E3 2013 Uncovers the Trends That Are Poised to Define PS4

Push Square: "E3 2013 has come and gone, and while the stage has been once again dominated by the usual corporate chest puffing, there were also a number of new gaming trends on display. Accelerated by the introduction of new hardware, this year's show played host to a slew of fresh technological advancements, all of which look poised to dictate the direction of the software that's set to occupy the PlayStation 4."

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dedicatedtogamers1978d ago (Edited 1978d ago )

I think the f2p and indie support on PS4 is going to be a surprising wild-card. Sony is the one who is really, really pushing these two markets forward on the PS4, and it is going to work out in their favor in the long run.

Think about it: you can buy a new PS4, bring it home, go online, and immediately start playing three games (Planetside 2, Warframe, and DC Universe) at absolutely no charge. I've played all three of these on PC, and while they aren't AAA mega-hits, they're also FREE, and people are going to notice that. There are no games on consoles with the scale and gameplay of Warframe and Ps2 in particular, so it wouldn't surprise me if these became popular shooters because they're free. And you don't need PS+ to play them (confirmed by Sony)!

FF 14 is exclusive to PS4 (a surprisingly good game). Elder Scrolls Online looks like PS4 will be the console of choice (even if it isn't exclusive, the beta is coming to PS4 first). And then there are rumors of the new Everquest also coming to PS4, which could be huge. MMOs have never done well on consoles. Neither have f2p games. If Sony can lock down these two markets (and they're the ones who are poised to do it) that means 10s of millions of gamers getting a PS4.

MasterCornholio1978d ago

Im buying a PS4 at launch with no software due to the fact that i will be able to play several FTP games without having to pay anything also my plus subscription would give me access to Drive Club (with reduced content)

xk771978d ago

you forgot that for the F2P games they don't have to purchase PS+ for online gameplay. So if someone decides to buy they PS4 for F2P games then they don't have to purchase PS+ for $50

bobtheimpaler1978d ago

Persistant online worlds and less linear games. I can't wait!

Devs will really have to improve their AI. So many games this gen with terrible AI. Only a few games seemed to have bothered with decent AI this gen.

I look at COD ghost gameplay for example, and it's still the same linear, dated and scripted fair. Boring.

cpayne931978d ago

I hope shooters take a leaf out of shadowfalls book and make levels more open. First fps I played was goldeneye, not many shooters this gen were able to match that game in terms of open level design with multiple objectives.