PS3/GTA IV bundle coming to europe april 29th

Gaming Only got word from reliable sources about a Grand Theft Auto IV/PS3 Bundle. The bundle should be released on April 29th and contains a PS3 40Gb and GTA IV. The bundle will cost you €429,99.

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Iamback3646d ago

why not do same in USA?

HighDefinition3646d ago

I`ve been saying this.............

I say there will be a price cut aswell, the week of GTAIV.

The Killer3646d ago

i say its a nice move to counter 360!!

its deal, ps3 version of GTA4 in europe will sell the more!.
its deal, 360 version of GTA4 in USA will sell the more!.
its deal, world wide of sales will be close with 360 selling a little bit more!

TheExecutive3646d ago

@Dora I too have been saying that. I think there will be a major price cut in the U.S shortly before GTA gets released. I used to think it was going to be $100 but the ps3 has been selling very well worldwide so I am not quite sure about my earlier assessment.

Iamback3646d ago

Since i am from EU i can confirm that Sony will market on TV GTA4, same as they did with Simson game LOL. I am serious.
Nothing on 360. It seems MS is more focused on USA, while Sony seems to work hard on all 3 markets.

HighDefinition3646d ago (Edited 3646d ago )

Yep, I completely agree.

I think since Bluray is now WAY cheaper to produce, they will make a big price cut of a $100-$125 or so and leave it their for a while. With a the amazing software coming out if they make 1 big one and say match the 360`s price, it`s a done deal. We all know right now is their big chance to take over, they know this too. Companys make the most off software and the only thing holding back current ps2 adopters from getting PS3 is obviously the price at this point. The 360 hardware sales are very sup-par for a system on it 3rd year, if people wanted it they would have got it by now. Now is PS3s time to make a big move and It will. If they don`t drop price now, it`ll be right before LBP cause their gonna market the sh!t out of that game like it`s the "second coming" of Mario, which it is. With that said i think the time is NOW for them to REALLY drop the ball. Business wise it definitely the smartest thing to do.

sonarus3646d ago

hmmm how much is a standard 40GB in euros?

TheExecutive3646d ago

I agree its either going to happen a week or 2 before GTA or sometime this summer. I am quite certain that by the end of this year there will be a 299 ps3. I have been saying that for a year now. However, when they do it is another matter. They could drop it twice, (50 here 50 there) but I doubt it. It will happen all at once and when they do the ps3 wont look back. Imagine the ps3 at 299. Its 50 bucks more expensive than the wii and cheaper than two 360 skus.

sonarus3646d ago

exec be reasonable. If sony drops msoft drops. If msoft drops sony drops. They are essentially playing a game of chicken to see who can drop sales first. GTA bundle is a step forward but that price has GOT to come down if they expect to win the console war

HighDefinition3646d ago

Were on the same page. 1 big price drop and don`t look back for a while. Cause once the consoles start rolling out it`s Final Fantasy 13 time.

HighDefinition3646d ago (Edited 3646d ago )

Be realistic. MS can`t keep dropping their price. why?

Because they are spending more and more on the RROD/Failures Coming up with new chips, new fans, new designs, new drives.

Sonys costs for the console can keep dropping. why?

Because the most expensive thing in it was.......the Bluray drive.
As Bluray becomes more and more popular, which it is.
The PS3 will be able to keep dropping costs of production. RIGHT.

And the main thing thing, the spend a few hundred million less on repairs. That`s HUGE!

MikeGdaGod3646d ago (Edited 3646d ago )

with the PS3 and PSP. that would definately even things out.

imagine........."Take GTA4 with you...........EVERYWHERE!!!&qu ot;

sonarus3646d ago

microsoft is STILL microsoft and if they feel keeping the price lower than sony will win them the console war, they will. PS3 is due for a price drop yes. But i don't see ps3 and 360 at the same price for at least another 2 yrs. Ps3 is doing great in NA right now and i just don't expect to see a price cut till pressure is on. If there will be a price cut though, expect an announcement around gamer's day or e3.

TheExecutive3646d ago

Nah I got ya Sonarus... they will drop their prices, but I think it will be in response to the ps3 dropping its price. For the Wii, they wont drop their price immediately but may lower it to 199 this winter. We shall see.

For MS they will drop their price but it wont matter. Let me explain. One would be correct in stating that a price drop for a 360 in any region at this point is to bring sales up for a short time. It will never make the console regain its past sales. The problem for the 360 is that its perceived value is stagnating while the ps3's perceived value is skyrocketing. Please remember that perceived value has nothing to do with actual value.

Stating all of this stuff and understanding that the 360's image has been tarnished this generation and the fact that the perceived value of the console is at best staying the same, a price drop will not seem like a "better value" but a move to try to keep up with sony.

However, with bluray winning, many of the franchises that made people buy their ps2's coming out, and the technology of the ps3 starting to prove itself a price drop by Sony is seen as a "hell-of-a-steal". There is a big difference there.

HighDefinition3646d ago

i get ya.


What I don`t think your getting is the pressure IS on. Sony doesn`t want to tie MS they want to obliterate them and the way to do that is do it while you one top and right now their on top (month to month)

sonarus3646d ago (Edited 3646d ago )

i firmly believe ps3 will outsell 360 this yr especially on world wide sales. The gap will widen significantly in the coming months in EU. I believe ps3 can outsell X360 in NA as well. First, they need to get their momentum back, though it is coming back, it really isn't there yet. Great software like mgs4 could easily change that. They also need to get developers back on their side.

All in all i agree with your point on 360 value is dwindling. 360 will surpass Xbox360 in over all sales this yr. The fact that sony has caught up so fast despite Msofts 2yr head start shows sony's strong hold on the UK market. Ps3 price drops will help definetly. However the problems with corporations is they love money too much. As long as they don't perceive the 360 as a threat, they won't cut the price. I am expecting msoft to make the first move on the price cut.

@dora that is just it. The pressure is on but sony isn't reacting
I feel they already have a plan layed out. Only time will tell the effectiveness of this plan

HighDefinition3646d ago

and there is only one way to sell lots of software, sell lots of hardware. (ex. FF13)

TheExecutive3646d ago

you may very well be right about MS cutting it first. It wont matter much though as I stated in my previous post.

Also, the ps3 has outsold the 360 in every region worldwide every month of this year. Remember this is without a SINGLE proven franchise the ps2 was known for. By the end of this year with a $100 price drop and some of those franchises coming out there is little to nothing MS can do to counter it. even if consoles were 150 bucks a piece people would still pay 299 for a ps3. Nobody has to believe me, just sit back with some popcorn save this thread and come back to it in a year.

pegger243646d ago

I don't think the RROD really applies here, so to think that microsoft won't drop their price or cannot drop their price is a little shortsided. Microsoft already obsorbed those losses on the books last year if I am not mistaken it was somewhere near 1 billion dollars. Bringing that up would be like bringing up the fact that Sony had the whole battery fiasco that cost them a lot of money, the fact is that both console makers will do whatever they have to do to get a piece of our living rooms. i don't think Sony would announce this bundle and then a price cut in a few weeks. That doesn't make much sense. hopefully both companies will continue to compete like this because in the end, we are the winners.

crck3646d ago

until July or so. Its not very common to announce a retail price then drop it before the bundle even comes out. Still they have made no mention of the changes to the 40gb. So they might drop that unit to $349. But it could also stay at the $399 price and get bundle with another game and the DS3. But I think it will be something older like Ratchet, Uncharted or Heavenly Sword.

HighDefinition3646d ago (Edited 3646d ago )

The RROD is a massive problem for them. It completely affects how they can cut price........

Listen...... for every 360 that goes out, 33% are coming back, to have to be shipped again.

Price cuts usally happen because they figure out a way to make the console cheaper to produce, in MSs case the cost is most likely going up or down, but not as close as fast as the competitors.

Your not gonna make a Item, find out it`s not working properly and say..........Let`s find out how to make this cheaper, so we can sell more, so more can come back for us to fix. That`s a good way to take some heavy loses in your future.

Which is why there is "shortages"
IF there are "shortages" it`s because their delaying shipping until they figure something out because it is costing them way to much $$$.


1 PS3 gets returned to SONY every Hrs for repair. (PS3-1%)

So how many (roughly) for MS? atleast 30 a Hr comparing failure ratio`s. That almost 720 every single day. (360-30%)

Thats 262,000 a year.

And as the system sells more that number goes UP.

To think that doesn`t affect the price of their system is crazy.

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PStriple7033646d ago

This will sell like hot cakes!

yesah3646d ago (Edited 3646d ago )

yep....that made me hungry lol.

Coffin873646d ago (Edited 3646d ago )

yeah MS wanted to change to thinking that not only a playstation console has the new gta but also them.

but, well, this move from sony will destroy everything they did so far.

although they have episodic content, in europe the ps3 will definitely the winner of the gta iv "war".

i forgot one thing: if i wouldn't have bought mine on EU launch, damn, i would now buy it.. now's the time. a lot of people will decide to finally get one.

BLaZiN PRopHeT3646d ago (Edited 3646d ago )

how much is a 40 GB ps3 in EU?

Edit so theres nothing special about this bundle?

mighty_douche3646d ago

With one game, PES for example, €429,99.

TheExecutive3646d ago

time and time again bundles that arent special at all still sell loads of consoles. Hype train baby!

crunchie1013646d ago

Let's hold our horses, guys - this is a rumour.

It would be a smart move, though

LarVanian3646d ago

Great move Sony/Rockstar. This will surely sell like Jessica Alba's panties!

mighty_douche3646d ago

I'll take a pair *empty's life savings onto counter*

The Wood3646d ago

no thanks. How about Jessica herself for the night. You can take the panties once I've torn em off *looks over shoulder to see if misses is looking*