Game Buzz Extra | Xbox 180 - Microsoft's U-Turn on DRM and Used Games

Dealspwn: Following on from Microsoft's announcement yesterday that the Xbox One will now work in a similar fashion to the Xbox 360 when it comes to online requirements and pre-owned games, we pick apart Microsoft's U-turn, we ask what this means with regard to consumers, and weigh up the positives and the negatives of the decision.

Game Buzz Extra | Xbox 180 - Microsoft's U-Turn on DRM and Used Games, Recorded 20th June, 2013.

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No_Limit1978d ago

There are no negative to this whatsoever. It is basically the same model as the Xbox 360 with the added bonus of region free and day one digital download releases for all new games.

huflungpu901978d ago

its just a matter of time before ms turns that 180 into a full 360 right back to DRM

Magnus1978d ago (Edited 1978d ago )

Microsoft may have found their way out of the DRM U turn but they can still go down that path anytime they choose. They dropped it right now because Sony doesn't have it and Microsoft can flip that switch anytime they choose wich I don't like. They only dropped it because the internet was in an up roar because no one was going to buy a XboxOne instead the money was going to Sony and the PS4. They don't give a shit about the gamer or there fans they only give a shit about the dollar.If Microsoft actually gave a shit about the gamer they should not have announced the DRM screw up to begin with when the XBoxOne was announced. Microsoft announcing they dropped DRM still doesn't sway me into buying the XboxOne they burnt a bridge with me and my first Xbox was a 360. Right now my money is going to Sony and Nintendo.

Master of Unlocking1978d ago

Did I miss some news here? So M$ have finally accepted to acknowledge their stupidity and arrogance and do away with DRM and restricted used-games policy and region lock completely? Really?

Now all they have to do is write off that Kinect thing, restart the development of their system to make it as powerful as the PS4, invest massively in the development of 1st party studios and exclusive titles, copy Sony's DS central dual triggers design and proper D-pad, and cut their price down to 399$, and maybe then they'll be able to compete with Sony's PS4.

Try hard mickey-soft, the third time's the charm as they say... perhaps