PlayStation 4 NES concept

The PlayStation 4 re-imagined with NES design colors.

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BiggCMan1796d ago

DAAAAAAAAAMN!!! It's sooooo beautiful!! I want that so badly. That controller is just top notch, and the console works so perfectly. Maybe inside 12 months after release, there will be skins and shells available from third parties, and this is one of them!

Rearden1796d ago

I'm sure there will be third party skins for the PS4.

ogwilson1796d ago

Wow, that is sexy. Someone should make that as a decal when it comes out

Godmars2901796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

Wonder what mock-ups of the PS1, PS2 and even - dare I say it - Sega consoles including the Dreamcast.

Oh God: Imagine a skin for the Xbox!

MisfitsInc1796d ago

the console looks cool but the controller is kinda ugly IMO

Rearden1796d ago

I love the controller and the red buttons, really stand out.

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