Here’s Your First Real Look at Watch Dogs' Multiplayer

Ubisoft’s teased Watch Dogs’ multiplayer during the PlayStation 4 event in February and then showed the game’s asymmetrical mobile integration during E3. But the video above is the first true glimpse of what has only been described in words.

-Mika-1046d ago

Im not really liking it... It doesn't look as simple as Assassin creed multiplayer.

Hydrolex1046d ago (Edited 1046d ago )

That looks fun man, I don't know what you are talking about

Sashamaz1046d ago

Ass screed multiplayer is boring and this looks equally bad.

Ju1046d ago

Different game. But this is GTA for the 21st century. The more I see the more I am impressed. Not sure if it's my genre (never really played GTA), but this I might try (but so many other games coming I want to see, too...). Will depend on my wallet.

Triforce0791045d ago

Looks boring if u ask me ??? MP isn't always needed,maybe a MSO massively single online would be better where everything you do alters the experience for others ??? i'm sure Nintendo patented MSO ???

trenso11045d ago

If it was as "simple" as assasins creed you would complain about how it's so similar,

Yukicore1045d ago

Multiplayer looks really fun, but I can easily see this becoming annoying after first 50 or so times. You just casually playing and then someone's hacking you.

Either way you can turn off the multiplayer, so it's nothing to be worried about, just saying. But I love cat'n'mouse multiplayer modes, it's long time no see this kind of game-mode in a game, glad they included this.

no_more_trolling1045d ago

the nitwits who agreed with you need to get away from gaming

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aiBreeze1046d ago (Edited 1046d ago )

Isn't it essentially a more open world version of Assassins creed's take on mp? I was hoping they'd do a bit more with the mp seeing how great the game looks.

rustyspoon801046d ago

Lets hope there are more game modes than just this. There are some amazing opportunities for multi player modes in this type of game. With various hacking and counter-hacking teams.

xdye0171046d ago

its a nice take on multiplayer but needs more game modes with more players

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