Don't Get Your Hopes Up For F-Zero

IGN: "Watching Nintendo's E3 presentation, I was thrilled to see Mario Kart 8 adding an idea as simple and clever as hover karts. Suddenly tracks were freed from horizontal constraints, and courses could now spiral into wild vertical twists in ways they never could before.

Despite my excitement though, a thought crept into my head - if Mario Kart is now embracing futuristic, wild racing... what does that mean for F-Zero? Granted, we haven't seen an F-Zero entry in about a decade, but would Kart's hover karts help or hinder Captain Falcon's return?

The answer, unfortunately for Nintendo fans across the world, isn't too reassuring."

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WPX1975d ago

F-Zero caters to a different kind of crowd. GC's F-Zero and Mario Kart DD releases wasn't too far off each other. So, who knows?

CouldHaveYelledUiiW1975d ago (Edited 1975d ago )

I don't like Captain Falcon anyway he just looks like he does too much "Caine" and Gallons of Energy Drinks in SSB. (jk)

Actually, I think it could still happen because of Earth Bound WiiU. If that can happen- I can believe in miracles.

kirbyu1975d ago

Now that we have Mario Kart 8 would F-Zero even be necessary?

gamer421974d ago

Imagine MK8 10X faster, 32 people online multiplayer, with a wide variety of futuristic and imaginative courses.

Dj7FairyTail1974d ago

there only 30 racers in F-ZERO

herbs1974d ago

Nonsense article. Mario Kart 8's new style leads me to believe that this teams next project will in fact be F-Zero. They are developing a solid racing engine with MK8 that incorporates F-Zero like physics that they will later be able to supercharge and enhance as they become more familiar with the hardware for the next F-Zero game. Nintendo may be thinking ahead in this regard.

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