Podcast N Bullsh*t Flashback: Retro-Ass Man

Podcast N Bullsh*t is part of the Claymore Podcast.

This is a humble little podcast started by Dylan (Phazon117), Kayla (Tokengirlstfu), and Travis (Turbobison). We are a video game podcast, but we talk about a whole lot more…like jugglaos, Chris Brown, Dragon Ball Z, and Quetzalcoatl Jesus. We are fun and lighthearted, and we like to have a good time. Trust me, you will enjoy the time you bullshit with us.

In lieu of E3 madness and recent job offerings, we’ve been a little on the quiet side of podcasting, so we’re going a little…retro. Yes, check out this lost episode that aired all the way back in 2011, when PTFGN was still fresh in our minds. Enjoy!

Opening Song: ”Family Jewels [Jewel Temptation]” by The Kilgores

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