago

No you are not. I was like wtf are they talking about.. I had to read it three times.

SmielmaN1676d ago

Oh baby, I can't wait to play this game! Loved the first one! Story, graphics, mythical beasts! And most of all..... Castlevania! :).

CoryHG1676d ago

I played the same demo at E3. I wish this guy would've made mention of the SOTN quote during the cut scene. WHAT IS A MAN!?

vishmarx1675d ago

if theres anything that doesnt give vampires a bad name these days lol