Microsoft and Sony will eventually revert their game ownership policies, what matters is how

Polygon: "Microsoft's flip-flop on its controversial game licensing policy, which would have restricted game ownership on the Xbox One, is a well-deserved, albeit ephemeral, win for consumer rights.

That will change, both for the worse and for the better. Microsoft's shift in direction is the best proof of how, when it comes to DRM, even one of Earth's largest companies will find a way to be agile."

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GDDR6_20142005d ago

They don't need to do anything, eventually all games will be released digital only

xHeavYx2005d ago

The Xbox is the only console built for DRM and other evilness

CRAIG6672005d ago

How do you know that? I am almost certain Sony are just as prepared for DRM as any other company moving into to the future...

HammadTheBeast2005d ago

Because although they patented it before MS, they said they had no plans for it at all. Meanwhile, MS has only backed off because of negative press and bad pre-orders, if that changes, they might "accidentally" flip the switch.

aquamala2005d ago


like OP said, no additional DRM are needed, just make games digital only, digital games are already locked to your account and you can't sell or trade it in.

BattleAxe2005d ago

"They don't need to do anything, eventually all games will be released digital only"

This will only happen if the console manufacturers and game publishers see the demand for digital downloads. The fact that MS has backed down from their DRM policies shows that people understand what is happening in the world today, and it shows that with anti-consumer policies, even the mightiest of companies will destroy themselves if they go against what consumers want.

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rainslacker2005d ago (Edited 2005d ago )

I agree. Let the transition happen naturally. They can speed it along by finding ways to make it more attractive. In order to make it more attractive it has to remove most of the negatives of DD.

In the end, retail will still exist for quite some time. The two markets can coexist, and there's no real reason to restrict one to promote the other.

I really don't understand all these articles which see retail as a bad thing. It's a natural and instinctive way for people to buy games. The vilifying of retail is going way too far.

bonafide7322005d ago

Me either
its gonna happen naturally but dont try to force one upon the other
retail isnt going anywhere for awhile
it just isnt

Corpser2005d ago

So true now that next gen consoles will have minimum 500GB and the tech that lets you start playing while downloading the game

HammadTheBeast2005d ago

Polygon's so stupid.

Also, just pointing out, the Xbox One still has the capabilities to pull off DRM/Used games restrictions, only a day one software patch is allowing those. Any day now, I see them reverting.

Or maybe not.

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Godmars2902005d ago

But at this point MS can only reinstitute DRM before launch. Afterwards and especially a few months or years later there's going to be too many systems offline for them to simply say "you must do things this way".

2005d ago
extermin8or2005d ago

oooh day before my birthday :) what I neat present that could be :p

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Transporter472005d ago

Sony revert something they never intended i see what you did there.

Ezz20132005d ago

it's Polygon
what did you expect ?!

Sarobi2005d ago

Give a year or two down the road and you'll have your answer to just how it'll be back.

Godmars2902005d ago (Edited 2005d ago )

How is it that Sony gets repeatedly lumped in with MS's mistakes?

Sure we're never going to know if they would have gone through with their DRM plans if MS hadn't been both obvious and incompetent in how they handled theirs, but still.

When Sony makes a mistake or seems to, its only Sony's mistake. But when MS makes one Sony gets mentioned by default.

I mean to this day BR was seen as pointless when first introduced, and yet MS compensated for the lack of a HD disc format at least three times. Two of which required major rewrites of the 360's system OS and how they handled games entirely.

WalterWJR2005d ago

They don't,, this site is funded by Microsoft.
They are paid to talk crap basically.

Tyre2005d ago (Edited 2005d ago )

@WalterWJR Well Said! The spindoctors and selffulfilling prophecy attempters are at it again trying to confuse and brainwash gamers in favor of the greedy. Yes that includes the über-projector & King of the DRM & Micro-Transactions MS Drone Clifford Blezinski (which already ruined his own Gears of War & most games). All pathetic attemps to justify their own greedy policies. Instead making a heartfelt & honest excuse to the gamer community...they act like we are guilty of something? The well known fingerpointing instead of acknowledging their own wrong. So dissapointing. It's quite simple, we refuse to buy in to this...they all should be thinking about a fair balance between customer & company. They just provide an entertainmentservice not a lifesaving heart surgery operation service. Why in the hell are they so arrogant & demanding of customers? We all should see through their sleezy slick talk & con attempts.

FamilyGuy2005d ago (Edited 2005d ago )

I agree, I'm getting tired of reading articles like this. Every negative thing about MS is instantly put on Sony in a "They'll probably do it too" sort of spin.

These companies and most of their policies are completely different.

Why o why2005d ago (Edited 2005d ago )

The 360 drm pushers were soooo hoping sony would follow suit to justify their 'them to' claims. Now they're moved to saying its going to happen....pathetic..... 7 years of 'its going to happen' ....I'm already bored after 7 days. Obviously its the future but ms aren't the deciders on when

Tyre2005d ago (Edited 2005d ago )

@Familyguy They brought this on to themselves....what is wrong with you? Low attention-span/Low stamina? You ain't married to Microsoft are you? Is your life depending on their succes? Also the gaming industry isn't dependant on Microsoft's succes. Microsoft wanted to hijack the industry/our hobbies/licences if they succeeded with their closed system everybody in the industry would be in their control. Xbone was exposed as a big scheme and rightly so. But Microsoft kept talking vague or flat out denying. We gamers kept seeing through their lies and rightly so. The thing is Sony was just more straightforward and never spindoctered at all. They had the gamers in mind and a fair deal for the customer....hell even the policies & the price($399) were internally decided (with the gamers in mind) before MS even announced their Xbone & policies/price.

FamilyGuy2005d ago

Tyre, what are going on about?
We're on the same page, was my comment difficult to understand? I'm definitely not on MSs side lol, look at my account/history.

What I said was games journalist are full of sh** because they constantly try to push MSs crappy tactics and faults onto Sony.

For example: Sony from the start explained that they wouldn't force any drm, that it would basically just be (something like) online passes again. When Mircosofts DRM and restrictions came out everyone completely forgot what Sony had already stated and crappy games journalist started Claiming Sony would follow suit.

This article is continuing that trend, even after Sony has shown and proven that they are vastly different from MS and are taking a much more consumer friendly approach. I'm tired of reading articles like this and I wish I could down vote the site again. They're pathetic.

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