Xbox u-turn: it's not all good news

Microsoft's pre-owned and online Xbox u-turn is a triumph of player power, but the company has removed some good features too, says Tom Hoggins.

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GameCents1770d ago

Is there any good news? After the initial glee it seems this is the worst thing ever. I keep getting bombarded with articles telling me that Xbox one eighty is a bad thing!

Truth? People love a negative talking point. It brings in the hits.

Whatever, MS may have made a colossal error by implementing DRM in the first place, but they came to their senses (I don't care why) and I'll be damned if I let that keep me from Forza 5.

AngelicIceDiamond1770d ago (Edited 1770d ago )

Actually there really isn't.

"The anonymous poster said that family sharing was limited to 30-45 mins only, as a demo of the full version….. This, isn’t good enough. Ok, I guess you could get a decent game of Call of Duty or Battlefield Multiplayer in during that time, and I make note of that because actual downloadable demos tend not to include the multiplayer functions (though I’m sure you probably can’t do this anyway because of the hoopla surrounding publishers needing extra money for new multiplayer accounts etc). At the end of the day, Family Sharing wasn’t all it was cracked up to be. I guess I’m not surprised. Once again though, this whole thing is not confirmed, and if we hear anything, we’ll let you know. Below is the full blogpost."

Another source:

"According to this anonymous insider over on pastebin (spotted by Reddit), the Xbox One’s family sharing – a feature that we’ve since lost – was only going to allow players in the shared group to play 15 to 60 minute “demos” of games where they’d have complete access to the game for that time period."

Game Sharing wasn't all that cracked up to be but, whatever. Its expected Publishers don't wanna give out full versions of there games to everybody and anybody.

guitarded771770d ago

Wow, if that was true about the 30-45 minute family share, then heads would have rolled. Stupid.

I'm glad MS changed their policy, but I will not buy an XBOX One until there is a price drop, and a Gears and/or Halo game available. I can't trust MS as a consumer, and I don't want to drop $500 for a console with Kinect. If they had a $399 bundle without Kinect, I may consider getting an XBOX One too, but for now, it's just the PS4. It will sit next to my PC, PS3, 360 and Wii U. Too bad MS did what they did and priced it with Kinect required. I'd get Forza and Remedy's new game.

Why o why1770d ago (Edited 1770d ago )

I didnt need to see any leak to know it wasn't as some made it out to be. Ms just aren't about giving back to their customers like that. It would be so oxymornic for them to be so draconian on one hand yet so liberal on the other. The devs would get absolutely nothing from that unless the leaks are close to the truth. The timed lock out needing a payment to fully unlock the leaks allude to makes more sense than anything I've heard thus far

s8anicslayer1770d ago

But when your system has been dubbed the XBOX 180 and it hasn't even been released yet then you don't need Dr. Phil to tell you you have a problem. If you can sit here and still stick up for them then in relationship terms your ok or you would be ok with your girlfriend/wife cheating on you.

GameCents1770d ago

Do you even understand the nonsense you wrote? It is a console that I do not even have yet, not a wife.

Did I seriously just read that??

Am I being punk'd?

s8anicslayer1770d ago

@gamecents apparently you can't read correctly or your mind is as vast as the interior of a sunflower seed...smh..I wrote in relationship terms as in comparison to so to answer your own question you did not just read that

golding891770d ago (Edited 1770d ago )

Great.. Another article trying to stop people from buying Xbox one even after always online not required.. Lol give it a rest people

MooseWI1770d ago

I do see a LOT more of these coming..

BabyTownFrolics1770d ago (Edited 1770d ago )

this was never about MS doing the right thing, this was always about bashing the new xbox. There is nothing MS could do to win over N4G, and if sites want to leverage the N4G reader base then they better be anti MS or suffer less hits.

We have gone from there is nothing good about the xbox1 to now MS listening to gamers being bad because now people want what they did not want before supposedly.

to expresident:

the way n4g reacted to the ps3 was due to lack of games at launch and the high price point. Then when the price came down and the excellent games arrived things changed, the tone changed, and the PS3 was rightfully praised for being the better console.

I am no troll and you bringing up the past is no response to my points. What I am saying is that there is no way that MS can win on N4G, and you response is evidence of that. What I am saying is that all this bickering is pointless and that we should stop wasting our time on this, because as you say so eloquently, "it costed them, and will continue to cost them because they tried to do it." So whats the point. Lets move on.

I wish we could get back to all the awesome games that are coming out on both consoles, instead of wallowing in all this negativity.

ExPresident1770d ago

Your so off base it isn't even funny. This website was all Microsoft at the release of the 360 and practically burned PS3 owners at the stake for even mentioning they preferred Sony. Stop being a troll.

Microsoft presented terrible ideas for the consumer and it costed them, and will continue to cost them because they tried to do it. If this report that family sharing only allowed up to 60min demo's of the game than the program was crap anyway and was merely over hyped.

CRAIG6671770d ago

Well said Babytown.

@ExPresident pipe down mate, you risk sounding like a bitter fanboy!

TongkatAli1770d ago

360 side lost and now you're refugee in our camp. Your precious X-box live couldn't keep the lead up.

BabyTownFrolics1770d ago (Edited 1770d ago )

hi tongkatali we meet again...

my psn id is Rowsdower1979

I am currently playing and enjoying the sh#t out of the "The Last of Us", I purchased my ps3 when the 160gb slim first released, back in 2009. I will be getting a PS4 on day one, Killzone will be the game I buy that day. I am as much of a PS gamer as anyone on this site. So I am no refugee, I would say that since I enjoy playing on both consoles I am a sophisticated man of the world.


Here's the thing I'm no troll, I'm no fanboy, I dont hate on people for their choices, and I love gaming. Look at my profile, comments, submissions as proof to all that. I just want to add my point of view and I realize its not always popular with the hivemind here but thems the breaks.

Here is a link to my most successful N4G submission:

here is my 2nd most successful submission:

TongkatAli1770d ago (Edited 1770d ago )

You use to talk mad shit, keep playing the role and by the way that Archer show isn't even funny. It tries too hard like you.

"hivemind" Really ? Really ? Cause people like what they like its a "hivemind". You have nothing.

Hey guys if you don't like N4G being really pro Playstation then gtfo. I didn't like Playstation cause someone told me to like it.

I don't care what your submissions are. Your a try hard, you troll troll then you say something nice then you're back to trolling for attention.

"Hivemind" pttf

BabyTownFrolics1770d ago (Edited 1770d ago )

well said tongkatali, well said

you can see past the evidence of my comments and submissions to my core.

I thought I could fool you all but here I am exposed by the best.

TongkatAli1770d ago

I'm sorry bro I get bills out the ass. I can't buy every console and its exclusies to be your friend.

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No_Limit1770d ago (Edited 1770d ago )

You can either fart or burb but you can't do both at the same time just like you can't have digital sharing with friends and play physical disc offline at the same time. Sacrifice had to be made in order to gain something so people will continue to whine either way. It is what it is in social media society we are living in today.

WeAreLegion1770d ago (Edited 1770d ago )

You can't have digital sharing with friends and play physical discs offline? Nobody told the PS3 that... O_o

No_Limit1770d ago (Edited 1770d ago )

The PS3 method of game sharing is a cheat loophole and it is not considered a safe or legal way of sharing digital PSN games. It is tied to a single account and lets say you meet a friend 3000 miles away in New York, that person is not an authorized user of your account and you wouldn't want that person to have your account info. So that is invalid.

Here is the term of agreement for digital download on PSN:

**You must keep your password and other account details secret (other than your Online ID), and not share them with anyone else, to prevent unauthorised use of your Sony Entertainment Network account. If you share account details with someone who uses your account in breach of these Conditions or we believe that your account has been compromised, your account and/or access to Sony Entertainment Network may be suspended or terminated.**

Phoenix761770d ago (Edited 1770d ago )

I own 2 Ps3's and have two accounts on both (mine and my daughters). Now, I can download a game from the PS store using my account on 1 PS3. Then I can go to the other PS, download same game on same account. Once finished, my daughter logs over to her account and we can then both play the game in MP at the same time and at no extra charge on two consoles.
M$ way of doing things will only alienate them further from gamers.

MasterofMagnetism1770d ago

Agreed. I also have 2 PS3s and do the exact same thing.

Why o why1770d ago

It used to be 5 separate ps3's.... basically ms could implement it without the drm across the board.

Hicken1770d ago

Stop talking sense. People don't like it when you destroy their "logic" with simple sense and easily proven fact.

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