Next Week on the US/CA PSN: June 25th, 2013 – 1 New PS+ Free Game, Magic 2014, Deadpool

The PlayStation Store update this coming Tuesday may not be as jam-packed at the moment, but no matter which system you have, there’s likely something to look forward to. This holds especially true for PlayStation Vita owners with PlayStation Plus, as Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward closes out the June Instant Game Collection additions. - PSLS

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ftwrthtx1766d ago

Slow week next week. Backlog time I reckon.

Foolsjoker1766d ago

Still working on TLoU, so i'm set.

ftwrthtx1765d ago

Have run into a few glitches that had me stuck for a while. My health wouldn't regenerate at all and I kept restarting with zero health. Had to delete the update file in order to get my health back. Those sewers were terrible on Hard and even harder when you have no health.

Donnieboi1766d ago

Takes years to make a game. They cant just keep handing them out like hotcakes. I'm amazed already by how many Sony already DOES give away every month!

TrendyGamers1766d ago

The PS+ backlog will grow, Magic will be mine!

Foolsjoker1766d ago

I am actually excited about Deadpool, am I the only one?

NovusTerminus1766d ago

Awesome. Internet's getting cut next month and I get Zero Escape! Been wanting that game!

Donnieboi1766d ago

Sony has a ps store on the web now. If u can log in at school, college, library, etc, maybe u can add it to your download list for later. But watch out for anyone watching u as u put in your information.

Hope this helps.

dbjj120881766d ago

I'll be all over Virtue's Last... just as soon as I'm done with Joel and Ellie.

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