Full Euro PS Store update

This week Euro update to the PS Store is a day late, but is it a dollar short?

Well the guys and girls at SCEE have probably been burning the midnight oil last night as they encountered some last minute technical problems, at least according to the Community Team Coordinator of the Official EU PlayStation community forums. But as European updates go it's a good one:

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mighty_douche3221d ago

Nice, i'll take the free UT maps thank you :)

paul_war3221d ago

Yep, free UT3 maps and £1.99 for Turok, it makes no sence.

mighty_douche3221d ago

Its because you could just take the PC maps off the net anyway, no point charging. This is why i love UT, it has a support/following second to none and its all free... free...FREE!

eagle213221d ago (Edited 3221d ago )

Enjoy Gran Turismo 5 Prologue Europe!

heyheyhey3221d ago


seeing as im getting the disc version of GT5p anyway this becomes a shallow update to me

paul_war3221d ago


A full game
A demo
A PS1 game
An expansion pack
2 map packs
And a number of new trailers.

Best update we've had for a while, better even then that famous week where we got just two trailers!

rev203221d ago

£25 for the downloadable version of GT5P, but i can go to any half decent shop and pick up a hard copy for under £20.

The hard copy includes all the cutscenes already, makes no sense looks like l be picking up the hard copy.

bob20833221d ago

i have to agree with you, bought it in the morning for £19.99 at woolworths.

ravinash3221d ago

I preordered it from Game online and was playing it last night.
damn work, I had to go to bed so only got 3 races in. :-(
Still, home time soon.

dale13221d ago

2gb plus download thats like 14 games plus on xbox live,not knocking xbox live but if this is going to be happening on a regular,with socom, warhawk and gt5 as downloads 150mb cap for xbox live is looking a bit sad,its alright sprouting downloads are the future but 5 years later you,ve only got 150mb and sony is already releasing 2gb games in just over a year well it shows who,s the most serious about releasing new content on there network, not just old revamped games,wonder how big mgs4 online will be

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