Lian-Li A71B review

"For some people, having the opportunity to review a Lian-Li case is like getting the chance to test drive a Ferrari: rare and thrilling. Lian-Li caters to enthusiast needs and expensive tastes, and the name speaks of quality and exclusivity. Their all-aluminum construction and spacious, sleek designs are very popular among enthusiasts looking for a premium case. Today we're looking at a new offering in their product line, the PC-A71, which boasts several features that should appeal to the most demanding user, particularly those looking for a full-tower case that can fit high-performance gear.

Lian-Li cases are synonymous with tasteful design, quality construction, and performance options. For those who may not be familiar with their products, they are sold by select retailers, and command premium prices. Quality comes with a price, to be sure. Sleek minimalism is the guiding design aesthetic ... you won't find garish alien-styled cases, and even suggesting their cases should use some plastic might be considered rather blasphemous by many.

The PC-A71 is no exception, and as a full-tower case, it caters to enthusiasts who need space for more drives, bigger graphics cards, perhaps a full water cooling system, and expect it all to fit inside a stylish case."

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