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Submitted by Shok 959d ago | opinion piece

Nintendo "Fans" Are Too Apologetic

A large portion of Nintendo’s problems are actually caused by their own "fans". (3DS, Next-Gen, Nintendo DS, Wii, Wii U)

Benjaminkno  +   959d ago
I'm sorry?

I can't really say I've really ever had any complaints.
But then again I didn't really care for Ocarina of Time or WindWaker, so there's plenty of things they could do better.
If anything, there's never enough Nintendo. I think they are capable of making any game better, if only because they've been doing it for so long.

Yeah sure, more online gaming would be good, but I don't know if I like the idea of Mario being online.
I'm sure they don't care what we think as long as we keep spending our money.

An online StarFox game would be ideal...
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R00bot  +   959d ago
Love the way you start by apologising on an article about Nintendo fans being too apologetic.

But in all seriousness there's not much that Nintendo would need to apologise for, apart from the game drought that we're currently in the middle of on the Wii U.
LOL_WUT  +   959d ago
A real fan will criticize their favorite company, give constructive criticism.
"How could Nintendo possibly fix any problems if all the mishaps they commit are swept under the rug by their supporters? If you are one these said-people, news flash: You are not a Nintendo “fan”, you are an elitists or more accurately, an apologists."

Excellent article, Shokio really touched up on what i've been trying to say all along now if only more people went by this instead of being so gullible. If we can turn the X1's DRM restrictions around i'm sure we can all achieve to have a better Nintendo. ;)
Triforce079  +   959d ago
Mariokart is Online so Mario is online,plus look at Beyonetta2 and Legocity they are the best in the series because Nintendo was involved,they can make any game better and all i can say is watch out for more 3rd party exclusives as it's looking like quality over quantity with WiiU just like te SNES days,even Moonlith says they can develop better bigger more complicated games because they have learnt alot from Nintendo and it's made them better for being at Nintendo speaks volumes.
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RedHawkX  +   959d ago
you need to apologie for nintendo land, wii fit, and game and wario guys. worst games ever nintendo fans hype for no reason. rules should be you cant hype a game unless you spent 25-30 hours on it. this way no one would be hyping those game because they spent less then 5 on that lame crap. well some might have spent more because thats all there was to play on the wii u.
kirbyu  +   959d ago
Ok. Apparently no online multiplayer is as big a problem as the whole DRM thing.

I'll tell you why no one complained. Because no one thought about it. This is the first I've heard someone bring it up. No, there's a more likely reason. If no one complained, no one cared obviously.

The only complaint I've had recently is how SM3DW isn't the new SMG. Oh and how the SSB4 site won't friggin update. That's what people should be complaining about.
Trago1337  +   959d ago
Nice plug there Shok :)
Foxgod  +   959d ago
Well, ..... i am sorry.
RedHawkX  +   959d ago
apologoze for the wii u hardrive size its freaking 16 gigabytes lol.
Benjaminkno  +   958d ago
You can get as much space as you want.
Internal storage is more expensive.
I'd rather pay an extra 20 dollars for an external hd than pay an extra 50 for extra internal hd memory
Gohadouken  +   959d ago
Maybe , but when i look at them , at least they still favor games . Maybe not the games all of us wants to see , but still games .

Meanwhile die hard xbox fanboys , not just xbox fans are reaching a new spectrum : even defending measures that are against their own interest , and lamenting it's loss
despair  +   959d ago
"A real fan will criticize their favorite company, give constructive criticism. If you continue to make excuse after excuse, you are not a real Nintendo fan, because Nintendo fans are always for a better Nintendo. "

I've been saying this forever, Fans need to fight for something more from Nintendo. Its like the pokemon games, where people always make excuses as to why we never got a fully realised 3d RPG version of it on a console. It will never happen as long as people don't show they want it by not supporting the handheld version or actually getting vocal against it (good thing x and y is actually going somewhat in the right direction, albeit slowly).
just-joe  +   959d ago
"A real fan will criticize their favorite company, give constructive criticism. If you continue to make excuse after excuse, you are not a real Nintendo fan, because Nintendo fans are always for a better Nintendo. "

As opposed to Sony fans who think the PS4 is the second coming of Christ for saying they wouldn't restrict used games something that should have never been a thing to begin with.
Kiddcarter  +   959d ago
Lol you try to put down Sony over something that was a microsoft issue, if nintendo came out and said they arent charging for online play would you hop on your keyboard and say the something about them (it should have been a thing to begin with) or would you say they were just trying to show a major difference in their system vs their competitions. and just in case you dont know sony addressed used games because their biggest competition came out and said they were placing limits on sharing, and trading games, and everyone expected sony to do the same, so to let people know the difference in their system sony said we wont block used game. Microsoft then turned around and removed their limits, so your right it should not have been a issue from the beginning, but your pointing your criticism at the wrong company and fans
Donnieboi  +   959d ago
Can u just judge Nintendo on it's own merit? Using the problems of Sony and MS the only way to compliment nintendo isn't really helping to highlight any actual positives for Nintendo. It just looks like your desperate.
TruthbeTold  +   959d ago
You should ask yourself this question: When a Nintendo fan is defending Nintendo, would they be doing so if a Sony or MS fan wasn't attacking?'

Then once you sort that out, if you can give a damn long enough to realize how often those attacks take place, how often those attacks are petty or unfounded, and then you just may see that if Nintendo fans become critical, then the positivity will be drowned in shit.

I've written plenty of articles critical of Nintendo, and I'm quite the Nintendo fan. Makes no sense to do so in times like these though.
Dannycr  +   959d ago
The problem here is that they accept everything Nintendo tells them to like. They are severely lacking in specific areas, but there's no criticism.

It's not a good attitude and it doesn't help Nintendo to catch up with certain (cool) standards that the consoles and PC have established.

I think New Super Mario Bros U and the new 3D World should have offline/online coop modes. It will be cool to play online with friends. Nintendo severely lacks online types of coop games. I'm not saying that they should add coop to games that don't need it. I'm saying that they should also add online coop in games that do have coop
RedHawkX  +   959d ago
i agree they should add online coop instead of just in the same house coop. not all of us are still 10 year old kids who have slumber partys or live with our big brother to do coop and stuff with. or have looser friends who want to come to our house to play freaking in house coop of mario lol. they need to start adding some online coop to these games. also watch nintendo fanboys attack me even when they know these games should have online coop in this day and age.

sometimes when i wake up in the morning i want to play some mario coop or pikmin but cant do it because noo one will come over to your house just to do something stupid like coop for themm games in your house. now if we both can wake up in the morning at our own houses and im like this dude is online playing some mario maybe we can get an online coop session going.

anyone who disagrees with me might as well never play animal crossing online and instead only coop and mp in that game when the person is in your house sitting next to you like loosers.
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Polysix  +   959d ago
I've posted simliar sentiments about nintendo needing to raise their game and push more and of course get negged to hell from the Ninty Hardcore :)

It's true though they get an 'easy ride' from using their beloved IP over pushing more into advanced tech (not motion gaming) that could really do their old IPs justice and create opportunities for even deeper new games (with the same Nintendo 'magic' sprinkled on them).

I still want to buy another Nintendo console, my last one was gamecube which had some great exclusives, but Wii/U don't do it for me. They should also look at advancing beyond primary coloured game worlds for certain games, it wouldn't hurt them. I love their sense of fun but they could still 'grow up' a bit without having to go grey/brown and creating nothing but shooters. First thing is to make a competitive console that attracts third party/sales then the knock out punch - old IP reimagined with new tech, and new IP.

"A real fan will criticize their favorite company, give constructive criticism. If you continue to make excuse after excuse, you are not a real Nintendo fan, because Nintendo fans are always for a better Nintendo. "

TRUE! If I didn't like nintendo I would not be wanting them to improve, people react too fast and assume everyone is a fanboy of another console (ignore my PS4 avatar lol).
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Donnieboi  +   959d ago
Enabler's are why Iwata can keep getting away with apology after apology without actually changing.
You've said:
"I've posted simliar sentiments about nintendo needing to raise their game and push more and of course get negged to hell from the Ninty Hardcore :)"

Dude don't even bother. Some of these fans make excuses no matter what Iwata (lets be specific when we say "Nintendo") does or screws up.

They are enablers. They enable inactivity, poor excuses, and empty apologies from Iwata over & over again.

Then, they act like victimized martyrs when u point these things out. Suddenly these "fans" will polarize you as an enemy of Nintendo for not agreeing with Iwata (like saying your no longer a patriot because u don't agree with whoever is the current American president), while these so called fans puff up their own belief that they are the truest of fans.

However, these so called fans are actually delusional. The truest fans are those that demand a higher standard from Nintendo, more games, and for their consoles to be able to be competitive against the competition.

A true fan looks at franchises like Metroid, Star Fox, Ice Climbers, Punch Out, F-Zero, etc. And wonder why Nintendo sits on them instead of doing new things.

Also, remember when those franchises were new IP's? Nintendo had established themselves as a force to recon with because those newer IP's helped to prove the point (at the time) that they were more than just a mario and zelda company. It proved that they had the midus touch. Now they just rehash games using recycled toolkits for games that don't utilize the Wii u's true potential.

Super Mario Bros U- rehash of same engine and tools of the wii version.

Super Luigi U-Same thing.

Super Mario 3D world- just a quickie re-editing of the 3ds game using the same engine and tools and level editing tool. The only thing new is the hd textures.

Zelda WW ("remake")- looks the same, just in hd. Doesn't even look as dynamically different as the early pictures of this "remake" had indicated.

The only games interesting to me is X, Bayonetta, mario kart 8 and smash bros. Only 2 are first party developed, and of those two, they are just relying on mario kart and smash (again).

Look at the "new" characters for the new smash game. Excercise lady and the main character from Animal Crossing? Who wants to use them?? Seriously? Only Megaman is interesting.

It is a testimony as to how few new IP's Iwata has invested into the console side of Nintendo. They can't find any good new characters for smash because they havent had any good NEW ip's.

But those who think they are fans will keep enabling this. So don't bother. In fact, I don't even respond back to them.

People like me (and I suppose, yourself) are the true fans. Were like the tough parent who expects more from their child. And Nintendo is too old of a child to be lying around and slacking off in it's own little world for us true fans to tollerate it any more. Time for Nintendo to wake up. Iwata needs to wake up. Time for true fans to stand up and show some tough love.

These enablers are not true fans. They are actually delusional and quite unorthodox. True fans who demand more are more orthodox because we look at the beginning of the company (pre-Iwata presidency) as the standard of excellence and innovation and inventiveness. And look at the post Iwata era as a time of gimmicks, lack of focus, reliance on rehashes instead of ALSO making new iP's, not keeping up with technology (not enough online focus), etc.

True fans who know what Nintendo was like before Iwata demand more.
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chadboban  +   959d ago
Agree with you for the most part, slight correction though, "X" is a first party game, Monolith Soft is owned by Nintendo.
Donnieboi  +   958d ago

Yeah you were right about Monolith. Thanks for that.

Also, I was why is this article at only 60 degree's of heat? My original comment was 17 hours ago, and I see a whole lot more comments added to the discussion, yet the heat on the article has barely risen. We have over 24 comments here on n4g about this article, and yet no one is actually reading it. All of these so-called fans just think they have it all together and know what is best.

Too bad consumers, developers, publishers, indies, former Nintendo fans, analysts and journalists are not as easily convinced as Iwata and those who are fans of his "work". Oh, but of course, they must all be indefinitely wrong.
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MNGamer-N  +   959d ago
I feel like complaining constantly gets old. I'll let you guys do it for me. I prefer to be patient, and let the games come in due time. It's not life or death for me.

That said, I do agree that N needs to step up a notch with their hardware. Make it more powerful and competitive if you are trying to attract a more hard-core gamer.
linkenski  +   959d ago
I just want to see them make something that feels fresh, whether it's a new Zelda or a new Mario or even a new franchise. Every Zelda game essentially feels new because almost every Zelda game has a different art-style. I just hope they don't start appealing too much to nostalgia, because until Skyward Sword it seemed like their goal was to "make something better than Ocarina of Time" whereas that would never work, because Ocarina of Time was developed with a different goal in mind and that's part of the reason why OoT is so great, and also why they haven't really been able to top themselves in that regard.

Nintendo needs to forget about the past for just a moment and think "new". I don't really believe they can do it in the way i imagine it, because after all the key staff-members are starting to get old, like Miyamoto and Eiji Aonuma for example. This happens with so many famous people even movie gods like Steven Spielberg's new movies feel like they are stuck in the 90's vibe.
chadboban  +   959d ago
Well this behavior is typical of most fanboys for any company. They will always defend their company no matter how many mistakes they make until the very end.
klecser  +   959d ago
Nintendo sees itself as a toy company and a business.

They don't extend into online coop too much because, as a family-based company, they don't want to be associated with the profanity and excessive bullying that happens online on the other systems. Heck, that's why I don't support other systems. I work too hard to have some 12 year old jag-off insult me online. They are cesspools of the worst of humanity. I don't want to be associated with that.

So, why doesn't Nintendo offer more features, like the other companies? They don't need to. If you aren't a Nintendo fan, why do you even care?

*awaits irrational reaction to my irrational fandom*
Donnieboi  +   958d ago
Couldn't they just have the online without access to mic's (or turn mic's off) and chat off for online games? Or use macro's for basic communication (like Metal Gear Online allows (meaning that there are preset commands that can be chosen by the user instead of having a mic while playing)?

I mean, the Wii U uses a touch screen, so it can have easy access to macro's that u press to say things like "follow me" and "help me", etc.

ANYTHING would be helpful. Even if it's not the most ideal way to play, at least have it as an option.

Don't make excuses for this. It Mario 3D world should have had online. Especially when u consider that getting people to play together in the same home is not as ideal when u factor in the cost of getting new Wii U controllers (VERY expensive) and many don't own pro-controllers to fall back on. Plus the inconvenience of scheduling so that you all play together in-sync. Having online as an OPTION couldn't have hurt.

But i'm sure you'll make up some excuse to explain it all way.

Also, i'm a President Yamouchi Nintendo-era fan, so THAT is why people like me care.
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klecser  +   958d ago
They already have access to online without mics or chat off.

They just happen to be on IPs that you don't like.

I mean, that's the real issue here, isn't it? Saying that Nintendo doesn't have online is just just completely incorrect.

Kid Icarus Uprising
Resident Evil Revelations
Animal Crossing

You just don't like those IPs. Right?

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