ZeniMax: "The Elder Scrolls Online is More RPG than MMO"

GamerZines writes:

Ambition is a word that sums up ZeniMax Online Studios rather well. Not content with producing an experience which will inevitably appeal to the MMORPG-loving crowd, it seems The Elder Scrolls Online is in fact being designed to satisfy all types of gamers, especially those who prefer the likes of Oblivion’s and Skyrim’s more single-player orientated approach.

During an exclusive interview for the free-to-read magazine FirstLook, we chatted with The Elder Scrolls Online’s producer Matt Firor about where he would place the first game from his studio in the game genre spectrum and his answer was rather surprising.

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Bigpappy1979d ago

That's great news. Just adding drop in drop out multi player is good enough to push this over the competition. People were asking for this forever

TopDudeMan1978d ago

The combat is going to be the key thing that will either make or break this game for me.

As long as the combat and quests aren't mmo style then maybe it could be good.

Roccetarius1978d ago (Edited 1978d ago )

The problem is, that this is all sounding like another Star Wars: The Old Republic in the making. It's not an MMO, but an RPG with a MP component added to it.

Edit: @TopDudeMan, unless they work on it some more, journalists have said that combat is clunky so far.

MooseWI1978d ago

MMOs don't survive now-a-days. No one has time for them. Well a select few do. To really get the most out of the games.

rustyspoon801978d ago

This is a game that I would really like to play, but as you say I just dont have the time to plump a significant amount of time into it.
I got Skyrim at launch and still haven't finished it.

BallsEye1978d ago (Edited 1978d ago )

why the crap graphics then =/ Don't get me wrong I'm not a graphic whore but since it's not typical MMO and it's next gen, Id like ot see those awful square models to go away. Oblivion had way more beautiful forest and scenarios than this game... oblivion - 2006

CranberryPub1978d ago

I think it's to do with PvP. If you read the rest of the interview inside FirstLook Magazine, embedded in the article, you'll see that Matt talks about The Elder Scrolls Online's 200-man PvP battles, so you can probably assume the simplistic visual style is to accommodate that. 200 players on-screen at one time must be a right system hog.

It'll be very interesting to see how The Elder Scrolls Online works on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

BallsEye1978d ago

It's probably it, so not a thing for me. I already played guildwars 2 world vs world. It's my wet dream to have an elder scrolls just exactly like oblivion, morrowind or skyrim but with up to 4 people co-op, item trading and arena pvp. That would just be so perfect! Me and my wife have to take turns playing oblivion (yea started to play it again after skyrim, oblivion is way better) which kind of sucks. Full blown MMO elder scrolls ain't for me I guess, there is enough of those games already.

Rynocirator1978d ago

I have played it and I would say it's the opposite, it's too much mmo...Too much traffic, you can't complete any quest objectives.