(UPDATED)PS4 vs. Xbox One vs. Wii U Comparison Chart

The PS4 vs. Xbox One vs. Wii U Comparison Chart provides an easy visual aid to compare hardware, user interface, media compatibility and other features on the three "next-gen" systems.


Apparently IGN forgot to add WIFI connection to PS4.

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pedrof931883d ago

I still see only a winner :D


Hydrolex1883d ago

HAHAHA wii u specs made me laugh when I compared them to PS4 specs LOL ! it's a Next Gen for sure ;)

Hydrolex1883d ago (Edited 1883d ago )

I like how I got disagrees

Listen fanboys, FACTS remain FACTS !

Wii U might have great games, might be fun but IT IS NOT A NEXT GEN MACHINE, just because it came out a year ago doesn't mean IT IS...

2GB DDR3, 3 Core CPU, 8GB or 32GB flash, USB2...

Keep telling yourself those are next gen, yea go ahead. People in tech will laugh at you

Ripsta7th1882d ago

Hydrolex shut up , your making a fool of yourself with that fanboy rant

Legend_Killer1882d ago

No body mention's the Wii U and Xbox One having eDRAM which is very fast but absent in the PS4. Xbox One might end up being on par with the PS4 bcos of that, and the Wii U will be close but not as powerful.
Numbers aside we might not be seeing much of a difference btw them at all in visuals.... except the Wii U but it wont be so vast like the Wii

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kennyg37391883d ago

I agree the Xbox One.

Lol, here comes all the dislikes.

Both console should be great i'm looking for the next gen of gaming.

Ezz20131883d ago (Edited 1883d ago )

good thing you know disagrees are coming for you
no shock then ;)

the article show who indeed have the best hardware and best price
but those articles need to stop we know who is the best already

Hydrolex1883d ago (Edited 1883d ago )

The Xbox one ?

It's 100 dollars more expensive, And PS4 is yet more powerful...

Hydrolex1883d ago (Edited 1883d ago )

Are people serious or what ?

Can't they think logically ? Or am I a fan boy ?

PS4 also has a better line up....I just don't get it why someone would choose X1 over PS4 !

kennyg37391883d ago (Edited 1883d ago )

@ Hydrolex
What makes PS4 line up so great??

GDDR6_20141883d ago

Feel sorry for these that have to choose one over the other, multi console gaming FTW

HammadTheBeast1883d ago


I believe its the fact that they've only revealed maybe 6 first party exclusives against MS' 12-13, yet those 6 can compete still.

August 21 Gamescom 2013 is when Sony brings the big guns and things get fun.

kennyg37391883d ago

Microsoft also said they would announce more game at Gamescom, i guess we just have to see.

creatchee1883d ago

I like more of the games that I've seen in action for the One better than the PS4 games I've seen in action. That is worth something and must be considered as a selling point alongside hardware specs and cost.

That said I'm still getting both. I wouldn't dare miss inFamous Second Son.

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aceitman1883d ago

ps3 had 2 models one was a 200$ difference the other was 100$ difference so yes it matter even with the power of the 100$ less model being much more powerfull.proof
hell the ps3 difference was 100$ to 300$ difference to the 360 and it still managed to pass it on sales a year behind I give sony props for that.
and before u disagree look at the links.
ps3 model 20 gig 499$ 60 gig 599$
360 core console 299$ 20 gig console 399$
im sure the 299 model sold the most.
so I can only iomagine how well the ps4 will do with a even start and a lower price tag .

loulou1883d ago

"hell the ps3 difference was 100$ to 300$ difference to the 360 and it still managed to pass it on sales a year behind I give sony props for that"

i think the fact that the ps2 was its older brother was the reason why the ps3 managed that feat.. also, playstation is still the biggest brand in gaming

BKsecret1883d ago

Well thats because the PS3 in its time had everything. Built in wifi and most importantly, the commercially AFFORDABLE blu-ray player.

I knew people had purchased the PS3 at launch because of the blu-ray. Other standalone blu-ray players cost more than the PS3! Plus, the PS3 played video games too!

Muffins12231883d ago

God i feel even more sorry for wiiu lol

Knushwood Butt1883d ago

Wii U is over priced, outdated, low spec hardware.

That's a fact.

lol USB 2... Cutting edge tech from the year 2000 here people!

BallsEye1882d ago (Edited 1882d ago )

Should mention MOVE ENGINES and ESRAM in xbox one, it adds up A LOT. Of course they didn't bother to mention that stuff.

EDIT: Wait what? No Wifi in ps4?

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WorldGamer1883d ago

I thought the PS4 didn't do Analog output. I could swear I read that earlier this week or late last week.

Also, I don't thing they have conclusively said what the changes will be to your PSN, like if you will be able to change your gamer tag or not. Here is hoping you can tho.

ShwankyShpanky1883d ago

Yeah, I is confused. The reference for that in the article is a doc from, but I don't see an AV plug on the machine itself

(this was a bummer to me... I actually use the AV output a lot)

PR_FROM_OHIO1883d ago

Wait Xbox1 doesn't support Bluetooth??

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BallsEye1882d ago

Wait ps4 doesn't have wifi?

joeorc1882d ago

playstation 4 does indeed have

has 802.11/b/g/n

see for yourself

XabiDaChosenOne1883d ago

Didn't know the WiiU was region locked.

kirbyu1883d ago

Wow. So much goes into comparing the three. And it didn't even talk about games. How are you supposed to choose if you can only get one? Well for me, the choice couldn't be easier, but, that doesn't matter anymore as I already got it.

MooseWI1883d ago

Think this was just for specs...

clouds51882d ago

That's what I'm thinking... My pc trumps all 3 consoles in every category. By the logo of some people here everyone should get a pc coz it's the best hardware ergo the best games?
Bullshit. The only thing worth comparing are the games.
You could also look at it this way:
The only true next gen console is the wii u because it innovates gameplay.

Shnazzyone1882d ago

Yeah, where's the Nintendo exclusive hd games category? I don't see that anywhere in this breakdown.