Five things we’ll miss about the Xbox One’s old policies

Everything that glitters isn’t Xbox Live Gold. While everyone was busy high-fiving each other over Microsoft’s DRM about-face, people overlooked some of the things that we’re going to be losing with Microsoft’s new strategy for the Xbox One.

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overlordror2000d ago

I don't think anyone will miss the Xbone name, as funny as it was. Microsoft Xbox 180 is way better.

Why o why1999d ago (Edited 1999d ago )

I will miss ms using my own blood for lube.......

.......said nobody ever

The only near positive thing I could see people missing was the family sharing feature even though its actual application was convoluted and no way as liberal as people were thinking it was

Grave1999d ago


NameRemoved00171999d ago

They will just wait till everyone buys it, then do a firmware update and add to the ToS you can't buy a Sony product after agreeing and readd all the DRM and non used game stuff.

lucaskeller11999d ago

One thing I will miss is the funny memes about the one

ziggurcat1999d ago

i liked the one someone mentioned earlier today:


because they pulled a complete u-turn on their policies.

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Godmars2902000d ago

Wait. How is "Xbone" going away? Xbox 180 is the new meme, but not seeing why the older one's automatically retired. And weren't installs suppose to be a good thing? Doesn't the PS4 still allow them if only for quicker response time? Does the XB1 still allow for installs though the disc is now needed?

Also, an online requirement should not go away from the public consciousness. Not when people still need to be on if only once.

KillrateOmega1999d ago (Edited 1999d ago )

Aww, but I liked the name 'Xbone'. 'Xbox 180' just sounds boring; however, I guess it does allow for jabs such as:
"LOLZ it's called '180' because it's only half the console that the 360 was!"
"180 steps back!"
"It appears that Xbox brand has come...half-circle."

NihonjinChick1999d ago (Edited 1999d ago )

"Disc-based games required a hard drive install under the Xbox One’s old setup. Once installed, games could be played without the need of the game’s Blu-ray disc. This gave the system’s disc drive a break and helped prevent accidental game disc damage."

I find it annoying when people act like the XboxOne's DRM was their only chance to enjoy disc-free gaming. If you want to game disk-free, buy a digital copy. It's basically the same thing. The only difference is you're not installing from a disk.

Death1999d ago

With the original concept, you had all the benefits of the digital copy, but also had the physical media. If you wanted to trade in the game, it could be removed from your digital library and the physical copy could be traded in.

Transporter471999d ago

M$ Never specified such thing, which btw what's the point on having a disc when it uses the HDD space fully. So instead of being beneficial it would just fill up your HDD space and leaving the Disc as a useless one time installation process

Death1999d ago

Microsoft absolutely said that was how it worked. You were too busy fighting DRM to notice.

MrBeatdown1999d ago


Those that liked the DRM seem to to think that all of us giving up the benefits of a physical copy is the only way to get better digital rights.

When it comes to digital copies, everything Microsoft promised, minus the need for the 24 hour check in, is still entirely possible. Microsoft didn't need to take it away, but did anyway, probably because the only reason they offered it in the first place was to make the horrible physical copy DRM more palatable.

IcicleTrepan1999d ago

I agree 100% with you. The entire reason for the 24h check was to ensure you owned your physical copy still and hadn't sold it to gamestop. I do still wish we didn't need the disc in the drive but I guess you can't have everything. It was reasonable to me because I gained the benefit of all these rights as though my game were purchased digitally except that I personally prefer buying physical discs. I wish they could make it an optional thing so you don't have to get it forced on you, but could choose it if it suited your situation.

BuffMordecai1999d ago (Edited 1999d ago )

Seriously this is a positive, now you want all the negative features back? Phfft.

wishingW3L1999d ago

it's so illogical that they do it because they know people will click on the story to read the stupidity.

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