Penny Arcade Suffers Backlash for PAX Panel Against Sexism/Racism Controversy the Gaming Industry

Remember the rather disgusting controversy on Dragon’s Crown art? It’s one of the many that have been going on for a while around the gaming industry, where game creators and publishers are constantly being criticized for anything a journalist or some members of the community happens to interpret as sexist or racist.

Looks like some Journalists from Australia and New Zealand had enough of that, and they're planning to discuss the topic in a panel at PAX AUS. Unfortunately not everyone thinks they should be allowed to.

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fsfsxii1768d ago

Man, i wish i was that skull.
OT: People should grow up, because its a fucking game.

Bimkoblerutso1768d ago

You're right...people should grow up. The sad thing about the "controversy" these games garner is that regardless of the side, people need to grow up.

Because there is indeed sexism and racism in the industry...just like there can be anywhere. It would be ridiculously naive to suggest that it simply doesn't exist. But not EVERY sexy lady is a product of sexism. Not every black character that is killed in a game is a product of racism.

So in that way, things just go round and round. You have people on one side stubbornly ignoring any evidence submitted by the other, as if this is some kind of competition. People begin ignoring reason and logic in favor of picking a team.

HammadTheBeast1768d ago

Still, almost every movie has the black dude killed first lol. For proof, look at every war movie, every scary movie etc.

palaeomerus1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

Part of growing up is not expecting to never be offended or assuming that anything that offends you is evil and must be locked up, sued, or destroyed. Another part of growing up is realizing that appeasement of aggression generally begets more attacks.

It's more important to be right than to be liked even when people can't really agree on what is right and wrong. Stand up for yourself or you encourage others to try to knock you down. Penny Arcade backed down on dick-wolves and have been "challenged" as if they were "pro-rape"ever since by people who think they smell weakness.

Sick jokes are not crimes. Neither is going a little bit erotic or raunchy. There is nothing positive about people with an odd grievance, and the mendacious temerity to accuse you of things you haven't ever done, ganging up to self righteously attack anyone they don't agree with because they claim is serves some positive utopian purpose. It's just an attempt at intimidation.

If it works they won't praise you. They'll just come back and push you around some more because now they know they can beat you because you want people who hold you in contempt to like you. Mobs of self righteous bully's aren't making a better world. They just build a chill resentful silence that eventually turns into a backlash. THEN they claim to be victims of an uncaring society.

Aesop once told a fable about a boy, and old man, and a donkey. That's all this is: People wanting to arrange a boy, and old man, and a donkey no matter the consequences to them. Let the boy and the man make their own decisions about how they will work with the donkey.

RavageX1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

I have to say with gaming I haven't noticed a lot of flat out racism.

The stereotypical stuff...plenty and that gets plenty old. It's always nice when a game differs from the "norm".

Sexism, yeah there's some of that. I often find it to be the stereotypical stuff too.

What I'm saying is I don't really see how either of these can truly offend.

Annoying, tiresome, frustrating? Yeah. So bad that you put the game down in disgust? No so sure...but this is just how "I" feel about it.

To be honest, most of the racism and whatnot I've encountered has been from other players rather than the games themselves.

pixelsword1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

As far as sexism, make the woman look like Ripley (Aliens) instead of some DD hooker and give her a mind and make her tough (but not butch), and maybe older than the 18-25 age range and that will kill that.

As far as racism, Sure, make the main enemy race any race you want, just don't be stereotypical.

Since this penny arcade guy wanted to bring race up anyways, why is just about every main character in every game the same race? I think that's the reason why the enemies are the same race (if they want to go "there", that is).

ShinMaster1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

Sexism, misogyny, idealism, objectification and something that is plain sexy or titillating.
It's become a fad to just throw the first two around to accuse anyone who has somehow hurt their fragile emotional selves.

Blacktric1767d ago (Edited 1767d ago )

Here's the quote of one of the tweets;

"B.Honey @BloodyBHoney

[email protected] @cwgabriel @NicholasFolsom Oh yeah. Real interesting panel to wine about how hard being a white dude is."

I love how they're still clinging dearly to the "white male shaming/check your privilege" bullshit to prove that they're right while bringing nothing noteworthy or particularly new or interesting to the table.

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Mutant-Spud1768d ago

Yeah Pixelsword but the gaming stereotype has swung to opposite and equally stupid extreme, the military shooter fire team with the wisecracking Hilbilly Sniper, the Asian intel expert, the gruff Black machine gunner and the tortured White sergeant is a stereotype in it's own right, look at Fuse or Binary Domain or any military shooter.

Muffins12231767d ago

We should grow up?!?! What about the developer who made huge tits on the half naked girl??

fsfsxii1767d ago

Its called art, and he is free to draw whatever he likes, you like it, buy the game, you don't, then shut up.
God, people are killing creativity with their moaning (Not talking about the tits, talking about the whole art style of the game, the tits are just add om)

titletownrelo1767d ago

what do people have against this game? Yeah, they intentionally made the characters what? It's not sexism, or any -ism to be completely honest, it's just a form of art.

If you don't like it, don't play it. More importantly, don't impose your beliefs onto everyone else as if it is fact...

same goes for religion. (yeah. I went there)

doctorstrange1768d ago

This article misses the other comments CW Gabriel made that have been seen as transphobic. Those are what're making people angry.

Abriael1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

Those comments were made *after* the whole hoopla. And probably in response to it. They also don't include any explicit relation to the issue.

Arai1768d ago

Who are you to deny greatness?

NihonjinChick1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

How does the top of her dress stay up? It literally defies gravity. She has no straps.

NioRide1768d ago

double sided tape.

Works wonders.

SilentNegotiator1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

Abra, Kadabra, Alaka-wonderbra!

DragonKnight1768d ago

She's a sorceress. Also, wires maybe?

HammadTheBeast1768d ago

You drink a few dozen mana bottles, that happens to you.

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ThatKanadianKid1768d ago

Journalists suffer backlash due controvesry
Journalists report on backlash for traffic

Abriael1768d ago

Yep, you're right, we should all be silent and report on the next call of duty DLC.

... Or not.

ThatKanadianKid1768d ago

Do you really think you're doing something good for them by reporting on an issue that you're just trying to gain traffic on and blow out of proportion? You're the only site I've seen report on this, and it's not like the writers from the site are having enough trouble on Twitter already.

And at least the next Call of Duty dlc is related to gaming so yea you probably should report on that.

Abriael1768d ago

@ThatKanadianKid: the fact that game creators are blasted over every *perceived* sexism/racism issue in their games is very much related to gaming, just as much as the fact that people can't dare to speak up against that without being blasted by an angry mob of pundits.

DragonKnight1768d ago

ThatKanadianKid: First of all.. CANADA WOOOOOO!

Second, you're wrong on this one. See, feminists and manginas use this issue themselves to gain attention. This article seeks to call that out and put a different kind of attention on people like Anita Sarkeesian, i.e. the kind of people that would say "Thank you Microsoft for not showing a single game with a female protagonist at E3" sarcastically.

The point is, the feminazis and manginas are ruining everything for EVERYONE. They think they're doing a service towards women's rights, but they completely ignore the unrealistic portrayal of men and the damaging effect on creativity their agenda would have on the industry.

Games should be about fun and escapism, not social change.

PockyKing1768d ago


Technology in general forces a social change though. The world is a much smaller place because of it. The amount of blabbering shit I hear online in just about any game I play, be it Call of Duty, or Madden, people are just downright nasty to one another online. Sexism is the same way too, more often than not, I play a game and the second you hear a girls voice the idiots come in and start asking for pics and all this other crap. It's sick, and that's the view of the gaming community for some people.

This panel, probably a good thing. These issues need to be talked about, but as a thread on NeoGAF shows me, this is the general consensus.

"All this shit makes my head hurt. Let's just talk about video games. "

That's just sad, and while I don't know that persons age or whatever, this is why issues don't get solved. Whether Dualshockers reported on this or not, I don't really care.

DragonKnight1768d ago

@PockyKing: People in general are idiots. There will be no resolution. Just incessant complaining until a censorship board is created and then gaming is ruined thanks to the feelings of a few people who don't have the understanding that people in general are idiots. Especially when they feel that nothing can happen to them for being so.

You want to affect social change? Then start with society. That's where it will permeate into culture and drive deep rooted changes that will last. What Anita Sarkeesian is doing, and what all the Twitter/Tumblr feminists and manignas are doing, is not going to work and is simply going to piss off more and more people to the point where sides will be chosen and incessant fighting will go on and on and on.

Gaming should be about games. Not to cater to someone's feelings.

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