Gran Turismo 6 Deltawing and 2012 Audi R8 LMS Ultra E3 hands-on gameplay - Team VVV

VVV: "His findings leave room for encouragement. While the environments are still looking a little sterile, Mike thoroughly enjoyed his drive with the Deltawing Le Mans car, noting that the handling is noticeably more responsive than GT5.

We were instantly impressed by Polyphony's recreation of the Willow Springs Speedway, and Mike's test drive revealed an interesting improvement. When veering off course, the illusion-shattering invincible walls that would stop you dead in your tracks in GT5 are now much further back in GT6, giving you more freedom to trek across wide open expanses of desert if you so desire. "

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windblowsagain1882d ago

That's the difference between.

Forza5,Project cars.

They don't touch GT5-6 for lighting.

It's in another league.

ethomaz1882d ago

I agree the Forza lighting give a look of toys or plastic.

kingPoS1882d ago

Do want!!!

I have to wonder though, Do the game saves from GT5 carry over to GT6 in any kind of manner?

glenn19791882d ago

windblowsagain , what are you smoking??

windblowsagain1882d ago

I don't smoke. lol.

GT looks realistic lighting wise, shaders, color. Cars fit with environment.

All forza games have a look about them, like from the arcades, colorful look.

Project cars looks great in some places, poor in others. Too much bounce in physics as well. Engine sounds are excellent though.

That's what annoys me about FORZA people.

Yes the new version is higher rez, better graphics in places and you seem to compare with DRIVECLUB, yet DRIVECLUB has Realtime day/night cycle. Complete weather system.

C L O U D1882d ago

Can't wait to make the ultimate RX-7...

Knushwood Butt1882d ago

I see the deltawing is absent from this year's Le Mans.

Me-Time1882d ago

Ordonez back; Mardenborough debuts.

Knushwood Butt1882d ago

Ah yeah, someone from Nissan was talking quite a bit during the race commentary.

Been enjoying the British commentary. Called a gravel trap, 'kitty litter'.

Thoughts go to Allan Simonsen and his family.

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