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Paul Izod picks over what we know about the upcoming Dragon Age: Inquisition

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Sovereign591978d ago

I wouldn't mind the addition of some sort of multiplayer aspect, but I don't think co-op campaign would be the best way to go.

I have low expectations for this game, especially story-wise, but it would be nice to be pleasantly surprised and have an enjoyable experience playing when it's released.

Summons751978d ago

Ugh Bioware needs to swallow their pride and give the rights of dragon age to a more capable developer. After dao they have made so many bad decisions, lies, and treated gamers like crap. Me2 was a decent game but me 3 completely destroyed that franchise (not just because of the ending either) and da2 was not even a mere shadow of dao. Now their saying this is gonna be more like da2 and online multiplayer....,common do you not listen to fans or your sales numbers since da 2 couldn't even make half of what dao sold?

I have hope you guys pull yourself out of this rut your in but seriously stop.

Aleithian1978d ago

What did they do to Morrigan?

hershey421978d ago

It's been over a decade since DA:O, she's older now.

Aleithian1978d ago

And way uglier. I'm not a fan of their changing aesthetic.

CourierSix1975d ago

Mm either way I'm a big fan of DA and DA2, so DA3 is on my 'going to get list'.