A Slight Oversimplification Of The Xbox One DRM Reversal

The Taiwanese animation studio might not always be spot-on with their analysis, but they sure do know how to illustrate a point, and boy are they speedy about it. Less than 24 hours since Microsoft changed the Xbox One for the better, and already it's a pile of poop with lips.

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SpinalRemains1947d ago

Man that was harsh.

I agree the DRM made the console a poop, but I don't think it's feces any longer.

Its just an inferior machine now, same as this Gen.

We are back to normal.

I_am_Batman1946d ago

It's not feces anymore but it still smells like poop because of mandatory Kinect and Microsofts track record. Remember that they changed the focus of the 360 by making a 180 from hardcore to casual.

I definately liked their focus on games at E3 but will they maintain that focus throughout the years? It's just too much of a gamble for me so I'll wait and see how it develops and may get the One later.

Tyre1946d ago

@I_am_Batman Well Said! Bubble for you!

1946d ago
Godmars2901946d ago

Sony's ninjas need to come back.


If they ever left that is...

PerryCaravello1946d ago (Edited 1946d ago )

I kind of wished they had kept the DRM and used games policy.

Post change, I'm now realizing the scope of the massacre that would have taken place when PS4 unleashed the fury on XboxOne.

Now it might ACTUALLY be a competition... le sigh.