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Submitted by uneasiest 967d ago | opinion piece

How Microsoft Dropping DRM Restrictions For Xbox One Is Good For Sony Fans

OmniGamer Writes "I know there are Sony fans out there that were just coasting along after the great E3 that Sony had with the PS4 and announcing that they were not going to have any DRM restrictions, any confusing rules to trading games or rules to used games. Sony showed they were listening to us, the consumer and gave us what we wanted." (PS4, Xbox One)

Blachek  +   967d ago
XB1 DRM Restrictions provided a grounds for industry advancement in terms of Publisher/Console Relationships, as well as introducing new features that would benefit consumers in ways console gamers haven't had the chance to experience. This new step backward is just letting Sony know that lagging behind the direction the industry needs to move is acceptable and Microsoft is afraid to lose out on launch day sales. It's a weak move by MS, and a pitiful acknowledgement that Sony had it right with their archaic approach to this generation.

Bring back the DRM, I am not afraid of tomorrow.
dedicatedtogamers  +   967d ago
No way, man.

Microsoft dropping DRM is good for ALL fans, though they did damage their own reputation in the process. There will always be a physical product. Always. Even most PC games come out on disc (even if it still requires you to link it to Steam).

Down the road, as soon as someone tries to go all-digital, then another company will simply use discs/flash-sticks/crystal-chi ps/whatever and declare "hey! We believe in a physical medium" and use it as a selling-point.

I reject the notion that all-digital is the future. I reject it. I still buy digital products, but I don't want it forced on me. I appreciate the option. I have a 400+ music collection on vinyl, for instance. Interestingly enough, those albums almost always come with a free MP3 download code, so I never have to choose. I can have both.
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JW1080  +   967d ago
All I know is that it is not right to tell us what to do with with a game once we buy it. Imagine if that was a vehicle, a house, or anything! Used games is an issue for developers and I see that. But there has to be a better way. You have to look at it from all angles. I want the developers to be happy but also want consumers to be happy and be able to walk into a Gamestop and be able to buy a used game if they would like to. Maybe there should be a used game system in place where the retailer has to give the developer a certain amount.
Panthers  +   967d ago
DRM is wrong on every level. All of the advancements you are talking about can be done without DRM.

And MS hit a new low by blaming all of their 'removed' features on the fact that they got rid of DRM. (essentially blaming consumers) In fact I believe they got rid of DRM due to the fact that they could not figure out how to do their 'family share' plan.

This pretty much sums up what I believe as well.
medman  +   966d ago
Of course you're not afraid, blachek. Those who don't understand the issues rarely are. An intelligent man once said "My definition of an expert in any field is someone who knows enough about what's really going on to be scared". That is truth.
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miyamoto  +   967d ago
PS4=PlaySavior 4
It proves that M$ is weak minded and has no backbone and bends over easily.

Congratulations to all gamers around the world who voiced their opinions, defended your consumer rights and saved the gaming industry.

Sony has cleverly Played the mind games this year.
And to Sony PlayStation for playing with M$ mind, forced their hand and Xposing their true colors.

We will remember this historical event when gamers won against tyranny and control. A day that will go to inFamous infamy.

This is the Future of Play.
Well Played everyone.
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GameCents  +   967d ago
Trolls MS for being hard headed and not listening to consumers.

DRM removed

Trolls MS for being weak and bending to the will of consumers.

Shill identified.
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ShwankyShpanky  +   967d ago
They bent to the pre-order figures, not the "will of consumers" (well, just the will to pre-order the competition's merchandise).
dedicatedtogamers  +   967d ago
"It proves that M$ is weak minded and has no backbone and bends over easily."

I wouldn't put it that way. What it reveals is that the X1 now has no identity, no vision, no clue how to proceed forward. A lot of people hated the DRM and the 24-hour checks, but at least it was a (somewhat) clear explanation of what Microsoft wanted to do in the future. Now, it seems like they have no idea what they want to do with the system, and they're stuck.

Kinect? Um, yeah. See how well that goes over if you start focusing on Kinect (we've seen these promises before)

Online? They'll really have to prove themselves all over again.

TV? Gamers will be ticked off the Xbox brand is being used to push non-gaming features.

The lack of identity is the real problem here. Microsoft removed the DRM, but they simply exchanged one problem for a new one.
miyamoto  +   967d ago
No integrity.
No identity.
No initiative.
No innovation.

The Xposed One will always be in the shadow of the PlayStation brand as a market share stealing "me too" product like Zune, Bing, Windows Phone, Surface, Windows OS, etc etc. They try to bully their way into emerging markets with their shit load of cash.

Like I said before they have no vision for the welfare of gaming. They are in here just for the money. To suck it all up and not give anything back. They like to chop the trees but not have the will to plant seeds for the future.

M$ only sees what is the fad of today and tries to make money out of it. They introduced nothing new to gaming.

PlayStation has always been about Vision Over Visibility.

They have prepared for the future with Blu-ray and their tight anti-piracy measures. Their drive to introduce new IPs over and over again is welcomed with hit after hit and success by the gamers.

Gran Turismo, Crash, Spyro, Ratchet and Clank, Jak and Daxter, God of War, Motorstorm, Uncharted, Demon's Souls, Heavy Rain, TLOU, Beyond, Knack are new games of each generation that pushes gaming forward.
The PS4 platform is a magnificent testament to their dedication to the video games industry they help build into the legit billion dollar entertainment industry with the PlayStation brand.
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shinrock  +   967d ago
Yes. As a Xbox fan I would like to thank you. Thanks for your support of GameStop. P$ fans have given GameStop the victory it needed. It a great day for plastic disc everywhere.
WorldGamer  +   967d ago
I think it the MS DRM fiasco really put all console makers on notice that they need to start exploring other options and really think about their reputation before making these drastic moves.

Sony, MS and Nintendo are all about making money, but how they go about it is also important.

Companies will copy successful models, so I am glad MS failed in their attempts to fully control all aspects because that will ensure that Sony and Nintendo think twice before trying such a thing.

Plus, it definitely showed that consumers still have a lot of sway, even tho we have a few among us who didn't see the big picture.

I was proud of the gaming community for rejecting MS on this one.

Cheers to all who made their voices heard. Viva la Revolution!
KillrateOmega  +   967d ago
I've never been more proud to be a gamer. We spoke out and voted and we were heard.
shuuwai  +   967d ago
I would't be surprise that all retailers handout flyers about how X1, and it can't do A,B,C and so on. There's still hope, It's call a PS4, and don't worry the PS4 supports all A,B,C and None of A,B,C that are on the X1. I know for a fact gamestop was first one to hand these flyers out. MS didn't listen to us, as gamers, they did this change for sales, not for gamers. They thought IF large sum soccer moms bought this system they wouldn't need to change the DRM. Yet large sum of gamers, SAID F U MS including the soccer moms.
FrightfulActions  +   967d ago
Good for Sony fans but even better for Xbox fans.

Personally its too late to be redeemed and I'm not going to be trusting Microsoft for a while. I'm sure there are tons who were relived and forgive them and came back under their wing of service, though. Good luck to those who do - hopefully Microsoft doesn't pull anything sneaky or underhanded to bring back these policies they been defending and trying to keep since the beginning.

They say that they won't do that but at this point why would anyone really trust them anymore? We'll see a year or so down the line how things work out.

I would have more faith in them had they changed these policies sooner. Like in the start when everyone was complaining about it. They didn't though, they just kept on a smile of arrogance and told everyone if they didnt like it they could go fuck themselves, basically. A smug "Deal with it!" attitude.

It wasn't until they started to see the phenomenal losses the preorders were taking and having the Xbox's ridiculously confusing policy brought up on national television did they finally cave in and give the consumers not only what they wanted but rather what they DEMANDED.

If they had changed based on the feedback and were like "we hear you and we care so we'll give you want" then they would had been redeemed. But they just kept smirking and arrogantly ignoring everyone. It took the wallets of millions ignoring them right back for them to care. It's going to be tough to redeem themselves from such a PR disaster.

If we're being honest I'm a bit disappointed in how easily some people are able to forgive and forget this and return to Xbox like nothing happened. It's like being in a relationship with someone who treats you like shit but you keep forgiving them and going back to them the moment they promise to change.
dedicatedtogamers  +   967d ago
Well said. The loss of trust and the loss of goodwill is going to have lasting effects on the Xbox brand.

Some people will flip-flop, but they were going to cave anyway once Halo/Gears/Fable came out. Some people will still hate it, but those people weren't buying one anyway. It's those people stuck in the middle who will be most affected, and I don't think it will work out in Microsoft's favor.
FrightfulActions  +   967d ago
The really funny thing is that most of the games on the Xbox, those 'exclusives' that people would be willing to get a Xbox for, as if they had no other way of playing the game, are also on the PC. Very few of their 'exclusives' are really exclusive. Same cannot be said of their competition, Sony, who's exclusives are actually exclusive.
GreenRanger  +   967d ago
Microsoft said that the Xbox One now requires a day one patch to remove the DRM.

So, the people who couldn't get the Xbox One because they don't have an internet connection in their homes can now download the day one patch to remove the online check-ins.

That's some great forward-thinking there, Microsoft. /s
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Skips  +   967d ago
LOL, people without internet are still screwed.
FrightfulActions  +   967d ago
Didn't they also say "after a one-time-check" you could go offline indefinitely? Which of course still means... need internet. No matter which way you look at it the One still requires you to have an internet connection. It's just being a bit more sneaky about it now. Pity the poor chap who has no internet who buys the One only to find out its a useless brick to him.

"But I thought they removed the policy?!"
MasterCornholio  +   967d ago
Why cant they just include the patch in all XBOX One games?
Mystogan  +   967d ago
The launch units will need the patch but further down the line they will probably Include the update with every console.
Williamson  +   967d ago
Now ps4 fans/ gaming fans in general dont have to suffer with these dumb restrictions. Gaming stays the same in which we put a disc in the console and just play.
No_Limit  +   967d ago
It is good because it brings competition and keep Sony on its toes. It is good for Sony fans because they'll have some new materials to whine about regarding MS:

1. "It is a trap, they want to lure gamers in and will activate DRM again in a year when they hit their quota of buyers"

2. "MS lied, how can gamers trust a company that just did a 180? They can do another 180 again"

3. "It is too late, damage was done"

4. "MS is up to something, they can't be that nice"

5. "It was never about DRM, it is about the spy camera, Kinect"

6. "It is not totally offline, there is a mandatory one-time activation, gamers live in an area that has no internet, they will still have drm"

Just having a little fun. It is all good.
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NateCole  +   967d ago
Look at what happened to pay to play online?.

This is not just good for ps fans. It is great for everyone.

Personally for me it is also great for competition. I remember vividly Sony in 2006. As a PS fans i want copmetition to keep Sony honest.
Thomper  +   967d ago
"Sony Fans"

Who wants to admit that they are a fan of a multinational conglomerate corporation???

Go on...hands up fan-drones... Lolz!
GreenRanger  +   967d ago
It's usually the people that think they aren't fanboys who turn out to be the worst ones.
Thomper  +   967d ago
Maybe... Some of us just love the blood sport
ZBlacktt  +   967d ago
Thank you Sony for listening to your gamers. Now you helped the XBox gamers as well. Thank for bringing the Blu-ray player out 7 years ago. Now the XBox fans can to see what it's like to only need one disc.
Mystogan  +   967d ago
Now PSfans get to experience cross-game chat after 7 years.
ZBlacktt  +   966d ago
People really use that? I'm to focused on the game at hand to worry about talking to people in other games. Blu-ray, ground breaking, more exclusive content, better movies, MGS4 and won the format war.
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GABRIEL1030  +   966d ago
The sane competition is always benefical for the customer. But......

The Xbox division has serious problems, the majority of the designers of the amazing 360 have been gone and today this division is manipulated by the burocracy, a lot of executive with stupid ideas like Nancy Tellem ( Xbox is the next watercooler !), Yusuf Mehdy ( Xbox watch TV ! ), Adam Orth (fired) ( deal with it), Bonnie Ross ( Halo Tv series), major Nelson ( the brain of the DRM and always connected), the ex-sony and now infiltrator Phil Harrison and of course the midboss Don mattrick ( we have a console free of DRM is called 360 !)

Micro has been forced to change its policies because the Xbone has a bad sales numbers and maybe the big boss ( Gates) gave the order. For example the past week I had preordered a PS4 and I asked at store's employee the number of units in presale for both systems until this moment and his answer was stunning, 104 PS4 against 13 Xbox One !


The Xbox One is less powerfull, more expensive, has obsolete technology ( DDR3) and was designed to compete with Apple TV, has mandatory kinect, the machine in right now in full production and any change is impossible without incredible losses and the worst the reputation of Microsoft is now in the floor because neither customers, programers and publishers believe in M$.

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