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From Ophelea,

"As Hayden Tenno, reluctant special operative, I enter Lasria (Russia) to stop a madman from spreading a virus that turns people - and the occasional animal - into mutant killing machines. All is going well, I'm setting C4 charges in key areas, when said madman captures me and infects me. That totally screws my day. In retaliation, I blow the building. Apparently, my "people" who sent me to do this neglected to take into account that doing so would infect the surrounding town and to top it off, said nutball isn't dead. Oh, and the infection ... I'm transforming. My skin is slowly turning to steel; I have amazing reflexes (except that I run like my grandmother and forget how to duck); and that wicked-cool glaive I mentioned before? It literally grows out of my right hand."

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