IGN: Beyond Two Souls - Unfocused, Controller Trouble

IGN played the follow-up to Heavy Rain at E3, and man, the controls are not working at the moment.

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Mikey322301309d ago

The controls for heavy rain sucked too. Why doesnt Quantum Dream just make good controls for once. Please!

badboy7761309d ago

There hands were still a little disjointed from playing with the Xbox One Controller that's all.

UNGR1309d ago

Oh fanboys are so cute. Heavy Rain had crap controls, don't get all defensive because it's a Sony game.

HammadTheBeast1309d ago


No one mentioned Sony. Jumping to defense I see.

SoapShoes1308d ago

It actually had good controls with the Move though. Just use the thumb stick to move, no pressing R2.

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from the beach1309d ago

Bad controls would be no surprise - what was Heavy Rain, hold R1 to walk? Why?!

BitbyDeath1309d ago

R2 wasn't it?
So you could control the speed of your movement based on how hard you pressed.

Bathyj1308d ago

I think it was so the direction you pushed the stick wasnt relative to the camera angle. eg walk was always whatever direction the character was facing. It got rid of the old camera switching and then you changed the direction you were walking problem.

Pintheshadows1309d ago

Colin Moriarty everyone. A gaming journalist who plays inverted (same as me) but can't play a game with the controls the normal way around. I can, it takes about 5 minutes to adjust so for him to say he couldn't play it is absolutely ridiculous.

The other concerns about the bizarre controller mappings are a bit worrying though, but then again, when has Quantic Dream ever done anything normally.

WeAreLegion1309d ago

I love their control schemes. I'm sorry?

Testfire1309d ago

Agree, it's just like RE games, you get used to it, no big deal.

grailly1309d ago

I still think it's a bad design decision though. especially when a game is focused on the narrative, you don't really want the player to be struggling with the controls.

WeAreLegion1308d ago

Did you struggle with the controls in Heavy Rain? They weren't exactly difficult.

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