New look PS Store advertised on PS Store

DarkZero writes: "We know that a new look PlayStation Store is coming, but seeing that Sony Europe are so sporadic with their updates it is nice to know that they seem aware of it too. The first news of the store update was confirmed earlier this month by John Hight, but now it seems Sony are happy enough to publicly promote its arrival on their service. As such, they have launched a new advertising banner proclaiming that a "Great new look" will "coming soon." The banner is not clickable, so no further info was revealed on when it may be coming or what new features it may bring."

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Syko3678d ago

LMAO, That is marketing genius I guess. At least you know you are reaching 98.9% of your target audience.

Seriously though I cant wait to see the new store. I hate the way it is set-up now. Seems like it could be streamlined a lot.

sonarus3678d ago

the ps store looks like something sony put together at the last minute. Like very little planning went into it. Let us hope for a MUCH better store.

ruibing3678d ago

If they can just make it easier for new users to get into the store, find good contents, and purchase/download them, it should really help them out. Hopefully we'll see another revision when Home hits and they get more integrated together.

sonarus3678d ago

my guess for the store update would be next week. They usually only put coming soon on the store unless it releases the following week

CrazyMystical3677d ago

i personally cant wait for it, sony should release the PSN pre-paid cards around the same time.

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butterfinger3678d ago

that we will see this in April like we were told before!

pwnsause3678d ago

i hope its not a stupid static internet adress, but integrated into the console

TheWiseguy3678d ago

probably still be a website.....but theres alot of damn good websites out there. Its not an issue to me as long as its better than the current layout

Ghoul3678d ago

i really hope they drop the webinterface

its slow unsecure and damn laagy

Harry1903678d ago

it can't come anytime soon.
should be a nice overhaul.

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The story is too old to be commented.