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Submitted by Blankolf 963d ago | article

Nintendo's E3 Presentation Abridged Hilarious Version

Nintendo may not have given an "official" E3 press conference, but that doesn't mean they skipped the show entirely. If you didn't get up early enough to watch their Nintendo Direct and its accompanying announcements (or if the lousy feed crapped out), you may be wondering just what they showed. Maybe you'd like to watch a shorter version, with more jokes?

First, Microsoft got theirs, then Sony did. Now Mr. Matt Lees of Videogamer has made an "abridged version" video for Nintendo. I particularly enjoy his take on the new JRPG X, which is basically the how I reacted, as well. (3DS, E3, Nintendo, Wii, Wii U)

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bullymangLer  +   964d ago
poor guy he sounds compLete fanboy (:
r21  +   963d ago
Bully, he's done segments on all the big 3 :L
bullymangLer  +   963d ago
oh yeah?

.. . still sounds fanboy (:
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Smacktard  +   962d ago
You keep using that word...

I don't think you know what it means.
bullymangLer  +   962d ago
the guy in vid can be troll all he wants, but he still SOUNDS fanb0y < fact
Smacktard  +   961d ago
He's done similar videos for each of the consoles.

If anyone sounds like a fanboy here, it's clearly you.
PerryCaravello  +   963d ago
Can somebody link me a video to the ORIGINAL 2013 nintendo direct?

I want to see the lagging video, the framerate dropoffs and the horrible stream lol.

bullymangLer  +   962d ago
if you think the new swaying fur on Donkey Kong is bad then you need help (:
PerryCaravello  +   962d ago
Too busy with PS4 lol...

no offense
andrewer  +   963d ago
Who thinks it is Hilarious? It is horrible. And not that I'm defending Nintendo - this video is really bad IMO.
miyamoto  +   963d ago
kotaku and videogamer are the stench of gaming blogs. don't give them hits
PerryCaravello  +   962d ago
I never read them but what's the deal with them?

Bias, in what ways?

I remember they hated Sony back in 2006.
miyamoto  +   962d ago
they have no credibility they are desperate for hits and clicks
live2play  +   963d ago
I was gonna laugh but then i remembered im not 3
r21  +   963d ago
Wow, ya'all cant take a joke?
gamer42  +   963d ago
I dont know why people dont like this, i found this hilarious, especially at the future iwata, inventing color, and the end. I seriously felt like I might've died of laughter!
r21  +   963d ago
Im thinking some of them fanboys just dont like Nintendo being made fun. Its just for a laugh, guys, nothing insulting IMO. Matt Lees also has a Sony and MS burn video too which are just as funny as this one :D

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