Where are the boundaries in this console war?

Frontburnr: It was a beautiful Saturday morning when I walked into a local GameStop to purchase The Last of Us. This wasn’t my regular GameStop so the employee behind the counter asked if I had already pre-ordered my next gen console. I responded by telling him I had the Xbox One pre-ordered at another store. He gave me a look of despair and said “oh, I’m so sorry” as if I had just told him my parents just died. I gave a halfhearted fake laugh and wished he would hurry up with my trade-ins so I could get the hell out of there. The clerk took his time so that he could explain to me why I made the wrong decision by ordering the Xbox One. GameStop employees are there to inform consumers about their products but should they be harassing people about which next-gen console they choose to buy?

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komp1858d ago (Edited 1858d ago )

Or it was all to do with the fact he did not pre order from them? Getting him to pre order ps4 with them (why would he cancel pre order of xbox just to re-pre order?) instead, so the dude focused in on the psychological warfare aspect of selling a rival product...

At least he tried to sell something to someone unlike the "manager who never personally sold a vita to anyone" story recently.

chrismichaels041857d ago

The PS4 is Gamestops top seller right now. This guy is surprised the GameStop employee was doing his job and promoting his hottest selling item? That's like being surprised to walk into a McDonalds and find out the guy behind the counter is promoting the Big Mac over the fish sandwich.

Corpser1857d ago

Is it all about people can afford only one so they have to find reasons to justify their purchase?

Cant call yourself a hardcore gamer if you only play games on only one platform

1857d ago
AceofStaves1857d ago (Edited 1857d ago )

Lol, no. That's like saying you're not a 'hardcore' gamer if you only own platforms from one generation.

Edit: How the tides have turned. In 2007, when I bought my PS3, the EB Games in my town kept haranguing me to get a 360 every time I walked in there. The manager told me I'd get one eventually. She was wrong.

ShowGun9011857d ago

a year ago I had a few dollars burning in my pocket, and came thiiiiiis close to buying a 360... but i couldn't justify the purchase based on 2 games, and im glad i didn't waste the cash to be honest...

+30hr per week gamer, im just not hardcore enough

aquamala1857d ago

not getting this console war either.. I do like and use my ps3 more than 360, that doesn't make me not want to have a 360.

and I've seen enough of games I want to play on Xbone and PS4 and already pre-ordered both.

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Topshelfcheese1857d ago

Everyone is entitled to an opinion, and retail employee are in a unqiue position to share theirs with you whether you like it or not. Its not just gamestop, If the guy shared the same opinion as the author than he wouldn't have an issue. Totally not worth writing about...

rainslacker1857d ago

I don't think it's worth writing about simply because the employees at GS are people just like the author is. They have their own preferences, and apparently the clerk liked PS4 more. Some people don't accept other people's decisions, and have a hard time understanding them. Add that onto the fact the clerk wanted to get a preorder in so he could get hours the next week, and you get an overzealous fan boy.

Side story time:

I remember when the PS3 was first out, I was in GameStop wanting to get a PS3 game. Clerk handed me the Xbox version. Asked him to switch it. He asked me why I didn't have a 360. I said because I don't want one. He quite literally called me stupid for not wanting a 360. I went off on him with his manager standing next to him and a line behind me(those poor kids...they shouldn't have to hear such words), then I walked out the store. Didn't go back to GS for 5 years until I happened into a new one across from where I live, and all the associates are pretty cool.

Moral of the story. No one really cares what your experiences are with GS. Bad sales people exist in every industry. In one GS, I had an employee say they were excited for the X1, in my regular one, everyone seems excited for both.

TechnicianTed1857d ago (Edited 1857d ago )

I hate going into Game and just wanting to buy something and being told about the latest crap they are being pressed to sell me. I appreciate that they are just doing their job, I understand that, but it still annoys me. I bought The Last of Us the other week and the guy insisted on telling me about the DLC and the season pass, I know about it, I don't want it, at least not yet -

'The benefits of this is that you don..'

'No thanks, I just want the game'

'Yes but after you've finished it you'll want to...'

'Just take my money and give me the game!!'

I mean, it's right there on a big f***ing poster stuck to the counter, if I didn't know about it before you haven't give me much option of not knowing about it now unless I was blind as a bat. If I want it I'll let you know, otherwise give me the game I've brought up to the counter, and offered you money for, and stfu.

You can't move in the shop unaided for 2 mins before they want to come up and give you their pearls of wisdom on what your purchase should be, it's quite off-putting sometimes, it has the opposite effect of what they want you to do - you want to walk out and go shop somewhere else.

Maybe I'm just a miserable sod but I hate their sales tactics.

EDIT:This article is about Gamestop, I know, but it's pretty much the same with Game.

ShowGun9011857d ago

i had a friend who used to work for GS, and he quit because they pretty much made him do that stuff... he said he hated pushing stuff on people, but he loved the rest of the job. not enough to stay there though.

mydyingparadiselost1857d ago

Completely agree, I dislike any retail associate pushing whatever product in my face, I just want to make my purchase and be on with my day. Unfortunately, at least here in the US, it's becoming commonplace with lots of retailers to have the cashiers act as salesmen and try to push extra products on people. It sucks, just another way to get fired for missing quota and demand even more out of people already (usually) putting in more than they should have to for a minimum wage job.

BattleTorn1857d ago

Well, speaking of console wars in Gamestop, I went in immediately after E3 to chat with they employees. (I'm somewhat of a regular eheh, it's on my way home)

First thing I said was "call me crazy, I still am getting the Xbox" (both, btw) He said "you're crazy" - I laughed. And then I said, "yeah I can't deny me some Dead Rising" he quickly rebutted "It's not gonna look anything like that!!"
I know what he was getting at, with trailers being target renders ect, but I still thought it was somewhat silly for him to, so enthusiastically, jump at the opportunity to knock my opinion, my selection, and one of his products.

rainslacker1857d ago

If you're a regular, like I am at my closest GS, then you probably have some repoire with them. He may not have meant it as an attack on MS, probably more along the lines of what we did as kids on the playground discussing systems back in the NES/Genesis days.

There's one guy at mine where we do that all the time between PS3 and 360 games. Never felt he thought lesser of me because of it.

Otherwise, it's an exciting time to be a gamer. We want people to want what we want and share in the good times.:)

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