CastleStorm Review – Xbox 360 | GCVGN

GCVGN writes:

'It is apparent that Zen Studios was determined to capitalize on the popularity of the casual style gameplay when they developed CastleStorm – out now on Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network. In fact, Zen apparently has no qualms in proudly displaying its influences like artifacts in a museum. Gamers would have to have led a fairly sheltered life to not see the obvious influences of the classic artillery strategy games like Worms and Angry Birds, or tower defense games like Defense Grid and Plants vs. Zombies. Heck, there is a handy portion of Ghosts ‘n Goblins style Hack-n-Slash melee combat as well as a healthy dose of RPG elements thrown in to boot.'

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guitarded771734d ago

I like the art style and color palate.