Dragon Fantasy Book I Review - Old Dog, Same Tricks I TheKoalition

Garrett Glass of TheKoalition writes:
It must be tricky developing a traditional old school turn-based RPG for the modern age. The indie game scene is filled with traditional RPGs, be it a more traditional experience like Cthulhu Saves The World, or an interesting take on studying the genre such as Evoland—both games have a sense of humor. Dragon Fantasy Book I belongs in the former category, and it does a fine job providing a good sense of humor, even though it’s not worth playing through more than once.

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WeAreLegion1918d ago

I don't think he "got" Dragon Fantasy...

jaggernaut251917d ago

Did you read the review? Seems like he played through it all, enjoyed the sense of humor and thought it was a really good concept. 60/100 actually translates to "Above Average" on that site, so it seems like a pretty appropriate score.

garrettglass1917d ago

One thing I've noticed about some of my reviews is sometimes I read more harshly than I actually intended. It's not a bad game, but it didn't wow me.

WeAreLegion1917d ago

I appreciate the response. I didn't mean to insult you in any way. I just wouldn't consider this a 60/100. We all have an opinion though. I think mine may be skewed by knowing and talking to the creator of Dragon Fantasy. He's such a great guy.