Gears of Snore: Hey Cliffy B., Make Better Games

Jed Pressgrove from Fate of the Game says: "Cliffy B. and developers like him need a dose of reality. They should recognize that gamers aren’t as stupid as what Cliffy B.’s tweets suggest. After all, it was Microsoft’s lack of respect toward the gaming community at large that created this hostility in the first place. Remember, dude, we buy your games.

Well actually, I don’t buy Cliffy B.’s games ..."

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Kyosuke_Sanada1884d ago (Edited 1884d ago )

They need to stop making reports on Clifford and Peter in general.

Jaces1884d ago

Bulletstorm was actually a great game, I don't understand all the hate for it. Like ratchet and clank met Gears of war and they had an orgy with God hand, thus Bulletstorm was born.

HeavenlySnipes1884d ago

The game got old really quickly.

It was built on a dude bro gimmick that people love to kill enemies in extravagantly absurd ways while shouting obscenities after each encounter.

Jaces1883d ago

"people love to kill enemies in extravagantly absurd ways while shouting obscenities after each encounter."

And there was something wrong with that? That's what made the game so fun imo, the absurd kills you would pull off. I didn't get the game for the dude bro/shouting obscenities, seems others wanted something that Bulletstorm wasn't.

pixelsword1883d ago (Edited 1883d ago )

@ Jaces:

Yeah and no: the problem is that although fun, it got old quickly.

Just like Snipes said.

ShinMaster1883d ago

Everything else (Unreal, Gears, Bulletstorm) have the same art style and design. Obnoxious overall.

Jaces1883d ago


What got old quickly, the gameplay or the whole obnoxious yelling.

I'm trying to understand why everyone loved Gears but hated Bulletstorm when they're almost identical aside from the crude humor.

pixelsword1881d ago

@ jaces:

Gears at least took some skill.

Bulletstorm was basically slapping around bad AI characters with your overpowered abilities. most games give you a slight edge, or a great edge which balances out because of numbers of enemies at the same time; BS was, well, B.S.. you had so much abilities versus enemies onscreen that it really wasn't a challenge, and therefore it got dull quick. Kinda like how Fuse is (at least for the demo).

Jaces1881d ago

Well I went in to the game not really expecting any kind of challenge, just mindless carnage...which, some days, is what I need to play. Guess a lot of people thought this'd be similar to Gears thus the disappointment.

pixelsword1880d ago

You're one of the rare people who take a game on it's merits, not it's company's legacy.

That's a good thing.

Jaces1880d ago

Glad to hear that, and alas I must bid you adieu with my last bubble. :)

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001884d ago

they should stop over spending and they just might actually make money.

medman1883d ago

You gotta love some of these game developers. Cliffy B and his ilk want a 2nd bite at the apple. When you buy any other electronic device or media, does the retailer make money when you sell said device/item to another party? So why should game developers make money with every single transaction of their product? It's counterintuitive. A used game means that game has already been sold as new at some point. After that, the game belongs to the consumer to do as he/she sees fit, and no developer has any legal claim on that product. That is how capitalism works. If the day comes when a purchase no longer means ownership, why buy?

N7Lukas1884d ago (Edited 1884d ago )

Cliffy b is horribly overrated, he is the Michael Bay of video games and always thinks he is right about every hot topic in the gaming industry. Cocky, arrogant and has clearly lost touch with gamers, MS indoctrination probably lol

As many people have said, make better games and people wont feel as inclined to trade them in and more inclined to pay full retail price for them.

creatchee1884d ago

The problem is, great games don't always sell well. Look at Team Ico games. Look at Beyond Good and Evil. Would you tell the creators of those games that they should make games that people want to buy?

CliffyB is outspoken and can be abrasive, but that doesn't make him any less correct.

MidnytRain1884d ago

If everyone thought they were wrong, no one would speak.

Mainsqueeze1884d ago

When people say make better games to developers, that translates to make games that sell better. You must obviously know that CoD is the best selling franchise right now. This is why more and more games are starting to become like CoD and creativity is dying. I have nothing against CoD and like it for what it is but its bad when every game being made starts taking things from it. Every year there are very good, creative, games being made that don't sell very well and do poorly financially.

dlocsta1883d ago

Don't take this the wrong way but... You think Cliffy thinks he is always correct the same way you think YOUR opinion on the topic is the correc opinion right now!?! See the irony of that statement? Everyone thinks their opinion is correct and they are, because they are opinions. The facts are what they are but each person with interpret the data to satisfy their opinion. We all do it, it is human nature. I will say like him or not you must give a little credence to what someone with two decades of experiance in the industry has to say. Oh, and let's not talk about cocky and arrogant. "The next generation doesn't start until we say it does." Never has more arrogance been spune by any gaming company.

1883d ago
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creatchee1884d ago

CliffyB was the creative force behind Jazz Jackrabbit, the Unreal series, and the Gears of War series, among others.

I'd love to see his critics make something half as good or as popular as what he has produced.

N7Lukas1884d ago

Popular doesn't always mean good, and any person with half an imagination could write a better story and characters than gears of war, *go here, shoot* *go here, shoot*. Yawn.

creatchee1884d ago

You've described basically every shooter ever made. Gears was popular because of how well it was designed from a gameplay standpoint.

N7Lukas1884d ago

The last of us is a shooter, but the amazing story and characters make up for it. Making an average game and then giving opnions on everything that happens in this industry like you are entitled is pathetic, get off your high horse Cliffy B.

Bad_Karma1884d ago

You are 100% correct that popular doesn`t always mean good .. you only have to look at any of the Halo games ..yes yes there are others but none more popular and yet ..oh so shyte .

FateoftheGame1884d ago (Edited 1884d ago )

creatche, his critics don't have to; many, many other game developers have made far better games than Cliffy B.

And remember, Cliffy B. is a critic of gamers. Criticizing your potential audience is not a good idea.

creatchee1884d ago

And many other developers make worse games than him. The point is that his vocal opposition is bloggers and forum commenters who have never made a game in their lives.

humbleopinion1884d ago (Edited 1884d ago )

Cliffy made the top PC Platformed at time of release, the top FPS at time of release, and the top TPS at time of release.
Each turned into a successful series as long as he was attached to it. Each inspired countless other games and left a legacy.

It will be very hard to make better games coming from this position. It's like asking Michael Phelps to bring home more medals.

rainslacker1883d ago (Edited 1883d ago )

We don't have to make games to be able to criticize him. We buy games, sometimes not his, but we are still consumers of the products he and others make.

It's like saying we can't criticize a movie director or a movie because we aren't qualified to make our own. It just doesn't work like that. Criticisms are opinions, sometimes based on facts or empirical data. As such, we can use what we see, what we play, our own feelings on the issue, and our ability to think for ourselves to criticize.

In general I like the games that Cliff makes or has a hand in creating. But I do not like being spoken down to like a child from an impetuous man-child who throws a tantrum whenever he doesn't get his way. If he doesn't want others to criticize him, then offer something to the debate that doesn't sound like every other fan boy drivel I can read on N4G every hour. Given his status, he is certainly able to offer up more reasonable arguments than, "Gamers suck", and "The industry is doomed".

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