Killzone: Shadow Fall E3 Preview - PSLS

While previous Killzone games were dark, dingy, and very monochromatic, Killzone: Shadow Fall shows off the graphical prowess of the next generation of PlayStation by bringing a world to life with color. - PSLS

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doctorstrange1888d ago

More color and vibrancy? Sold.

IcyEyes1888d ago (Edited 1888d ago )

I think people haven't play K2 and K3 because it is absurd to say : very monochromatic.

Sev1888d ago

"slit the bastard's throat". Love it.

dbjj120881888d ago

Some of those first-person animations look really awesome. Can't wait to see the whole game through.

Relientk771888d ago

Cant wait for this

got the PS4 Killzone bundle on Amazon preordered

this game's gonna rock

GiggMan1888d ago

Yeah me too. I was torn between the bundles and actually ordered the watchdog one first.

Then I realized that Killzone is the only game that is being developed only for PS4. Don't get me wrong the other bundles look great but those games are being developed for other console's simultaneously, current and next gen.

I figured I'd go with the one that's being developed from the ground up for PS4 as my initial purchase.

Cryptcuzz1888d ago

You forgot the Knack bundle. Knack is a first party game and thus a PS4 exclusive.

Just thought I'd point that out, but no worries you got a terrific bundle preordered.

USMC_POLICE1888d ago

And knack that's ps4 only as well

GiggMan1888d ago

Yeah I know the Knack bundle is exclusive also. I think Killzone will be more of a show case game though. KZ is more of a "this is what next gen is all about type game." Definitely will be getting Knack as a download though.

dbjj120881888d ago

I might actually finish this Killzone game. I was way too late to play 2 and enjoy the multiplayer, and I don't have a 3D TV so KZ3 didn't really appeal to me (seemed like a huge focus was on the 3D).

Launch edition, baby!

Wedge191888d ago

Woo! Very excited to pick up this Killzone.

Minato-Namikaze1888d ago

KZ2 MP is still very much alive. You might get raped a bit at 1st though, lol

GiggMan1888d ago

I can't wait to see some multiplayer footage.

TrendyGamers1888d ago

The more I see of it, the more I want Shadow Fall.

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The story is too old to be commented.