The Crew open world free roaming video reveals cockpit camera - Team VVV

VVV: "It's fast becoming common knowledge that The Crew will put the 'massive' into massively multiplayer online racing.

Spanning some 5,000sq km, Ubisoft have taken on quite an audacious task to say the least: to create a richly detailed open world representing the entirety of the US.- So far, we've seen condensed versions of New York, Los Angeles and Miami.

In our latest E3 gameplay video, we take a leisurely drive and explore The Crew's massive map across a variety of terrain, and even encounter a spot of wildlife on our travels"

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BlindMango1733d ago

Can't wait to see more of this game, it looks really good with cockpit view, more games really need cockpit view

games_FTW1733d ago

this gen was all abut shooter, and I have feeling next gen well be all abut open word or Driving games.

LiinoMajire1733d ago

I'm glad this view in included into the game. GRID 2 is fun but, it lacks this feature, in which I highly enjoy.