Gamers come crawling back to the Xbox brand

Yesterday, in a surprising move, Microsoft retracted nearly all of their Xbox One consumer rights policies. The decision caused gamers around the world to rejoice and grovel to Microsoft for their forgiveness.

The policy changes appeared rather suddenly. Before yesterday, Microsoft was not only sticking to their changes, but they were adding on more bad news almost daily. It’s rumored that Microsoft’s Major Nelson was standing atop Mount Sinai, reading off new ways to punish buyers of the Xbox One, while fire and brimstone rained from above- when Microsoft’s Don Mattrick tapped Nelson on the shoulder and whispered the bad news in his ear. “No more fun,” Donny sighed.

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Abash2007d ago

I certainly didn't. I'm not paying $500 for an Xbox One when I can get the PS4 for $400

isntchrisl2007d ago

I'm not reversing my stance either. But it's disappointing to see how many people are quick to forget that until yesterday, this company was going to screw you over to their heart's content.

Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II2007d ago

I agree Abash at this time i do not see ONE reason to own xb1 over PS4 .. im trying to think of a reason but i just cant, xb1 features ,games, everything does nothing for me.

Sayai jin2007d ago

I see your point, but as you know people have a short memory.

Why o why2007d ago (Edited 2007d ago )

......what, like Tina and Ike o_0

Ron_Danger2007d ago

Too many people on this site are too young for that referance... It's perfect though!!

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NovusTerminus2007d ago (Edited 2007d ago )

I am not. There is nothing on it I was aside from Dead Rising 3, which I am not super hyped for since they drained the color for a modern dirt spectrum look and took all the humor out of the game.

and I don't forgive a company for insulting and talking down to it's user base.

headblackman2007d ago

well that means that you won't be buying either consoles then because sony's games showing was lame and most of it was multiplatform games. Microsoft had all of the killer titles. if we are judging it off games.

NovusTerminus2007d ago

I will be getting the PS4, yeah they were multiplatforms but they didn't spend E3 talking down to their fans, and I want The Order 1886, and mostly, I like Indie Devs, whom MS seems to hate.

headblackman2006d ago

they don't hate indies. they are gonna create a new way to develop indies. tools that everyone can use for free to do indie work. it will now he on a broader scale. and they was just frustrated. we've all been there at one point or another. they were trying to explain their vision to the masses without giving too much info for sing to steal. but they ended up confusing the average consumer and alienating the core gamers. but the wrong has been righted. no ones perfect and last I checked, this thing was about games and the best experience. the Xbox brand is truly the only company capable of doing that at top level (that's just a known fact). anyone who won't buy an Xbox one now was always a Sony fanboy and never had any plans on buying an Xbox one in anyway. so why comment on something that you never had any desire to buy anyway? to turn Xbox fans into PlayStation adoptors (not fans) PlayStation is way too limited to keep them as fans. I've got a ps3 and that thing like most peoples ps3 just collects dust. there isn't much to care about with the PlayStation brand. grand tourismo and drakes uncharted are the only 2 system sellers. nothing else.

KillrateOmega2007d ago (Edited 2007d ago )

And I'm not one of them. This is the same company of arrogant suits that tried to screw us over up until a few days ago.

Besides, the Xbox One is still the less powerful and more expensive console. Fact.

AngelicIceDiamond2007d ago (Edited 2007d ago )

On paper sure.

You can keep thinking graphics will look night and day across PS4 and X1 honestly this whole "more powerful" gig is just an excuse and empty reason. To your surprise they'll look even multiplatform speaking. With minor differences.

Exclusives is where they'll shine on PS4. Kinda like this gen.

Edit: And I agree. Beyond and Last Of Us looks better than most of MS exclusives.

Halo 4, Horizon, Gears 3 and Alan Wake look great on 360 and showed its graphical capabilities. but PS3's exclusives have the edge overall through out this gen. PS3 exclusives just simply look better.

KillrateOmega2007d ago (Edited 2007d ago )

Of course. I don't think that there will be a massive difference in graphical fidelity nor do I think that multiplats will look better on either console.

But power still matters, particularly, as you mentioned, when it comes to exclusives. And exclusives do matter. After all, they offer an exclusive experience that you'll only find on that one platform; they provide incentive.

So, since exclusives matter, power matters. Unless you plan on buying ONLY multiplats for the next 7-8 years...

And don't get me started on the different RAM capacities available for game data that each console will have.

Y_51502007d ago

No. All before this people said they are getting the system just for only Killer Instinct, really. Now see the policies are less severe so now suddenly the One is now the best? No it's not because the PS4 has still way more pros than the One.

AngelicIceDiamond2007d ago

You can't ask N4G that they never like MS in the first place lol.

AceofStaves2007d ago

Untrue. N4G was very pro-MS, anti-Sony at the beginning of the current gen. The tables have simply turned recently.

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