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I have to say I have watched with awe over the past week at the number of review sites that have hurriedly released reviews on The Jak & Daxter Trilogy, having clearly not played the games through and being quick to mark the port down due to it’s non-HD visuals and slightly choppy framerate. Having played through the games myself I have to admit I find some of these scores a little baffling.

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BuffMordecai1886d ago

The framerate kills it for me. If they patch it I'll buy, but it looks like a sloppy port.

SonyStyled1885d ago

so buy the PS3 version. it was flawless

sherimae24131886d ago

is there a retail release for this game?

drsnoopyseussdog1886d ago

Yeah there is a retail release which costs $29.99. Not bad for 3 games:)

sherimae24131886d ago (Edited 1886d ago )

really? thx! i never played a jak and daxter game since i never have a ps2.
gonna buy this next week ^_^

edit; oh i played daxter on psp! is it just the same right?

assassin2k1886d ago

The retail release doesn't involve crossbuy though.

SonyStyled1885d ago

your in for a real treat with Jak and Daxter. some great platforming there. the games on PS2 were my childhood, and it was a blast to revisit that with the HD collection on PS3. honestly though, the vita version looks a little rough. maybe you should buy the PS3 version. its cherry

assassin2k1886d ago

Daxter on PSP is a spin off. In Jak and Daxter you control Jak but similar in concept.