Prototype is Flying Under the Radar

It is a common curse in the games industry for a big title to be over-hyped and marketed to death. Typically, this leads to high expectations that are seldom met and the disappointment is reflected in lower than expected review scores.

But every once in a while a game flies under the radar and catches the gaming community unprepared. Last year we saw it happen with Crackdown and early still with Dead Rising. This year, I think that Prototype will be the game to surprise gamers.

To see the newest gameplay video hit jump!

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Storm233763d ago (Edited 3763d ago )

I have been excited for this game for a long time and never understood why there is not more hype. I just hope it sells well when it comes out.

This far from release and it looks this good with a very populated city and no slowdown from what I can see. It looks great. Can't wait to play. Hope it has a good story.

(The second half of this video was amazing!)

Skerj3763d ago

Not in my circle it isn't, if I had to choose between open world games this year this would be #2. First is Brutal Legend and 3rd is GTAIV (and I've been a GTA fan since the beginning when it was on PC).