Microsoft May Have Reacted, But PS4 Is in Control

Push Square: "Sony has been heavily criticised for being reactionary throughout the course of this generation. The platform holder that so confidently set the tone of the gaming landscape with the PSone and the PlayStation 2 was caught off guard by the Xbox 360 and the Nintendo Wii, an oversight that prompted it to play catch-up in almost every area of its ecosystem. The much maligned PlayStation 3 was late to the market, expensive, architecturally baffling, and offered a gaming network embarrassingly inferior to Xbox Live. But that’s not the case anymore."

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AngelicIceDiamond2002d ago

I agree PS4's in control. Sony made the msg clear from the very START and MS is playing follow the leader.

Now that both are freedom consoles. I think MS E3 was better because they introduced more original games, just saying.

HammadTheBeast2002d ago

Yeah but the humiliation from Sony and the negativity is still here.

Skips2002d ago (Edited 2002d ago )

That and,

$100 cheaper (casuals will prefer it)

More powerful hardware (tech junkies will prefer it)

and not to mention ALL the exclusives they'll be showing


40 first party PS4 games in development. 20 out in the first year. (And that's not even including all the F2P and indie exclusives they have coming)

Compared to Microsoft's 15 or so in development...

Microsoft has pretty much shown all they have to offer for the first year from first party. (Considering they had to) Sony has shown what, 4-5 out of 20???

Gamescom will be a bloodbath with all the exclusives Sony will show. lol

Is Microsoft even showing up this year?? XD

devwan2002d ago

@Sonic200 Yep, they shot their load at E3 as they had a lot of catching up to do after the bizarre tv-centric launch.

In the next five months I'm betting we'll be seeing a lot more exclusives for Sony's machine and merely updates on what we already know for the xbone.

dedicatedtogamers2002d ago

"Yeah but the humiliation from Sony and the negativity is still here."


People are so quick to underestimate the damage that has been done. For nearly 6 weeks straight, the Xbox brand image has been stomped into the ground, every single day. A reversal on SOME of their policies isn't going to make the last month go away for many people. It isn't going to make the bad feelings, the lost trust, and the frustration go away for many people.

Some are quick to mention "brand loyalty" (ignoring the fact that a ton of brand loyalty was destroyed in the last 6 weeks). Yeah, well guess what? Sony had the overwhelming brand loyalty from the PS2, and $599 price and Giant Enemy Crab were enough to make it struggle for several years against the 360. I don't see the Xbox brand - a brand that does not have nearly as much worldwide popularity - getting off without a hitch. People are going to feel bitter.

dedicatedtogamers2002d ago (Edited 2002d ago )

Both MS and Sony said that E3 didn't matter in the long run, didn't they? MS showed off a LOT of games, but did they show their entire hand? That's the big question. Sony is likely to have more games for Gamescom and IGS while Microsoft has more or less blown their load for the next 12 months (until next E3 rolls around). As the gentleman below points out, many of the Xbox One-Eighty's biggest games at E3 were TBA 2014, or just TBA. The launch lineup is incredibly weak. It's ironic that PS4 has three exclusive FPSs (KZ Shadow Fall, Planetside 2, and Warframe) at launch while X1 only has CoD and BF4.

Yes, I agree that Microsoft had a great showing at E3, but I have a sneaking suspicion that's all they have to show for the next chunk of time.

ZBlacktt2002d ago

Look up MS game release dates.... TBA. 2014,2015...fool me once fool me twice...awh I won't be fooled again - G Bush.

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Skips2002d ago (Edited 2002d ago )

Can't wait for Gamescom. :D

No_Limit2002d ago (Edited 2002d ago )

Maybe not, there is a rumor Crackdown 3 coming based on recent findings, Lion head studio hasn't shown anything yet, Epic games will most like make an appearance at E3, we know little about the Black Tusk Ips and MS also have a studio in Osaka that is most likely making a RPG. Also, judging by the surprise revealed of Dead Rising 3 and Sunset Overdrive, there might be more third party games being published by MS that had yet to be shown. Should be interesting in Gamerscon and next years E3.

WeAreLegion2002d ago

Microsoft did show their entire hand. That's the part everyone is ignoring. Sony has tons of games lined up that we haven't heard about.

BlackTar1872002d ago


How many more games did MS show since revel compared to sony?

You say alot so i think at least 5+ more?

or is it 2?

Jazz41082002d ago

You know what bothers me. I just purchased the last of. I opened it up and all I found was a disc and drm restricted online pass. I have never to this day have seen a first party ms game useing a online pass for second hand resell. Correct me if I am wrong. I also am one that liked what one was doing with the digital infrastructure and being able tk share my entire game library. I do blame this on ms as they did not communicate the benifits to what this system could have done. I did not like the check in but it ot the kinect camera but kinect two looks to be alot better. I also was at e3 and the ms games blew me away as well as many journalist. Besides the point ms and sony are both getting destiny, battlefield, final fantasy vs or whatever its called know and kingdom hearts the exclusives on ms stage lookex incredible and they were almost all new ips. I own both consoles now and will this next gen. I also just heard ms is giving a year of free gold in the box plus the camera and alot of tv features i dont care about but the price really is not a factor if marketed right. I just hope before launch ms makes kinect optinal and sells for 349. Now that would skake things up. If your not a fanboy its nice that both sony and ms listend to there consumers and in the past there has been plenty of sony blunders that seem to have been forgiven. Lets let the games talk as the consoles themselves both are pretty ugly imo. I also have heard now xboxone or is it xbox160 i serioulsy have no idea is now region free. What i would like to know with the changes me and my buds in the house only had to haave the one free gold account given in the box and we could all use it. Has this changed? Please document answers as fans seem to stretch the truth. For the people who are saying ms could just change back in a year its now in the tos that says these features will always be in effect for the life of the console. Im surw since xbox has great cloud infrustructure with azure that alot of there games will require internet except for some sp games. Remember im a gamer and not a hater and if hating onme for saying something positive facts about one shows the maturity level layed out by sites just clammoring for hate adticles to guess what make there site more money. Again im a gamer and bothof my systems are preorderd and whether ms made a mistake or not trying to advance the future im not sure but they did apologize and listened as they have been saying for months to the customers and so has sony. Kudos to both.

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LiinoMajire2002d ago (Edited 2002d ago )

I agree with you but, It sucks MS is taking away those features that it's fans / consumers actually wanted.

I was actually looking forward to using such features myself. The Game-share and the Disc-less play? Those are some of said features being revoked right?

Also, I'm new. Hello everybody.

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TesMgsFan2002d ago

PS4 is still in control, because x1 tries to be a ps4 and that can't be true !

Transporter472002d ago

X1 can't be a PS4 or else it would be a PS4. It can only wish it.

TheOneEyedHound2002d ago

Microsoft lost my trust.

I don't care who is in control at the moment things change all the time.

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