Even Without DRM, You Still Shouldn’t Buy Xbox One

GenGAME writes: "Reversing DRM policies doesn’t remove the real problem: that game developers, publishers, and console makers feel entitled to more dollars from consumers even as their games decline in quality. And that their policies – including the removal of Xbox One’s DRM – are more about tricking consumers into buying into their revenue scheme than actually pleasing customers. And that people are on board with this."

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Cam9772007d ago (Edited 2007d ago )

I'm not buying one because of Microsoft. Let's see why:
- They lie to their customers.

- They falsely advertise games (ie: E3 with the PCs).

- They don't care about the consumer (as proven with the DRM they tried to inflict upon us).

- They drop console support. Let me elaborate, look at the PS3, that has had an abundance of exclusives; however, the XBOX 360 began to lose exclusives around 2011.

- I have no trust in them whatsoever. They've been accused of spying over Skype so why should I believe them when they say "trust us" with regard to the XBONE's camera being a surveillance device?

It's PS4 for me, I don't care how good the XBONE is (despite being inferior to the PS4 with regard to power). You think I'm going to run into their arms after they say 'guys, we listened and changed it'? Not a chance. They only changed it for the money they're due to make from it because Microsoft are all about money. Just look at the free XBLG games. Where PS+ gives heavy-hitters such as Uncharted 3 and Demon's Souls, XBLG gives two of the oldest, most-played games available: Halo 3 and AC2. What an absolute joke.

At least Sony have their consumers' trust, offer continued support for consoles (the PS2's last game is coming out this year which is incredible for a console of its age), offer value for money and have aspirations aside the obvious financial gain. There's absolutely no chance that I'll support Microsoft now or anytime in the future.

Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II2007d ago

+Bubble Cam977 brilliant post

@Convas below... sorry i dont understand gibberish.

AngelicIceDiamond2007d ago (Edited 2007d ago )

@Kaz Your not a real gamer then, in fact I never really consider anybody real gamers on here.

The fact that fanboys cried and whined about MS subscribed MP and now that Sony's doing everythings A ok.

That's just one example. Your just Hitler to gaming. Anti anything the other console does, ANYTHING no matter how positive it is.

This sites filled with nutcases that need medication. Whatever happen to sensible gamers and regular people? Seriously?

Its either fanboys, Conspiracy theorist, Pro hate for a console.

It's crazy, some of us don't come here for that BS because its just stupid and dumb.

I'm glad to be a real gamer and not faking and pretending like many here do.

I'll continue to speak my mind because guess what? The truth logic, sensibility blows the hell out of a disagree button any day.

PLASTICA-MAN2007d ago (Edited 2007d ago )

Why should we when even their main sites xbox live and are down?

Like what a user in Neogaf said:


Edit: It seems to work now, at least I won't worry for my main hotmail. they shoudl seperate Xbox login with hotmails, because if Xbox one logins soemday get hacked, your whole email accounts will be compromised !

AngelicIceDiamond2007d ago (Edited 2007d ago )

"blow my mind that ppl like you and few here keep bad mouth N4G and call it silly and pro Sony site (when it isn't) and yet you guys still here ...if this site is soooo bad why still here ?!

@EZ That's exactly what you would want right. Because people like you just fail hard to see it.

Lets put in this perspective. Zombies don't see other zombies or don't mind each other, but they see living people and attack them, that's N4G.

You don't see it being a fanboy site because your one of them, its simple as that. But YOU can't see that and I don't expect you to. (My zombie reference)

If this sites not a fanboy site then why is somebody is dumb or stupid and get allot of disagrees for wanting an X1 but its perfectly ok for a PS4?

Why is it that the mentality here is PS4 is literally the best thing at everything and X1 for whatever reason isn't?

No, no I see it every single ticking second I'm on this site it never changes.

The DRM has been whiped but "people" on here just find another excuse to bash X1 with out any reason. PS4's more power yeah on paper, lets wait till launch and see the games shall we?

You would want me to leave because in your eyes I'm not the sensible one. I'm the one that's biased because I'm not praising PlayStation every post I go. I leave so that way there would be one less logical user here Sorry Ez I see in 3D not 2D.

I don't tolerate fanboyism and spreading lies and misinformation.

Like I said I'm a real gamer I don't need explain myself. PS4 and X1 for me.

cooperdnizzle2007d ago

@Angeliclce. What makes you a real gamer? And what gives you the right to say anyone isn't a real gamer. Ignorance is the problem with this web site. And you displayed it very well. Liking one console over the other does not mean your not a gamer. For all you know, who could play games 8 9 10 hours a day. And i own almost every console ever made. And this time i will skip the xbox one. Ooooh wait, I must not be a true gamer. Damn it. "Walks away and realizes my hole life was a sham"

Ezz20132007d ago (Edited 2007d ago )

sooooo Much BS in your comment

i'm a fanboy
because ?!
i'm siding with the more powerfull and cheaper console ?! lol XD

you cry all the time about this site yet you still here
if i hate a site ...i log off and never come back
i told you to give me a link to unbaised site
who 90% of it users don't want ps4

you didn't because you won't find any

i have no problem with you want xbox1
i won't tell how to spend your money's on you

but that doesn't make @Cam977
comment wrong ...because what he said is true
unless you can change those facts

and if you notice i'm not getting tons of agrees and no disagrees with my comment here much for N4G sony's heaven lol
and this comment will get tons of disagrees as well .....of course all of those are from PS fanboys ....right, Real Gamer ?!

AngelicIceDiamond2007d ago (Edited 2007d ago )

@Cooper I'm talking about the ecosystem of this site you didn't get the whole picture of my comment. My comment is simple. Its either you talk PlayStation or walk that's the mentality here. You know what's ignorance? Getting completely unfair Disagrees with anybody who gets excited for another console that isn't PlayStation. That's ignorance. True gamers don't spread BS misinformation like people here do. What's makes me a real gamer is I see both positive and negative in Sony and MS. I'm able to adjust my comments accordingly, I don't have blind hate for a console for any given reason. Now true some hate a certain console that they hate. But the problem is majority here really dislike X1 for poor reasons now. They had every reason when the DRM policy was around.

@EZ "i'm a fanboy
because ?!
i'm siding with the more powerfull and cheaper console ?! lol XD."

You see that right there. On paper Ez, ON paper. You some how think the graphics will look night and day when in reality the Multiplats will look great across both platforms. Exclusive PS4 games will more than undoubtedly look better imo than X1's exclusives due to the track record of this gen.

You see what I did? Reason and logic and realism, EZ. REASON and LOGIC and REALISM something like you and other are just not capable of displaying.

"you cry all the time about this site yet you still here
if i hate a site ...i log off and never come back
i told you to give me a link to unbaised site
who 90% of it users don't want ps4."

I don't hate this site I never said that I like it I just hate the bias surrounding it.

I understand the heat blasting on X1 from all sites I know. The DRM is something no gamer wants I'm aware of that. but now that its gone MS seeing some progress. This after the DRM has been dropped.

Sure he can do whatever he wants but why does allot of N4G feel that way. How come his agree and disagree count wasn't even. Its one sided just like any other X1 and PS4 argument.

Every little negative thing has to be blown out of proportion.

Lose exclusives. All resources have been switch to X1 clearly such as Ryse, and Crimson Dragon. It sucks MS didn't support the 360 with original Ip's but arcade offers ton of fun.

Kinect spying please that's just paranoia and poor excuse.

Inferior in power already explained that.

Hes complaining about Halo and AC. Terrible excuse to complain about that's just whining. The selection could be better but why complain about games you can download and play FOREVER.

Your not getting agrees or disagrees because the comment section isn't that hot anymore. You know that?

Logic, reason and realism EZ, its easy unless you don't wanna be.

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Prcko2007d ago (Edited 2007d ago )

why you only have 3 bubbles?
this is best post ever!!!

Belking2007d ago

"They falsely advertise games (ie: E3 with the PCs)."

Your whole post is nothing but nonsense, and has i'm a fanboy written all over it. And the part about PCs bing at e-3 has always been that way. grow up dude and stop with all that nonsense.

SKullDugger2007d ago

SONY did the same they had some games running on PC's.

Ezz20132007d ago (Edited 2007d ago )


why don't you two prove him wrong then with FACTS ?!

EDIT: @AngelicIceDiamond AKA teh True Gamer

it blow my mind that ppl like you and few here keep bad mouth N4G and call it silly and pro sony site (when it isn't) and yet you guys still here ...if this site is soooo bad why still here ?!

also plz point me to any Unbaised site where ppl don't want ps4 much more than xbox1 for alot of reasons

i will wait

CynicalKelly2007d ago

And it won't matter because this entire website is a Sony fanboy haven. Look at his agrees. Look at his replies.

The people here are pathetic.

Blankolf2007d ago

It used to be a Xbos haven.. Times change, the best and most gamer centric will eventually win N4G, and it already has...

Only a blind man would see positives of X1 over PS4, I don't see any, and as a previous X360 I tried, the only thing worth it is porting the gamerscore even that I don't mind losing.

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atthemags2007d ago

valid points, and I think PS4 might be a winner this generation as long as they don't have too many firmware fiascos, feature removals, or massive hacks that leave PSN inoperable for weeks.

s8anicslayer2007d ago

@Cam977 Bubbles for you pal! Very good comment but unfortunately we have so many invasion of privacy rights violated today by major corporations like Microsoft it's becoming the norm and if we as People not just consumers don't take action against these people like don't buy their product they will fold like Microsoft just did. But the problem here is when you bring out someones sinister intentions because you call them out and they jump back what makes anyone think that they can ever again be trusted? This problem is not just a fanboy problem it's a problem we all must face in todays day age of technology. We saw this with Apple not to long ago.

RM-TatoTiburon2007d ago

i have a ps3, i survive the PSN date glitch, the PSN hack and the last firmware update...i trust sony? HELL NO!

Anyone who think that sony or another company just care about you and not your wallet is living in a fantasy world

gazgriff2k122007d ago

In the long run caring for your customers and gaining there trust will give you higher profits as you gain brand loyalty

AngelicIceDiamond2007d ago

Yeah @Cam your not convincing nobody besides the people here.

I thought we were gamers and not conspiracy theorist and terrorist to gaming.

That's your comment.

I want great games and features. I don't make things complicated never will. Like I said I want the games and features.

Its simple very simple.

Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II2007d ago

What are you on about? Ms annoy me with their exclusive content and timed exclusives, i personally think they have very little to offer the industry, they are shady and they throw money at everythingand talk complete BS.. Drm is the future... then yesterday oh wait its not sorry everyone..... and teh clowd is what makes titanfall only possible on xbox1 hahaha yea.... or 50m check into EA,s bank account.. Titanfall will be on ps4 next year but hey i dont care for that game and wont even get it on PC. Now angelicdiamond they are SOME of my reasons to not support ms i couldnt be arsed naming all the reasons, hope this helps you.

Oh and almost forgot Bing the worst browser ever along with nexflix , hulu , sky player and even youtube lmao all behind a paywall on xbl gold.

asiatico2007d ago

Well said. Agree on every point, You just know what to expect from Sony in terms of exclusive games.

gamertk4212007d ago

Yes, overrated titles, with a couple exceptions.

cooperdnizzle2007d ago

@asiatico. Yea other way around. 360 games are over rated. Halo the same game for the past 8 years. And then they did the same with gears of war. I enjoy both games very much. But both games haven't tried to do anything new since the first one's. Alan Wake was an awesome game. If Ms could make more games like that i would be happy.

Now for the ps3 there are tons of games that push the gaming industry foward. Last of Us, Heavy Rain, Uncharted 2, Killzone 2, Ratchet and Clank, God of war 3 And accession, Journey, Infamous, Ni No Kuni, All of these games the have done things never seen in games before. So there ya go.

Urusernamesucks2007d ago

You are completly bias, just ad this site hs made you.

Nothing was hidden from us they addmitted they would Block used games, but never Lied about it.

Drm isnt taking shits over the costumers unporpose. It was meant to create alot of good s. Family sharing, carrying your games with you, no requirement for physical disc ect. But now without drm thats not possible.

Spybox? They been accused countless times with that bull crap yet no one has solid evidence. Still you choose to belive that cosnpiracy bs because you are running out of ways to rant about.

The only people who wouldn't buy it. Would not buy it regardless because they are the same fanboys. Wich is why Comments like this are whoreshit.

Roper3162007d ago

while Xbox was never my first choice of consoles, I did own the original Xbox & I currently own a 360 and I have / had about 30-40 games for each one.

I will not buy any future products that have the Xbox brand name on them just because MS showed where they wanted to take us and I don't want that and will not support them to help them make it happen.

you were only able to play the shared games for upto a hour and then had to decide if you wanted to buy it or not. That sounds more like demo sharing than game sharing to me.

Roper3162007d ago

don't forget they added in Skype to the XB1 too, so if Kinect doesn't get you Skype will.

Xbox lost a customer for life with me after all their lies & BS.

kickerz2007d ago

Not sure if its Xbox with all the lies and BS or if its just you..
It's you.

creatchee2007d ago

In re: Kinect 2.0

"Oh, and you're whining about Kinect watching you? Yeah, because we REALLY want to watch some out-of-shape 20-something sit in their underwear and play Skyrim for 8 hours straight. You got us, you uncovered our master plan - to look at your gross, horrible bodies in poorly-lit studio apartments. Jesus."


Basically, the truth behind the paranoia.

Roper3162007d ago

remember that when pics of your kids in their underwear show up online because of a hacked Kinect.

Cam9772007d ago

No way, this is actually real. LOL! What an absolute arsehole. Who in their right mind would respond to the consumer in such a way? Yet again, this is another reason NOT to support MS as they have idiots like this.

creatchee2007d ago

No it's not real. It was a joke/satire, but illustrates some of the real points in a funny manner.

SignifiedSix912007d ago

You're not a very smart person if you think thats real...

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kickerz2007d ago

Whatever, you go buy your PS4. Do u really need to come into this Xbox article and tell the world that.

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Convas2007d ago (Edited 2007d ago )

Dun tell me what to do homes. I does what I wants.

lastofgen2007d ago (Edited 2007d ago )

hmm, nah, I think I'll buy one.
the only thing that was holding me back a little was the drm as I like to travel around a ton. now that that's gone, i'm definitely set on getting an x1.

All I saw was that ms wanted to try something new for console gaming, the internet majority went up in arms, ms listened and backed down, and reversed their policies. I see nothing wrong with that.

But I suppose people will bash microsoft at whatever chance they get, even if ms does the right thing.

TheEvilWithin2007d ago

They can bring it back at any time they want. What then? Your out of $500+ dollars?

lastofgen2007d ago

hmm, well, with that mentality, what's stopping you from saying that sony will introduce drm to the ps4 when they have a comfortable userbase and strong momentum later in the console life??

RM-TatoTiburon2007d ago

just like sony remove linux suport right? yeah the're the one to trust

Elit3Nick2007d ago

Sony's removal of linux support and anonymous's DOS attack is a good example of what would happen if MS tries to reestablish DRM...

TheEvilWithin2007d ago (Edited 2007d ago )

It was a word of caution not telling him how to spend his money. This is STILL the same company who told you to buy a 360 if you don't like it. Same company who told people to #deal with it. Same company that is forcing a Kinect into your house without really saying WHY? Before anyone says its for motion control and voice activation then why at E3 the worlds BIGGEST gaming show there ware NO Kinect games or features being shown off to support this MUST HAVE ITEM in your home? It shows the company has no faith in the product and they have no faith into there "fan" base. Just a word of caution before you jump both feet in with them.

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Sayai jin2007d ago

You should do what you want. It;s your money. These sites post polarizing and opinionated blogs/articles to get hit. If something goes negative for a console these gaming news sites jump on it rabidly. I remember the slew of negative PS3 is dooooomed articles. It was rubbish then as well.

kickerz2007d ago

Smartest comment I've read today

PositiveEmotions2007d ago

This is what im talking about critics still not pleased with xb1 same with some consumers.

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