1TB Hard Drive Roundup

TheTechlounge writes: "Barriers are meant to be broken. This is true for any industry (I think they call it competition), but in the computer industry it is very apparent as each company tries to claw its way to the top. These heated battles are settled in the marketplace arena, decided by consumers. Sometimes the losers come back stronger; other times they are acquired by other companies or just fade into non-existence. Hard drive manufacturers are among this fighting lot. As capacities have increased and prices fallen, each company wants those bragging rights of having the "biggest," or at least the fastest. The capacity war has been raging for a while. Breaking the Gigabyte barrier was an accomplishment. And, as drive capacities grew, the 1 Terabyte barrier was in the crosshairs. Earlier this year that, too, fell, with Hitachi announcing the first 1 TB drive at CES. I must admit, I was surprised that only Hitachi seemed to be present in this new 1 TB club. Surely others wouldn't let them get such a lead, especially in the large storage market?"

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