Tweaking Companion 2.0 for Vista released

"TweakGuides has released version 2.0 of its Tweaking Companion for Windows Vista. It's an operating system optimization guide for both beginners and advanced users, and covers everything from installing the operating system to installing drivers correctly. It contains a long list of recommendations for the most significant settings and features, all the major performance and usability tweaks and customizations, as well as a detailed troubleshooting section. There's also a similar guide for Windows XP."

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Silellak3619d ago

Tweak 1: Format HD
Tweak 2: Install XP

wageslave3618d ago

Tweak 1: Sell Automobile.
Tweak 2: Buy horse.

Tweak 1: Sell TV.
Tweak 2: Buy radio.

Tweak 1: Sell PS3.
Tweak 2: Buy PS2.

Tweak 1: Sell clothes washer
Tweak 2: Buy washboard.

Tweak 1: Sell gortex jacket.
Tweak 2: Buy wool-overcoat.

Tweak 1: Sell Commodore Amiga 2000.
Tweak 2: Buy Commodore 64.

Tweak 1: Sell Drill.
Tweak 2: Buy screwdriver.

strotee3618d ago

Tweak 1: Say anything remotely negative/funny about Vista.
Tweak 2: wageslave cries

Relax, he didn't insult your mother. It'll be fine, I promise.