CliffyB: 24-hour check was “pretty silly,” My money is on PC, mobile & tablets for the future

Cliff Bleszinksi: 24-hour check was “pretty silly,” My money is on PC, mobile and tablets for the near future

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Prcko2000d ago (Edited 2000d ago )

My money is on PC and ps4

komp2000d ago

You'll have to shout louder, I cannot hear you over that revving Lamborghini......

Allsystemgamer2000d ago

Lol that's not a lot of money. I work minimum wage in Canada and I own all consoles a PC and plan on a ps4. And I'm putting myself through school. Anyone can achieve anything if they have the drive :3

hakis862000d ago

A tablet over my PS4? Oh HELL NO Cliffy B... what are you smoking?!?

inveni02000d ago

Cliffy is such a Sony-Hater. It's obvious. He NEVER says anything good about PlayStation, and he hesitates, until forced by peer pressure, to say anything negative about Microsoft. If we need a poster-child for fanboyism, he's it.

SilentNegotiator1999d ago (Edited 1999d ago )

My money is against Cliffy ever getting a job as good as at EPIC games.

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allformats2000d ago

Please stop giving this guy publicity.

MestreRothN4G2000d ago

Well said.
He is trying hard to sound like a douche. Typical case of too much money harming someone's mind.

KwietStorm2000d ago

Seriously. Just stop. He's even more vocal after supposedly leaving the industry.

JoGam2000d ago

Thank you... I swear this guy has become annoying as hell.

Grave2000d ago

I agree. PC and PS4 cross-platform play seems like it's gonna be a bigger part of the next-gen for Sony. #1 on my list is War Thunder. The new players on PS4 will get eaten alive when they are starting out.

Abdou232000d ago

I don't know why people keep sking this guy for his opinions.

miyamoto2000d ago (Edited 2000d ago )

I already have a PC. In this case a Mac and typing with it now.

So my money now goes to PS4=The PlaySavior 4.

The more these M$ clowns talk the more they contradict themselves and make a fool of themselves.

CliffyB, If you can solve games piracy on PC like Sony did with PS3

Such a sour grape loud mouth you have turned out to be, CliffyB

schlanz2000d ago

No love for 3DS or Vita?

Spinal2000d ago (Edited 2000d ago )

Same here I only plan on having a PC an a PS4. I will also get a tablet later this year but that's not for gaming.

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MuhammadJA1999d ago

My money is on PC. Free dedicated online!

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Godmars2902000d ago (Edited 2000d ago )

Shut the hell up, quit talking out your neck about an industry which in the diarrhea of the mouth you've admitted to have negatively contributed to - AND DO BETTER!

If the only way you can actually make a game is through higher production costs and a larger staff which you insist wont be worth the return - THEN GET OUT OF THE FREAKIN INDUSTRY!

If you can't tell - and obviously *YOU* can't - that needs to change. It has to become about cheaper production values and more value in the actual game, or just cheaper games. Flashy, empty plots based around 1D characters and gimmick gameplay was the wrong path to take - and *YOU* were one of the idiots who insisted on that route.

HammadTheBeast2000d ago

This a-hole needs to gtfo here fast.

MariaHelFutura2000d ago (Edited 2000d ago )

My money is on Kaz, Shu and Jack. They just helped save the gaming industry from anti-consumerism and being controlled by the arrogance of people like Cliffy B, Major Nelson and Don Mattrick.

plaZeHD2000d ago (Edited 2000d ago )

"They just helped save the gaming industry from anti-consumerism"
So that's why they are making us pay 60$ per year for online gaming?

DlocDaBudSmoka2000d ago

Nobody can make you do anything.

Williamson2000d ago

More like 50$ a year, and PS+ is a steal at that price! I got about 50+ titles in one year from plus, games like spec ops, uncharted 3, and sleeping dogs.

MariaHelFutura2000d ago (Edited 2000d ago )

XBL - You get play online.

PS+ You get to play online and get 50+ games a year, free themes, beta access, discounts on games, cloud storage, doesn't block netflix etc. w/o it and free avatars.

So yeah. Even though paying for online access sucks, PS+ is so pro-consumer it's not even funny and is the best way possible for Sony to implement an online paywall. They actually like gamers and it shows, w/ situations such as this one.

Mr_Nuts2000d ago

Well it was either that or follow Microsofts plan

They needed a way to bring in an income to keep up with MS so they don't take all their income. It was either follow through with DRM or make people pay for online

Besides it's not that bad, you get your moneys worth unlike Gold and you can go on the internet, watch youtube etc without plus.

patsrule3162000d ago

You only get 50+ games a year if you have a PS3. If you are going to be new to PS+ with PS4, you get 12. The first is a partial version of Drive club, and most of the rest will be smaller downloads. If you are trying to attract new customers, PS+ won't have nearly as much value as it will for the longstanding customers.

I will be one of the people coming from the Xbox 360 to PS4, (never had a problem paying for Xbox Live and don't have a problem with PS+) Just want to remind all the Sony fans that telling the newly converted how big a value + is, it won't be as good as you are saying.

TongkatAli2000d ago (Edited 2000d ago )

6 people who agreed with you have a case of listening to one part and ignoring the rest.

Let me guess you don't free like games or discounts ? Sureeeeeee. They will say anything to argue, pathetic.

Virtues Last Reward is coming next week = )

plaZeHD2000d ago (Edited 2000d ago )

Oh 'free games' and 'discounts' that we pay 50$ per year for, how free they are. And the best part is when you quit the service, the 'free games' do not carry on. Oh thanks Sony./s
I know it's a good deal for certain people, but I am not interested in it. They shouldn't force us to use services like this, they should rather make it optional.

gaffyh2000d ago

@plazehd -bit of a moot point there because you rarely play a game again after the first couple of months. So it doesn't matter if it expires after that. You'll only see how good it is once you actually have PS+, it is much much better than it was when it first launched.

TongkatAli2000d ago

Yeah, cause for 50$ you should keep everything you get from the service. The whole point of it is to keep you on the service not to let you take shit and leave.

The games you buy discounted you keep forever.

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Prime_282000d ago

"helped save the gaming industry" lol please stop.

MariaHelFutura2000d ago

The normal response to my comments. One liners!!

Grown Folks Talk1999d ago

Yes Dloc, nobody can make you do anything. Yet instead of just not buying an Xbox One, people complained constantly & made them change things the supporters accepted.

Majin-vegeta2000d ago

This guy just talking smack out of his moutb everyday -_-.

M-M2000d ago

I wish this guy would keep his mouth shut.

gano2000d ago

(off topic)

I think gohan adult should have gone ss3 after kaio training eventually.
And vegeta after he kept up with kid buu when gokou was out. he damn near died. Damn you toriyama.

(on topic)
So i say the prince and gohan go ss god on these ******
and destroy a turtle to let them know you mean business son!?

M-M2000d ago

No, he was already stronger than a SSJ3 as Ultimate Gohan so there was no reason for him to even transform.