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IGN: Beyond Two Souls - Unfocused, Controller Trouble

IGN played the follow-up to Heavy Rain at E3, and man, the controls are not working at the moment. (Beyond: Two Souls, PS3)

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Mikey32230  +   459d ago
The controls for heavy rain sucked too. Why doesnt Quantum Dream just make good controls for once. Please!
badboy776  +   459d ago
There hands were still a little disjointed from playing with the Xbox One Controller that's all.
UNGR  +   459d ago
Oh fanboys are so cute. Heavy Rain had crap controls, don't get all defensive because it's a Sony game.
HammadTheBeast  +   459d ago

No one mentioned Sony. Jumping to defense I see.
Dancinsolo  +   459d ago
Go back in your cave.
SoapShoes  +   459d ago
It actually had good controls with the Move though. Just use the thumb stick to move, no pressing R2.
from the beach  +   459d ago
Bad controls would be no surprise - what was Heavy Rain, hold R1 to walk? Why?!
BitbyDeath  +   459d ago
R2 wasn't it?
So you could control the speed of your movement based on how hard you pressed.
Bathyj  +   459d ago
I think it was so the direction you pushed the stick wasnt relative to the camera angle. eg walk was always whatever direction the character was facing. It got rid of the old camera switching and then you changed the direction you were walking problem.
Pintheshadows  +   459d ago
Colin Moriarty everyone. A gaming journalist who plays inverted (same as me) but can't play a game with the controls the normal way around. I can, it takes about 5 minutes to adjust so for him to say he couldn't play it is absolutely ridiculous.

The other concerns about the bizarre controller mappings are a bit worrying though, but then again, when has Quantic Dream ever done anything normally.
WeAreLegion  +   459d ago
I love their control schemes. I'm sorry?
Testfire  +   459d ago
Agree, it's just like RE games, you get used to it, no big deal.
Skate-AK  +   459d ago
Adapt and overcome.
grailly  +   459d ago
I still think it's a bad design decision though. especially when a game is focused on the narrative, you don't really want the player to be struggling with the controls.
WeAreLegion  +   459d ago
Did you struggle with the controls in Heavy Rain? They weren't exactly difficult.
Maldread  +   459d ago
Really hope they fix up the controls or at least give some options to the control scheme. The whole controling Aiden sounded a bit strange to me when you have to use the triggers to go up and down.

But it`s hard to tell before i play it for myself. I didn`t have a problem with Heavy Rain, even though the controls was a bit stiff, so i`m hope this will be fine too.

I`ve always wished developers would just let the gamers themself decide what controls they want, so that everyone can customize it for their own playstyle.

As for the whole story complaints, i think it`s a bit strange to be bitching about that now. They seem to know very little of the story and how it unfolds, and i trust in QD to deliver a great story once again :)
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Couldn't be any worse than the clunky controls & mechanics in The Last of Us.
Bathyj  +   459d ago
youre kidding right?
KUV1977  +   459d ago
Well I agree about the mediocre controls in Heavy Rain but TLoU was just fine. What exactly would you consider as clunky?
hulk_bash1987  +   459d ago
My_name_BTW_is_dante everyone, trolling TLOU on a non Last of Us article. This is trolling at its finest.
InTheLab  +   459d ago
Playstation doesn't use bumpers. It's L1/R1. Also, you play inverted so you can't do your job unless it's things are perfect for you....very nice.
KUV1977  +   459d ago
It depends a little on how much time they had with the game. If you come to a station and have 15 minutes to play a demo and it is misconfigured it can be terribly annoying. If there is no time limit then sure, he should have adapted.

Once I was at GamesCom and stood in line for 3hours to play the world of warcraft expansion (for my girlfriend - 3h for a wow-expansion is a pretty bad wait). So you sit down and there are some pre-configured characters and mine didn't have any abilities mapped. So it took me about 5 minutes to configure the game, 5 minutes to find out what does what and another 5 minutes later it was over. I wouldn't say that I could really judge the experience from that.

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