Daniel Matros excitedly demos the new Spectator Mode in Battlefield 4

El33tonline writes:

"One of South Africa’s favourite game development personalities, Daniel Matros from DICE in Sweden, was at E3 2013 to bring the team’s next big shooter to the world. For most of E3, Matros must have been entrenched in the enormous EA booth as players took to the 64-person arena to get their first hands-on time with Battlefield 4 multiplayer and see the series’ new features."

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ArchangelMike1133d ago

BF4 on PS4 = Teh Awesomeness!

arkard1132d ago

Maybe I missed it, but I can already see clans having spectating friends come in and call out all the information. That was always a problem in games that allowed spectating and having free cams to be able to look around anywhere at anytime is going to make it even easier.

febreeze11132d ago

Yes, in normal games that's a problem. But during a clan match the server admin can disable it.

Septic1132d ago

You guys have no idea about HOW MUCH this was asked for, for BF3 on the Battlefield forums. This is a big deal!

konnerbllb1132d ago

I remember. Commander too

Akuma2K1132d ago

BF4 is gonna rock, can't wait to play it.

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