Will Socom fans appreciate H Hour: World's Elite?

Socom is one of those franchises in gaming where they players are fierce and extremely competitive. They are devoted as they are vocal. And they have no problems telling the developer of their favorite series what they like/ don't like. They loved the first two games on the PS2 as well as the PSP versions. They didn't seem too fond of the any of the others beyond that. Even with Zipper Interactive now gone, Sony has stated that they weren't done with Socom. But there may not be a need to wait for them. This is where H Hour: World's Elite comes in.

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bonafide7321978d ago

As former hardcore socomer I just want a game that resembles the game i use to love and play and not try to be like Cod or any other game/ unfortunately as a hardcore socomer we've been let down too many times by developers and they end up modeling the game after Cod or etc which I dont want
heres to hoping H HOur is as fun as socom was

Horny1978d ago

Well said. Till this day I haven't played a better online shooter than Socom 1 and 2. The amount of time I put into those games was ridiculous.

Flipflopp1978d ago

I would also love to see this game come to life. It has raised close to $70,000 on Kickstarter as of right now. Its goal is 200k with 16 days left. Its a big stretch to get there. I am donating.

MysticStrummer1978d ago

"Will Socom fans appreciate H Hour: World's Elite?"

Is it at all possible to know at this point???

Tapioca Cold1978d ago


I was a huge socom fan but that community has been ruined by self entitled whiners. All they do is vote you out of games and dont let the community grow. I got voted out of a room last week after a long break from the series. They vote you out for nothing. I messaged the dude and told him he and boys were pussies. Then they rat ne out to sony and i got banned for a week. Bunch of rat pussies. Why bother making a game for them. They ll only whine about it. Just like socom 3, confrontation and 4.

flankhim1977d ago

The people who played the first 2 socoms were a different breed of people. Most of those guys that play on ps3 probally never played the first 2. I don't remember ever getting voted out without being asked nicely first in S2.

p-dub251977d ago

@Tapioca Cold, I know the voting can get out of hand. But why say no to a new game. The community "whined" because they totally changed the series after S2.

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