DualShock 3 on May 2nd in Europe

The DualShock 3 controller for PlayStation 3 will go on sale on may 2nd in Europe. Gaming Only received this date from a reliable source. The DualShock includes both a sixaxis tilt-sensor and rumble technology

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pwnmaster30003648d ago

this sucks. when this come out what will xbots say now of the which version is better. oh wait the online thing but wait when home comes out what will they say now. oh man i like it when xbots try to bring ps3 version down, but they suck at it so bad and when they they pwn us, but they really dont and another xbots comes and says "dam you got pwn" or the weak come backs they do. man soon they will all be memories

pwnsause3648d ago

you can either import it from the US (its cheaper since you guys have a stronger euro than our dollar) or you can just wait. At least you know when its coming

butterfinger3648d ago

I got a white Japanese one from a guy who imports mass quantities into California. My total with shipping was $52.00... The controller was like buy it now $47.99 or something like that. It really does change the experience. I loved it with Army of Two:)

Jack Meahoffer3648d ago (Edited 3648d ago )

Remember that Sony fanboys? Now you're clammering for those last generation rumble controlers. Another flip flop.

Can't make up your minds can you? I'll make its simple for you... Anything that favors Sony you love anything thats not you hate... Got it? Hypocrites.

On subject I got my DS3 from ebay as well like Buttfinger. Its better than waiting and its actually cheaper in most cases than the $55 rip off Sony will charge when its FINALLY released world wide.

pwnsause3648d ago

???and your buying one? you call us being a hypocrite.

GiantEnemyCrab3648d ago

Once again fishhead, I am playing while you are waiting.

Just wait for HOME

Just wait for our BIG GAMES

Just wait FOR RUMBLE

The CRAPSTATION (tm) is on it's second year and it still looks like a big old pile of crap that play's Brown-ray movies.

I got my console this gen and that is the 360 and I could not be happier.

pwnmaster30003648d ago

ur not playing ur on this site. i bet your 360 is in the shop waitb3yond xbots or you can jump out and playb3yond

Percy3648d ago

I must have bought mine from the same guy as him or close got the white one from california for around 50 thats cheaper than it will be retail just buy it now.

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crunchie1013648d ago

I hope this is true, I don't want to pay £40 for a controller again

Gazman3648d ago

Who cares I already got one of ebay

crunchie1013648d ago

how much was it? and what region are you in?

Plus this is a big deal, because it means that third parties might actually make the effort to put rumble in the PS3 versions of games. I'm looking at you, Infinity Ward.

Shadow Flare3648d ago

got one off ebay too. Im in UK and im using a Japanese controller. The controllers aren't region specific dude, and i think it only cost like £30 - £40. Pretty good deal id say. PS. its really cool getting the vibrating back, but i still think its no big deal without it

crunchie1013648d ago

I see.

I got my DS3 from yesasia a while ago, and it came to a total of £42 I think

Spinner3648d ago

Wtf, get it from - 59.99 USD + free shipping worldwide.

The Wood3648d ago

last year, 35 quid. beat that. Soon the super light ds2 will be a collectors edition, I've grown fond of its weight.

Mikelarry3648d ago

was what i was thinking as well why w8 till may when you can get them on ebay. i got mine for 29.99 on ebay and got it 5 days later from hong kong cant beat that deal

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fenderputty3648d ago

I've been waiting to buy another controller. I want the rumble for racing and FPS games.

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