Does the $100 PS4 price difference really matter

Does Sony's PS4 $100 price difference have much relevance considering what Xbox One is offering?

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Abash1883d ago

Absolutely, especially since the PS4 is $100 cheaper with more powerful hardware than the Xbox One's

AngelicIceDiamond1883d ago (Edited 1883d ago )

The PS3 was 200$ more than 360. A 100$ isn't that big of a deal, and isn't a huge difference, realistically.

@Heavy I don't listen to your stupid fanboy comments.

but I'll play for now. You can continue on with the more powerful gig because that's your only defense. On paper sure that's how it looks. But realistically Multiplats will look very identical.

PS4 exclusives will once again shine. Both PS4 and X1 games looked great E3 I don't know what your looking at.

So go away with that fanboy trash I don't wanna here it. Logic beats any fanboy or extremists.

xHeavYx1883d ago (Edited 1883d ago )

I don't need to pay an extra $100 for a box that changes tv channels for me, I'm capable of picking up a remote control. And yes, the Xbox is less powerful and won't survive off of time exclusivity forever

Smoovekid1883d ago

That was 2006 it is 2013 now.

extermin8or1883d ago

But the ps3 WAS more powerful than the 360... ok so it had it's poor design limitations in an attempt to being the cost down mainly I believe but just look at the 3rd party games even the 1st uncharted way back in 2007 looked better and played better for it than almost any game on the market at the time...

2pacalypsenow1883d ago

Yeah but Ps3 offered Blu ray (cost around $1000 in 2006 and wi-fi ) what does xbox 1 offer over ps4? kinect? lol

Kakashi Hatake1883d ago

Yeah at Launch, then Sony dropped the price early in 2007. Price matters. Playstation can afford a higher price since its a bigger brand. Xbox, not so much as its less popular.

CGI-Quality1883d ago

"Realistically", $100 is $100. Of course it will make a difference.

ginsunuva1883d ago (Edited 1883d ago )

Yeah but Ps3 had way more value than X360

NewMonday1883d ago

you wold think the extra $100 is for value..

..not for less power
..not for less indy games
..not for less exclusives at launch
..not for a larger 80's VCR looking box
..not for a mandatory spy camera

Testfire1883d ago

The PS3 was $200 more but also put a BR player in my living room. It gave me wifi connectivity, a browser and of course great exclusives. The PS3 justified a higher price tag, the Xbox One doesn't. Inferior hardware and a Kinect for $100 more? No thanks. Unless of course Kinect gaming is your thing, but for me, no thanks.

svoulis1883d ago

Cleary you don't understand how our economy works. When the PS3 was released 200$ wasn't that much money. Today 100$ is a hell of a lot more. Throw in the hardware, and the community. Yes it matters.

Ninjamonkey821883d ago

One other thing you forget PS3 launched after Xbox360. They where allowed there price point Xbox had theres. There didn't need to make instant drops.

This time its a even playing field only every things in Sony's ball park. MS has some begging to do if they want to try win back some the support they have seriously lost.

SolidDuck1883d ago

The ps3 launch price is not the same tho, because stand alone blu ray players at the time were $500 plus. With the ps4 being more powerful and cheaper its a no brainier to me. I also have more faith in Sony 1st party studios to bring year after year high quality titles. Not to mention the indie and free to play push.

Ezz20131883d ago (Edited 1883d ago )

you just love to through logic out of the window
don't you

ps3 Was more powerful than xbox360 and also offer Blue-ray which indeed was needed for games

MS in 2006: "who need Blue-ray"
MS in 2013: "Xbox1 will have blue-ray"
lol XD

plus the free online with ps3

now ps4 is much more powerful and cheaper by 100$
what MS have to justify the 100$ more ?! kinect ?! lol XD

aceitman1883d ago (Edited 1883d ago )

ps3 had 2 models one was a 200$ difference the other was 100$ difference so yes it matter even with the power of the 100$ less model being much more powerfull.proof
hell the ps3 difference was 100$ to 300$ difference to the 360 and it still managed to pass it on sales a year behind I give sony props for that.
and before u disagree look at the links.
ps3 model 20 gig 499$ 60 gig 599$
360 core console 299$ 20 gig console 399$
im sure the 299 model sold the most.
so I can only iomagine how well the ps4 will do with a even start and a lower price tag .

loulou1883d ago (Edited 1883d ago )

i'm in france and the xbox is 100 dearer than the ps4. i have pre-ordered both. the xbox is worth it imo. plus my gf wants kinect.

the 100 is nothing to me, i have the money. but, the games that were shown at e3, and the games that will come make the 100 irrelevant... i aint missing those.

if microsoft come with a non-kinect sku at the same price as the ps4, what will the argument turn to then??

FamilyGuy1883d ago (Edited 1883d ago )

$100 is almost two extra games.
$100 is a Live Subscription and a newly released used game.
$100 Is 5-10 xbla/psn indie titles.
$100 Is an extra controller and a headset.
$100 is a hell of a lot of snacks for that amazing launch day console purchases gaming marathon.

$100 matters.

Side note:
If MS comes out with a SKU that is free of kinect 2.0 it should be LESS than Sony's console price of $399. The hardware in that console is cheaper so the system should be cheaper. $350-$379, not $400. The Kinect 2.0 could be sold at $150-$120 as it's obviously more powerful than the current version of kinect.

MonChiChi1883d ago

Price is everything in these times. Don't believe me open an ad or watch one. Damn near all of em are comparing what you get for cheaper than their competitor. Shoot, MS has one about how their tablet is cheaper than Ipad's.

Mainsqueeze1883d ago

Its really all about which systems exclusives and features you like more and what you personally find value in. Personally I find value in alot of the social features of the xbone, being able to switch between media, day one downloadable games from xbl, a pretty cool partnership with twitch with instant video editing and streaming while having the capability to constantly record your gameplay, and also Kinect games to play with family and friends. Plus besides the almighty Naughty Dog I like the games that the Xbone first party studios make more. These features, to me, are all worth the $100 price difference and slightly worse hardware(since i also have a gaming pc that has better hardware than both lol). But i'm planning on picking up both consoles eventually.

Drekken1883d ago

You seem to forget a lot. First off it was a PLAYSTATION. 150 million people owned its previous version. Second, Bluray. Third, Sony exclusives. Fourth - The playstation3 was getting a beating until it dropped it's price.

If you think that the xbox180 has half the staying power as the PS you are wrong. Higher price, weaker hardware, AND a mic and camera always on in your house will be no good for them.

kickerz1883d ago

$100 is the price to pay for better games, better online gaming, better controller.

lukeb4dunk1883d ago

If I remember correctly though, the price difference did matter. It wasn't until Sony began dropping the price when it began to build up steam.

HammadTheBeast1883d ago (Edited 1883d ago )

$100 is for most gamers, about 4-8 hours of work.

Then there's the younger guys, to who $100 is everything in the world. I remember when I didn't have my job in middle school, even $20 was something cool to me when I earned it.

1883d ago
quenomamen1882d ago

The fanboys sure hate facts, 40% greater power. That's nothing to sneer at. Ask any non biased developer which one they prefer.

The_Con-Sept1882d ago

I bought the 60GB PS3 when it came out. That was 200 dollars more than the 360 at the time. I say no.

To the rest of the world.... Wii sold out being the cheapest console with moron control.... It is hard to guess really. But I do believe that a hundred dollar difference makes all the difference.

greenlantern28141882d ago

The difference in price for ps3 was used by Xbox fans to slam it, so turn about as fair play. It will matter to some people and ms games weren't running on Xbox1 but a few devs said ps4 games at least some where running on ps4.
Also ms said that the cloud would handle the difference in power, but now it won't because devs can't build their games around the cloud if people do not have it, no net no cloud. Games like titan fall said it was only possible with cloud.
But keep thinking a less powerful system with a higher price is not going to hurt ms

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zerocrossing1883d ago

See this a pretty obvious answer and the reason for that is, it's true.

Why choose a less powerful console that costs $100 more? is it for the Kinect 2? exclusives? or a misplaced sense obligation? anyone please do give me an answer this is a dicsussion worth having after all.

C-Thunder1883d ago

It'll almost certainly be a misplaced sense of obligation disguised as "it's got better exclusives!"

hopefully, anyone paying attention the last several years will realize that's not going to be the case.

GiggMan1883d ago

I agree. We are all suppose to be tech savvy and when I go to buy a new computer or whatever I usually buy the best one for my money just to justify my purchase.

If you took the names off and just broke the consoles down to barebones pieces of tech the PS4 has better value and more powerful. The xbox one would be the equivalent of the PC with decent specs that comes with a free monitor that I don't want. Just my opinion though.

I'm getting both just not going to be a day 1 on the xbox. I don't see $500 in value there when I can get a PS4 + game + year of PS+ for the same amount.

xHeavYx1883d ago (Edited 1883d ago )

Kinect titles will be all over the place as well

Timesplitter141883d ago (Edited 1883d ago )

I don't entirely agree. PS3 was 600$ and it did well anyway.

To be perfectly honest, the always-online and the DRM never were deal-breaking issues for me either. The power of the console doesn't matter either because really both consoles are very similar in terms of graphical power. Even the big exclusive game reveals don't seem to be all that important this gen since everything is going multiplat.

What DOES make a huge difference for me however is the openness and pro-activeness of PS4. Indie games make for more than half of what I play, and ease of development in general will make sure most devs will favor the PS4. PS4's general design philosophy is far better in my opinion.

Not to mention my aversion for kinect and anything similar...

2pacalypsenow1883d ago (Edited 1883d ago )

Thats because it had a blu ray player and The playstation brand is way more popular and bigger than xbox . And sells didn't really kick in until the Ps3 went down to $499 back in 2007

lukeb4dunk1883d ago

Actually, as I pointed out above, it didn't do great. If I remember correctly, sales numbers were being thrown around and reading comments how the PS3 was DOOMZED. But one Sony began dropping the price, sales began to increase and started to hold it's own.

But as many has already pointed out, there was still value with the PS3 as being a cheaper blu-ray player and what have you. The X1 doesn't have that now.

BladerunnerZX1883d ago

For the average consumer yes it matters a LOT.

everyone here is looking at the price difference from a gamers perspective.
as for the everyday casual a $100.00 price difference is a deal breaker.
especially in todays economy.

tracyllrkn1883d ago

The average gamer doesn't even know about that. But if an average gamer walks in, and isn't a fanboy. That $100 will matter.

OneAboveAll1883d ago

Better hardware? Poor software. That ram is going to be running hot.

X1 is fully capableof out performing ps4

resi51883d ago

Really even tho a full 3gb is dedicated to the Os on the x1 and ps4 has faster ram I'm sorry but it's not even close to outperforming the ps4

greenlantern28141882d ago

Seems to me you have no idea what your talking about.

FamilyGuy1883d ago

Agreed, the article question is idiotic.
Since when has $100 ever NOT mattered?

Seeing two things, one costing %25 more than the other with minor differences between them (or in this case more positives in the cheaper models favor) has a huge influence on purchase intent.

strifeblade1883d ago




FamilyGuy1883d ago (Edited 1883d ago )

First off someones taste in games is subjective.

Are you saying Sony doesn't have blockbuster exclusives for its first year?

DriveClub, inFamous Second Son, Killzone, The Order 1886 are all exclusive blockbusters for Sony first year. Also, have you seen Deep Down? That's an exclusive too. In fact Sonys first party ALONE is working on "30 titles, 20 of which will release in it's first year and 12 of hose 20 will be brand new IPs". That doesn't even include 3rd party exclusives.

Where is your argument?
MS "blew its wad" at E3, Sony will be showing more of their exclusives over time.

mochachino1883d ago (Edited 1883d ago )

Last of Us 2
God of War 4
Uncharted 4; and

Are worth a lot more to me than Halo and Forza.

I wouldn't choose Titanfall over the combination of Killzone and Infamous either. Because in terms of competitive online MP, BF4 is the best IMO.

The rest of Xones exclusives don't interest me at all.

Then the creators of Heavy Rain will make something too.

On the exclusive front Sony dominates. Also, I know none if these games are ever going to Xone and that Sony will provide AAA top notch experiences consistently throughout the entire gen right up to the end.

MS abandoned 360 like it did Xbox before that. Kinect exclusives don't register with me.

strifeblade1883d ago

dead rising 3>infamous-debatable
titanfall>killzone-debatab le
order=looks amazin but no gameplay yet...
forza>driveclub- no debate
halo 5 vs uncharted 4 (unconfirmed though)
deep down is not exclusive- its capcom lol

sunset overdrive (insomniac), project spark(our lbp), d4, killer instinct, crimson dragon, below, announced black tusk studio game, quantum break. More on the way according to xbox.

gt7 is ps3, we are talkin nexgen, heavy rain devs are makin beyond o ps3, comes this holiday.

FYI sony studios can't just crap games out- they take time to make

greenlantern28141882d ago

And how many of those exclusive you bring up where depending on the cloud. If you by Xbox1 and only connect to the net one time you have no cloud.
How thAn will you play games or will they play without the cloud. Titan fall, was one of those exclusive that needs the cloud

strifeblade1882d ago

umm green lantern, that was a stupid comment. there are 40 million gamers that have gold subscriptions, what makes you think i or many xbox gamers wiill not connect to the internet with xbox one more than once? what makes you think we wont take advantage of everything the cloud has to offer?

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schlanz1883d ago

It doesn't matter to me

because even if they were the same price

I'd be buying a PS4 and not buying an Xbox

TheLyonKing1883d ago

I am a student so the 80 quid is a huge difference.

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ANIALATOR1361883d ago

Xbox One offerings aren't on par with PS4 (in my opinion)
Looking forward to having PS Plus and free games for PS3, PS VITA and PS4

Lovable1883d ago

Da Hell with this question? It's a big difference.

NYC_Gamer1883d ago (Edited 1883d ago )

It doesn't bother me since paid

600 dollars-PS3
399 dollar- 360

I'll own both PS4 & X1 around next year

lucaskeller11883d ago

599.00 US DOLLARS!!!! to be precise ;P

Minato-Namikaze1883d ago

i thought it launched at 499.99 and 599.99?

HyperBear1883d ago

Umm Yeah it is....Look at it this way (example):

You can either get a PlayStation 4 + One Game + 1yr PS Plus for $499.


Xbox One with Kinect + No Game + No Xbox Live Gold for $499.

Which sounds better to you?

OneAboveAll1883d ago

The X1....

Price isn't a concern when you have MONTHS to pay the console off. I have the money to pay mine off already. Which gives me a few months to save for games and other assorted goods.

If you can't rake up the money to buy one between now and November then you have bigger issues to worry about than playing games. Such as getting a better job...

HyperBear1883d ago

You can say the exact same thing about the PS4. I've already paid off my PS4 pre-order and am saving up for games and accessories, so what's your point?

A $100 is $100, and I guess I value my hard earned money more than you I suppose.

Biggest1883d ago

He asked which sounds better, and you pick the one that has no games AND no online connectivity? You, sir, are ridiculously amazing in your conviction.

Why o why1883d ago

I can see someone here has contracted the xbug......symptoms. ..fuzzy logic

greenlantern28141882d ago

For you it is not a problem, but it is for some people. And if even 5% of 360 owners are like this 100$ difference is a problem, since I can get the games I want on either system I will get ps4 instead
ThAn ms will loss around 3.5 million sales. But that don't matter either right.

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AlaaAlii1883d ago (Edited 1883d ago )

Don't forget that that one year PS+ means 3 free PS3/PS4 games and 2 free Vita games every month, assuming they'll follow the same PS+ strategy they're doing now, which I think they probably will.

--Onilink--1879d ago

well the X1 Day 1 Edition comes with 1 year live, so its actually only a $50 differnce

HyperBear1879d ago

I don't think so, unless the X1 is different in your region, but here's what the Xbox One Day One Edition comes with in North America:

"The Day One Edition has some pretty cool features:

1) The Xbox One console
2) Kinect sensor
3) Day one limited edition packaging and decal
4) A limited edition, commemorative controller
Premium packaging
5) A special code to unlock a Day One achievement
6) An HDMI cable

* An internet connection will not be required to play offline Xbox One games, once you complete system setup, you can play any disc-based game without ever connecting online again.
* There is no 24-hour connection requirement and you can take your Xbox One anywhere you want to play your games, just like the Xbox 360.
* Trade-in, lend, resell, gift, and rent disc-based games without limitations to using or sharing games - just like the Xbox 360."

So, from where I live, it's still an extra $60/year for us and is not included in the Day One Edition.