GT5 Prologue finally on PSN, Sony say sorry

DarkZero writes: "We know you are probably sick of checking the PlayStation Store over the past few hours to see did Gran Turismo 5 Prologue finally make an appearance. Well, if you make just one more trip you should now see that the game has finally made an appearance along with the rest of the content after a long, long, long, long wait, and all of GT5Ps 2gigs are now ready to download onto your hard drive"

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mighty_douche3736d ago (Edited 3736d ago )

Cant wait to go for my first spin... when it finishes updating...

*waves fist at ps3*

Violater3736d ago

Be sure to come back with impressions of the Online System.

LOFT3163736d ago

Like the quick edit there douche

*waves fist at ps2*
*waves fist at ps3*

mighty_douche3736d ago (Edited 3736d ago )

lol... yeah noticed it about a minute later and was all like... "oh god noooo!"

edit: be warned, the phantom disagreer lurks everywhere lol...

The gaming GOD3736d ago

When I said "wrong spot"

It was because I posted in the wrong spot lol. Not because of what anyone said.

I had just edited my post and put it in the proper place

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LOFT3163736d ago

To say Sorry Sony
Just glad its up
Gonna download soon

v1c1ous3736d ago

would you be as forgiving? :)

Silellak3736d ago

If it happens for Sony: "No need to say sorry"

If it happens for Microsoft: "I can't believe this horrible service! And people pay for this crap! PSN > XBL!!!"

I love N4G.

athlon7703736d ago

But the issue you are forgetting is PSN was still up and working, and the content was only delayed a couple of hours...XBL was down for like 3 months...lets see here...a couple of hours to 3 months...yeah, I see your point, we are way to picky!

actas1233736d ago

lol... its a natural and logical thing that customers would be pissed if they were PAYING for the service.. what.. u forgot u have to pay 50 bucks to use XBL!!

toughNAME3736d ago

+bubble Silellak - for beating me to it

Silellak3736d ago

@The people above

You don't have to pay for XBL if you just want to download content.

XBL was not down for "3 months". It had trouble during the month of January due to the influx of new users.

I'm also not comparing a delay of a PSN game to XBL being down in January, nor do I think the delay of GT5 was even a big deal.

I'm just saying that many people here will play the Sony Apologist for almost anything, and will attack Microsoft for doing that very same thing.

The gaming GOD3736d ago (Edited 3736d ago )

Because when this place was pro 360 (which was like around this time last year)none of you had ANY problems ragging on ps3.

Because back at that time it was no matter what ms did, it was right.
And at that time the slogan was "sony does everything wrong" Even when BOTH companies did the same exact thing, you guys praised MS and did everything you could to downplay Sony.

And now that things are turning reverse you have the nerve to complain??


On a side note, many (not all) of the 360 fans had no problem forgiving MS when their ENTIRE xbla network was having problems a couple of months back. Yet you want to sit here and gripe about a SINGLE game that was unavailable for mere hours?

sigh.......only n4g

TheExecutive3736d ago

@ The Gaming GOD...

Ahh people have short memories, but I remember. :)

lodossrage3736d ago

What goes around, comes around.

Some people can take it. And obviously, some can't

Silellak3736d ago (Edited 3736d ago )

1. I wasn't here back then, so I wasn't around during this mythical Golden Age of 360 Fans I keep hearing about. So don't say "you guys" - I'm not a 360 fanboy. Or a Sony fanboy. I'm a GAMER. However, what I see now is people constantly praising Sony and attacking Microsoft, and ganging up on those who aren't praising the PS3 like it's the second coming of Jesus just because it has an amazing line-up this year. I used to have 9 bubbles. I'm now down to 5. Why? Because not every post I made was pro-Sony, God forbid. That's how N4G rolls now.

2. As I said, I don't think the demo being delayed is a big deal. At all. And it's cool that Sony apologized. But don't think for a minute that if this story was about Microsoft apologizing, there wouldn't be a dozen completely off topic "Where's the apology for RRoD, MSFT?!?!" comments

3. I think Microsoft has made a lot of mistakes. See: RRoD, Live being down for almost a month, etc. But I can still like the 360. I don't like Sony behavior and attitude towards gamers at times, but I can still like the PSP, PS2, and PS3. I think blind praise towards any company is just ignorant. Sony is not the savior of gaming. Neither is Microsoft, or Nintendo. They're all just out to make money. Anyone who thinks otherwise is only fooling themselves.

athlon7703736d ago (Edited 3736d ago )

Yes, it was down for 3 months, I own a 360 and I was not able to access ANY online services untill Mid February. Not only was I not able to get online, but because of Microsofts "wonderful" DRM, I could not access half of the content that is on my hard drive.

Sorry, but when you make a comment of...

"If it happens for Sony: "No need to say sorry"

If it happens for Microsoft: "I can't believe this horrible service! And people pay for this crap! PSN > XBL!!!"

I love N4G."

So when you later say...

"I'm also not comparing a delay of a PSN game to XBL being down in January, nor do I think the delay of GT5 was even a big deal."

You are totally contriticting yourself! But I do agree with one thing you said...

"I think blind praise towards any company is just ignorant. Sony is not the savior of gaming. Neither is Microsoft, or Nintendo. They're all just out to make money. Anyone who thinks otherwise is only fooling themselves."

For that, I agree with totaly!

xhairs3736d ago

If you were not here, and did not know, why jump into something you know nothing about? That is just as ignorant as everyone forgiving Sony for just being Sony.

I disagree I feel Sony needs to kick themselves in their rumps and GIVE ME A DEMO THAT IS WORTH PLAYING!!!! Holy crap man, I've been checking the updates weekly like everyone else waiting, hoping, praying for a good demo and wtf do I get? Condemned 2: Bloodshot. All the other demos/dlc/videos what the hell is this crap. Hell they had Conflict: Denied Ops downloadable on the front page for TWO WEEKS! And that game blew more booty crack than TETRISPHERE! To be honest with you, whether it be a couple hours or a day...they need to either GET US THE GOOD DEMOS ON TIME, or PUT GOOD STUFF IN THE PS STORE!

P.S. All the GH3 add-ons suck, and Rockband needs to put in NEWERE songs...who the hell plays games now that could give 2 elephant sized turds about the Ramones? F - the Ramones.

The gaming GOD3736d ago (Edited 3736d ago )

Hell, I can list them if you want.

However, I don't see how someone can sit have a problem with people turn a blind eye to sony's faults and points out MS's faults. Because it was the other way around ALL last year and 2006.

All I'm saying is what goes around comes around and don't call the kettle black. And yeah, I have BOTH systems so I'm all too familiar with both systems positive and negative points.

silellak, if you weren't around back then in that "golden age" and you still make a comment like that, then you threw yourself into a lion's den by your own free will with your lack of knowledge.

P.S.- I wasn't aware that 365 days ago counted as a "golden age"

sonarus3736d ago

i hate fanboys who are willing to lick the a$$ cracks of sony/microsft. Those are the worst type of fanboys. I have seen fanboys say rediculous things.. Like when 360 has rrod some guy said it doesn't affect him much because it gives him a needed break from playing 360. Like wtf. Fanboys need to realize that sony/msoft works for you and not the other way round. Worshiping them won't make them come over tou your hse and offer you a trophy for being the most loyal play station fan. If sony f'd up, they better say sorry. Not mad about the GT5 update but i want to play UEFA 08 damn it

Silellak3736d ago (Edited 3736d ago )


"Yes, it was down for 3 months"

How is the beginning of January to Mid-February 3 months? And most people didn't have trouble for 3 months. That sounds specific to your situation. I mean, it sucks, but I didn't have trouble til Mid-February, nor did anyone I know.

"You are totally contriticting yourself!"

No, I was exaggerating reactions to make a point about N4G. I wasn't specifically referring to any event, but rather people's general reactions to the same type of news from each company/console.

"If you were not here, and did not know, why jump into something you know nothing about? That is just as ignorant as everyone forgiving Sony for just being Sony."

Oh, so I can only comment on the clear Sony-bias people currently have here if I've been around for a certain length of time? Gee, I'm sorry, I thought this was an open site for GAMERS to discuss things.

I don't care how things were 6 months or a year ago. This shouldn't be about LOL LET'S GET THOSE 360 FANBOYS LOL REVENGE LOL JUST DESSERTS!!!!!!!!!!!11111111111 11. Just because there was a 360 bias a year ago doesn't mean it's okay to have a Sony bias now.

What's so wrong with a balanced site where we discuss gaming without having to insult the other console or praise our console? Why can't we discuss how both consoles have a great line-up or are worthy of purchase?

Why does it have to be about "sticking it to" the fans of a console you don't own?

@2.18 Below:

I don't know, but I wasn't here, so don't blame me for the lack of a request for "neutrality" back then. Personally I thought it was clear the Gamer Zone was for a non-fanboy discussion of gaming ideas, and the Open Zone was for everything else, but apparently now the Open Zone is just for the Worst of the Worst fanboys, but minor, low-level fanboys who aren't quite as blatant are still allowed to post things about the RRoD in articles about, say, Gears of War 2 or mention the PS3's low sales in 2007 when talking about MGS4.

Exhaust3736d ago (Edited 3736d ago )

I support Silellak as we're both gamers first. It appears the rest of you choose to look at everything through biased fanboy glasses.

Its really sad that tha vast majority of commenters on this site are more interested in the "gotcha game" against their perceived "enemy" console than GAMES or REALITY. That goes before both sides of the fanboy war. Very sad.

He makes a totally valid point. If XBL does something wrong its the end of the world and every Sony fan on this site had a great chuckle but PSN has no need to say sorry. People like Silellak and me point out the Sony fans bias and get called a 360 fanboy when NEITHER of us are. We're GAMERS!

I think people should stop making excuses on either side and try to be open minded and even handled about things. But sadly it appears you can't its more important to preach "MY CONSOLE IS BEST".

Now gang up and disagree with me too because I join Silellak trying inject some NON BIASED comments into this site thats supposed to be for GAMES instead of fanboyism.

toughNAME3736d ago

I'd join but I'm in serious talks about my crank right now, but hey it looks like these 2 ^ have a handle on it, good job guys.

lodossrage3736d ago (Edited 3736d ago )

When it was ok for MS, it wasn't ok for Sony. Now things are going the other way around.

You can all go into your nice long winded speeches till the end of time. Not like it will make a difference. All you're doing is "proving" your "facts and points" on a website. But I am curious though. Can somone answer this question:

I'm curious, where was all this neutrality talk back in 06 and 07?

Edit-Silellak, the moment you made your comment @2.2, it became "fanboy" talk

The gaming GOD3736d ago

Finally, SOMEONE gets it


athlon7703736d ago

Not that I am doubting YOU did not have any trouble, but it started Dec 21th

and another...

taken from another site...

"After a month of frustration, ending with a law suit. It seemed XBL was back up. But, now new reports are coming in that XBL is down again. The official site reports that: Users may experience issues performing transactions dependent on Windows Live ID availability including but not limited to Xbox 360 account creation, renewal, recovery, and logging into or creating Windows Live ID account" - February 11th

I am sure that if you dig around, you can find the pertanant info, but for me it did not end till mid February, so I guess I can admitt when I am wrong, it was not 3 months, it was 2...ball is in your court now!

Of course you are taking this discussion WAY off course as this has NOTHING to do with the 4hr delay of one game demo being published.

The Wood3736d ago

where was the humility then


peksi3736d ago

Agree 100% with you that fanboyism is crap.

But to be totally honest I feel that Microsoft needs a bit of spanking because I feel they have screwed us customers. They hurried to the market and quickly made an unfinished product with too short a lifespan. They've managed to make the most out of it by paying a fortune for the exclusives but I'd rather see them spend the money on making their Windows better and let the consumers decide by numbers. Same goes to Sony, I just don't want to see tens of millions to be paid for a company NOT making a game for some platform (ok it's not that black and white... but you get the point).

The gaming GOD3736d ago

That this is probably the first debate to go this far WITHOUT turning into an all out argument?

Yeah some people disagree, but it's more civil than normal

LOFT3163736d ago

No need
To say Sorry Sony

Thats all !!!

It was only a day later !! Nothing to get upset or apologize about

And personally if Sony or Microsoft delay anything it doesn't bother me !! Games,Downloadable content or whatever will always get delayed its a part of life So it doesn't bother me not one bit

So to Sony or Microsoft no need to apologize for anything i'm just glad your doing what your doing
You both have and will continue to give me years of Gaming fun !!!!

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Rama262853736d ago (Edited 3736d ago )

Yay, they've updated the entire store. Anyone notice the little advert about the store saying "great new look - coming soon!" on the side? (you'll need a widescreen tv to see it I think, since the store has a different layout)

Also, anyone notice that the release date for the new content is 27-Mar-2008 for the new content apart from GT5:P?

EDIT: The disagrees! lol So my eyes are lying to me and the entire store hasn't updated? Then how am I downloading the demo/videos/etc? You can't disagree with a question, so that must be the only thing you can disagree with lol Agree/Disagree isn't the same as Yes/No you know lol :D

masterg3736d ago

Sweet... Turning on PS3 now... I bet this is going to take a while.